Supertest – The T 55A and The Object 260

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Hi tankers,

Today we start the Supertest of the Object 260 and the T 55A. Our intention is to make these vehicles up to date again. Their status demands that they should play as reward tanks earned by performing hard and complex tasks. The T 55A will receive improved turret armor, close to the one that the Soviet T-54 has after the HD update. The gun will gain in firepower and in parameters, that are responsible for enjoyable play. The tank’s mobility will increase, too.

The Object 260 will become tougher and meaner. The turret protection will be bolstered (first of all, in the gun mantlet’s area). We’ll also increase the firepower; improved stabilization and rate of fire will make a nice bonus for those who managed to achieve the top reward of the personal missions Season one.

The stats are not final and may change depending on Supertest results and feedback. Please follow the news and best of luck in every battle!

23 thoughts on “Supertest – The T 55A and The Object 260

    1. To be fair, the gun was already pretty ok. It was the AWEFULL turret armor it had. Which was NO EXCUSE WHAT SO EVER. “Er hur dur its a export model” *sighs* So thank GOD they are fixing that finally.

  1. Sigh. Why does every tank have to have an inpenetrable turret nowdays? And then they introduce tons of hull down cover with every patch. What am I supposed to do against them then?

    Players always want more, better turret, better pen, better aimtime, more, more more… but that only increases goldspam because suddenly you can’t pen anything apart from some tiny little hatch anymore. Players want the powercreep, I mean just read the comments above…

    The T55A never was a bad tank, I don’t get why it needs a buff. Just don’t sit still in front of a Jagd E100 and expect him to bounce. Seriously it’s not that hard to move the tank and turret a bit and throw of the enemies aim. But apparently if it can’t bounce tier 10 HEAT affordlessly it “needs a buff”.

    I remember a time when tier 10 medium tanks had something like 200mm of turret armor and that was fine. But then they got buffed for no reason and new tanks with inpenetrable turrets were introduced.

    I remember the E 50 M was once considered a heavium because it had “good armor”. Put yourself on a ridgeline with it today and see how many other tier 10 turrets you can pen with APCR. There are really only the lights, autoloaders, the T110E5 and the german meds left. How incredibly fucking stupid is that?
    Press 2 or go home. It’s just sad.

    And players seem to like it. Boggles my mind…

    1. Yeah, and if you try to do the same thing with your e50m you get punished severly since they can easily pen you when you poke out your turret. Same thing with the Leopard 1, used to have a gun that could punish other meds trying to go hulldown by sniping cupolas over overmatching their roofs, now they punish you severly instead seeing as your rate of fire and armor is worse.

      I mean, one of the tanks most heavily reliant on good aim has no 2-key insurance at all either, the Centurion 7/1, either you hit your target in a good spot or you bounce, while also having one of the worst rate of fires for a medium at tier 9 aswell.

  2. Just enough buffs to make them bounce standard ammo, and enough to make heat pen them. Good one WG. All your buffs are made to make people spam gold ammo. What a silly company.

  3. lol so except for the cupola the 340 can’t pen the turret at all without premium rounds. lol. there’s a fix worthy of WG.

    1. According to unofficial server statistics on wot-news, over 23k Obj.260 and 89k T-55A.

  4. Not that those tanks didn’t need buffs, but I can think of a LOT of tanks from other nations that would have needed buffs far more urgently. But then, they’re not Russian, so – tough shit.

  5. Finally, 55A will stop gathering dust. Been wanting this for quite some time now.

  6. honestly i’m really satisfied that they introduce this buffs !! at the moment it give some tanks like t-54 or obj.277 or is-7 which are much better than this two reward mission tanks…its not logic that a normal tech tree tank is much better ! dont forget all the effort time and nerves we put in it to obtain this fucking 260 !! this buffs are really welcome, they need it to reward correctly those players who obtain them.

  7. If they would finally stop buffing tanks and seriously nerf some tanks, then they would not need to buff those tanks. But hey bring in the powercreep, this game lost its balance long time ago so i guess just fuck it and fuck it more.

  8. problem is that they bring new tanks everytime with crazy power…llot of tech tree tanks need some buffs or nerfs too, i think about the obj268v4 which stands really strong after its last nerf for example

  9. Yep, remove every turret weakspot on 260.
    It’s balanced, maybe other tanks need nerf. Maybee?

    Btw, i would rather take same turret armor and better hull armor on T55A. And a bit of top speed, because it have good ground resistances.
    Imagine now, it will be better than T54 except for hull armor.
    Anyway, at least it’s not pay2win but earn2win.

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