KV-2: A Formidable Tank On Threatening Days

“Kliment Vorosilov”: the story of one of the most famous Soviet “heavies”

The history of the KV-2 tank and its combat path was not very long, but unusual from the very beginning. For example, this type of tank was not officially adopted by the Red Army separately, after the adoption of the Klim Voroshilov tank on December 19, 1939. It was also his first time participating in combat, being represented by only a few prototypes.

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Swiss Tanks: The development of the KW 30 and the Panzer 58

Author: Mizutayio

As many of you know Wargaming released the Panzer 58 ‘Mutz’ back in January/ February 2016 and which was one of the better Premium vehicles they’ve added so far. Well, while I should be happy for WG to add the Panzer 58 into WoT since I’m a proud Swiss guy and I do love all things Swiss; Watches, Utility pocket knives, Chocolate, Cuckoo clocks, and a highly secretive banking system etc.

The problem here was it was in the German Tech tree. That is what got me into researching because it was very upsetting and somewhat upsetting for my Swiss player friends and myself to see our neutral country lumped in with a country we classed as a threat during the War. Certainly adding a Swiss tank like that didn’t add a lot of Swiss interest as far as I can tell. Researching it though I’ve been looking at the KW 30 and the Panzer 58, and I can tell you that WG messed things up quite a bit.

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