Coming to the Supertest Soon: Minsk, Rebalanced

Greetings Tankers, 

We will soon start the closed test for a new version of the Minsk map. The second iteration is smaller in size (900×900 meters) with the main area of action relocated.

The changes are intended to increase the importance of spotting and make play in the open part of the map more of engaging for mobile vehicles. There will also be a significant reduction in the number of destructible objects, meaning the space will be more open for the exchange of fire between players.

The Shorter distance will contribute to coordinated movements by the team in a unified direction, creating more tactical options, further adding more variety to battles. The city blocks on this stage of testing are far from being final with further adjustments based on test results.


Supertest: Panhard AML Lynx 6×6

The French Tier VIII wheeled armoured vehicle, the Panhard AML Lynx 6×6 enters closed testing today. We will continue to test new game mechanics and balance settings of the vehicle. A decision will then be made, regarding the final mechanics and performance characteristics for the entire mini-branch, based on the test results.
The current build uses a different wheelbase to the previously tested Panhard EBR, having three axes instead of four. However, it still retains the all-wheel drive from the EBR. The new set of game mechanics for wheeled vehicles will feature on this vehicle.
The Lynx is armed with a 90-mm autoloader with a single-shot damage of 240 points. It follows the general concept of wheeled vehicles; fast and manoeuvrable when in motion but not able to turn when stationary. It also boasts good gun stabilization and concealment, countered by a reduced view range.
Depending on the test results, the specs of the Lynx and the game mechanics linked to it may change.
Follow the news and good luck on the battlefield!

SuperTest: The Lansen

The Lansen C hits Supertest today!

The Lansen C is a Swedish Medium Tank. And get this: it goes really fast. The power-to-weight ratio is outstanding: 28.4 hp/ton with a top speed of 50km. While the top speed isn’t anything to necessarily write home about on its own, the substantial power-to-weight ratio allows it to hit that top speed quickly and maintain it on soft ground. Additionally boasting solid firepower on a 10.5cm cannon with 320 average Alpha. While 320 Alpha is above average for a Tier VIII medium, its accuracy and aiming parameters prevent it from being a reliable sniper.

Coupled with the relatively low armor values, this will likely place the Lansen C into a Flex Support category, similar to mid-tiered US Mediums. On paper, I would liken the vehicle to a Tier VIII T20 with better mobility. You need to rely on your mobility and the excellent Gun Depression angle of -10 Degrees.

The vehicle will excel at claiming key map positions early, engaging in some active scouting, then flexing to another flank for support. The Lansen is a ‘social’ vehicle – it fares better in a pack than it does in one-on-one engagements, so laying down solid, punchy, mid-range supporting fire is the name of the game. As always, stats are subject to change based on testing.

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Supertest News – Panhard EBR 105


Today we start the closed test of the French wheeled vehicles branch. The basic mechanics were checked earlier with the Tier VIII armored car, and now we get to fine-tune the entire line, starting from the top.

The first in queue is the Panhard EBR 105, the Tier X crown of the branch, expressing the unique features of wheeled vehicles the most.

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Supertest – Redesigning Minsk


Today, a revised version of the Minsk map is being put into closed testing. As part of the test, we want to make the map more tactically diverse and suitable for all classes of vehicles. The problems that we want to solve are the linear battle development around Victory Square and the central part of the map, which we want to make more playable.

In order to improve the gameplay, we will try to move the game area a little to the north, towards the theatre, while also moving the bases to the south-east and north-west parts of the map, respectively. Such changes will allow us preserve the historical component of the location: we will not make fundamental differences between the virtual and real-life Minsk, but at the same time, we will adjust the gameplay.

The new relief of the map’s center will be more suitable for active maneuvering and provide more shooting opportunities. It will also provide more chances to encounter the enemy: based on the situation in battle, it may be advantageous to have a quick attack through buildings in the corner, a search party scouting diagonally, or a more cautious, positional strategy.

As part of the Supertest, we plan to get stats on the playability of the updated map, see which battle scenarios occur more often and how exactly the tanks distribute themselves in battle. We are also interested in your feedback on the proposed changes: share your thoughts on the forums and/or on social media.

Supertest – Chieftain from Britannia – T95/FV4201 Chieftain

Today we’re launching the Supertest for two new vehicles, the HWK 30 and the T95/FV4201 Chieftain. They are, respectively, a German Premium Tier VIII light tank and a British reward Tier X heavy.

Let’s take a closer look at the T95/FV4201 Chieftain!

The Chieftain of the Britons is a reward Tier X heavy tank with a future as cloudy as its homeland’s skies in autumn. We’ll make sure to check all of its parameters thoroughly, but even after testing we won’t be ready to speak about its ultimate fate. The Chieftain has a great fast-firing gun with an alpha of 440 points and some pleasing aiming parameters. Having 40 alpha damage more than his competitors among the British (and American) heavies, its stabilization, accuracy and aiming time are barely lagging the competition, while it tops them in terms of standard penetration. The Chieftain can shoot from the hip: while moving or shortly after it has stopped. Large spotting range ensures there’s always someone to fire at. On top of all those pleasant things, there’s one more: HESH shells are available as the third type of rounds.

The Chieftain’s mobility is to please, too: the top speed of 46 km/h isn’t a world record, but this vehicle gains it fast enough and sustains it well. The armor at the front is sufficient to negate everything that lower-tier folks hurl at the Brit. Yet same-tier opponents may have a chance to penetrate; also, you should not expose your sides or rear to them. The gun depression of -7 degrees adds to survivability, so use the shapes of land to your advantage.

The Chieftain has good handling, both in terms of driving and firing. Those inclined towards British and/or American heavily armored tanks and TD’s will like it a lot. Let’s wait for the testing results and keep calm until we learn what happens to this fellow.

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