WoT EU: Bonds: The Grand Hunt Stage 1 over

The First stage is over, and your collected Bonds have been multiplied by 30. The Bonds vault is now open, here’s your chance to get your slice of the cake!

There are 279,858,200 bonds up for grabs.

Stage II: Reaping the prize pool

When the first three days expire, the even better part begins. Every day, you’ll be receiving 2 battle missions:

  1. Play 15 battles per day, where you reach the Top 10 in your team. Fulfilling this task will grant you 100.
  2. Earn 13,000 base XP points daily. This one’s more complicated, but guarantees 150 in your account at the end of the day.

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Tanks on the maps around the world. The Gold of Klondike

Source: WoT RU portal

Do you hear the wind rocking piles in the frozen wastelands of industrial areas? This is the place where desperate adventurers and decent fathers of the family lost illusions, experienced tragedies or became fantastically rich and met happiness in the mines.

Rifts over the mouth of the river, stone hills and forest plots – the expanse of the map with many options for traveling and secluded places with a good overview gives a large set of combinations for all types of equipment. Let’s see what is hidden in the mysterious “Klondike” and move to North America during the “gold rush.”

You are waiting for six points on the map “Klondike” and five short stories about conquering Alaska.

Kennecott Mine (Alaska)

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WoT Blitz: The Fearless Churchill Mk. VI

Source: WoT Blitz portal


The heavy, armored, quick-firing Churchill Mk. VI saunters across the battlefield, turning all enemy vehicles in its way into scrap metal. Where can you get one for yourself? Go to the in-game Store: the new Churchill Mk. VI is already waiting for you!

The bundle with the Churchill Mk. VI is available in the in-game Store through February 2. All 9 equipment slots are already unlocked for the new tank: select a suitable configuration of improvements and battle at full power!

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WoT 9.22 CT: List of Changes

Full article and download link: here

Improvements to the Matchmaker

  • The improvements to the matchmaker will ensure more even distribution among the battle types enabled by players (Standard Battle, Attack/Defense, Encounter Battle, Grand Battle). The battle type selector will consider the history of the player’s previous battles. The Grand Battles will not come in a succession.

Improvements to the Vehicle Customization

  • The lower panel of the customization interface will contain the Applied sign for elements that are applied to the vehicle.
  • Increased the clickable spots for the Emblems and Inscriptions.

Changes to the Ranked Battles

Changes in the new season:

  • Now a season will last 21 days and is not divided into stages
  • Increased the number of ranks from 5 to 15
  • Reworked the conditions of earning chevrons:
  • The top 10 players on the winning team and the top player on the losing team will receive 1 chevron
  • The top 3 players on the winning team will receive 1 additional chevron
  • Players who took places 11-15 on the winning team and places 2-5 on the losing team will retain a chevron
  • Players who took places 6-15 on the losing team will lose a chevron
  • Added new functionality: rank shield. Some ranks will be “shielded”. The shield will have a particular number of durability points.
  • Reworked the interface of the main screen in the Ranked Battles for proper display of information about 15 ranks
  • Reworked the interface of the rewards for the ranks and season. It can be entered from the main screen and includes:
    • Information about the rewards for each rank
    • Information about the rewards for the season
  • Changed the art of the vehicle ranks: they were replaced with the rank points. The principle of earning rank points remained unchanged.
  • Removed the display of the vehicle ranks from the vehicle panel; the vehicle ranks were replaced with rank points in the vehicle statistics.
  • Reworked the progress interface of vehicle ranks: upon reaching the maximum rank players will be able to see the number of the earned rank points in the Garage.

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WoT: The New Alpha in Town: Meet the Object 430U

Taken from WoT ASIA portal

The common test for Update 9.22 is going full speed, and it’s a great chance to get hold of enhancements to the Soviet line of medium tanks—the A-44 line, to be exact. This is where we’re preparing a few shifts and one important addition that you’ve probably seen in our USSR Tree Revision article.

Reshaping the Object

The Object 430 has always been a decent Tier X medium tank. It had what it takes to become a popular choice for those who opt for close-range fights, as opposed to sniping out rivals or assisting frontline folks from midrange.

But the Object never managed to become as successful among players, as the T-62A and Object 140. The 430’s specs have always been very similar to those of his “elder brothers,” making it just a copy of renowned models. There’s more: to reach it, you had to go through a few machines with rear-mounted turrets and a completely different playstyle, forcing you to eventually throw away that experience gained at tiers VII–IX.

With an excellent gun, mobility, and view range, it’s still a good choice if you want to lock horns with an enemy. It even has decent armor for a medium tank, but it lacks something that could make it a fun-to-play machine—character. That’s why it’s not often you notice it on the battlefield.

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