Supertest News – Panhard EBR 90

Hello Commanders,

Today we continue our closed testing of wheeled vehicles. This time the spotlight is on the Tier IX Panhard EBR 90.

Resembling its elder brother in many respects, this armored vehicle boasts more powerful main armament—the 90 mm gun. All the same mechanics typical for wheeled vehicles are available to this Panhard.
It plays similarly to all other active reconnaissance scouts, relying on agility and speed.

WorldOfTanks_h 2018-11-26 13-41-02-23.png
WorldOfTanks_h 2018-11-26 13-41-08-28.png
WorldOfTanks_h 2018-11-26 13-41-15-64.png
WorldOfTanks_h 2018-11-26 13-41-33-54.png

This is the first iteration of testing, according to the results of which the specs, as well as the number and detailed settings of new game mechanics, may change. Follow the news and good luck on the battlefield!

0 thoughts on “Supertest News – Panhard EBR 90

  1. I’m still waiting for WG to explain us how these vehicles will do what they’re supposed to do (active scouting) when most maps are corridors with limited room to maneuver and when their viewrange is so bad it makes them worthless as scouts.

  2. Agreed with the above two comments, the current map list rarely suits active scouting tactics and such terrible view range would make active scouting a fool’s errand at any rate. For that matter, passive scouts have their own problems too, frankly both could use more view range.

    Or alternatively, if the goal was to abandon the scouting role and make a fast deadly skirmisher, why is the DPM so bad?

  3. I have an idea. when in the slower mode, it has 340 view instead of 330, and in speed mode it has 320.

    1. *correction, it is lower by 7mm, still 198mm on a Tier 8 HT that faces tanks with 200+ armour is still bad, especially when a LT has 191mm of pen on a lower caliber gun, all because the american guns are overnerfed and were never rebalanced to keep up with the powercreeping

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