(P) The Gulf War – How Tech Saved Kuwait From The Iraqi Rule

The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq by some 80,000 troops led by the infamous Sadam Hussein, sparked a call for war and American troops quickly were confirmed to be shipped to assist in defending the state from potential collapse.

The Iraqi dictator, Hussein, had made a decision to accuse Kuwait of overproducing and overselling oil, ultimately leading to the decline in prices. The US quickly and publicly stated that the invasion was not warranted and imposed sanctions on Iraq, while making a formal request for the invasion to cease.

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Tank Schools During World War 2 in Germany

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Photo by Jae Salavarrieta on Unsplash

World War II was a global catastrophe with an unprecedented number of war casualties and an unmatched level of human suffering. Given the ferocity and cruelty of fighting and clashes between the opposing sides, there was a need to adjust and develop military industries to keep up with the increasing demand for new and modernized weapons and arms. The countries involved made great strides in developing and improving their tank design and construction approaches.

Research shows that many of the approaches developed back in the day are still being drawn on by the military industries today. In this article, we are reviewing the tank schools of the major powers involved in WW2: Nazi Germany, the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union.

Nazi Germany

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