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Today we start the closed test of the French wheeled vehicles branch. The basic mechanics were checked earlier with the Tier VIII armored car, and now we get to fine-tune the entire line, starting from the top.

The first in queue is the Panhard EBR 105, the Tier X crown of the branch, expressing the unique features of wheeled vehicles the most.

What kind of vehicle is that?

Eight wheels, two driving modes, ‘magnet’ lock-on, the charge mechanic, and other distinct features are in place (and enhanced). The vehicle is extremely vulnerable for enemy fire, with a small HP pool and almost non-existent armor, so rely on its mobility and small size to survive. It counts as a light tank but the spotting distance is much shorter than those of tracked ones. The firepower is enough to finish off a damaged enemy at the end of a battle but not for an even-sided one-on-one engagement. The Panhard’s ace in the sleeve is its mobility. A 105-mm cannon has outstanding stabilization allowing to fire on the move but its reloading speed is to underline that damage dealing isn’t armored cars’ main specialty.

How will it play?

How will it play?

At the start of a battle, as an extremely active spotter. At the middle, as a very agile reconnaissance vehicle with limited firepower. At a battle’s end, as a rapid and dangerous predator. ‘Speed and aggression’ is a wheeled vehicle’s creed. The Panhard will be relatively tough to handle and will suit experienced and confident tankers.

Depending on test results, we may change the stats for the Panhard EBR 105. Please follow the news and all the luck in every battle!

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      1. I’ve searched for a 3 axle Panhard AML and found nothing, that is why I believe they are mixing the AML and ERC together since the Panhard ERC 90 F1 used the same Hispano-Suiza Lynx turret, at least from what I could find

    1. I think it’s the same turret as the AMX-10 RC. Which could well be the Tier X of a 2nd French armored car line focused on ACs that are more like conventional lights (not as fast, but also not quite as tissue paper armor).

  1. 12 sec base for 390 alpha? It’s not great, but it’s not bad either tbh. It’s still less then I expected vs what they want the tank to do. It’s still enough to be annoying in a support role.

  2. I don’t see side panels in all the pics, I hear mention of kits in the official video. I deduce that they’re introducing optional armor kits for vehicles. A few mentions found in the Reddit Q&A about the WG Fest Livestream hint that too. I’m a happy man now.

  3. 350m view range is a joke when every other Tier X save arty has 360+. The only way this thing will ever be able to scout is if it has 50%+ camo on the move when fully outfitted – and that would be basically game-breaking on open maps.

    1. 360m arty vieviing range means nothing. These wheeled vehicals will have a lot better camo. And camo is everything.

      1. Camo is nothing. You need an effective view range to spot the targets. With low view range you need to get closer. Even if your camo allows it to do it unspotted, you are betting everything on one card. If it fails, you’re done. In comparison, with high view range and zero camo you can simply outspot your enemies and still stay undetected, and even you get spotted, you have a lot more distance between you and the enemy, and possibly a lot more of cover to duck behind.

  4. I like how they already nerfed it since the last time we saw the stats. Can’t wait to see the ultimate tier10 dumpster fire on wheels

  5. “At the start of a battle, as an extremely active spotter. At the middle, as a very agile reconnaissance vehicle with limited firepower. At a battle’s end, as a rapid and dangerous predator.”

    I’m skeptical. With 350 base view range, active scouting in the early game will mean getting suicidally close to 15 enemy guns. And in the middle of the match, its still only a subpar or passive scout. In practice it’ll probably be played much more like an undergunned sniping TD. In the late game it may have some opportunities to flank or to do something aggressive, but even so it’ll only work with the right combination of open terrain and team support.

    So my suggestion to WG is to ditch the gimmicks like boosts and different travel modes. Make these things both fast and agile (and controllable) at all times. Stick to one of two goals- A: to make dedicated scouts, and if so give them good view range. Or B: to make them active and aggressive flankers, in which case give them very high DPM. The current paradigm is that no class has an excuse not to be damage-dealers. If we’re going to make an exception, it had better be absolutely fantastic.

  6. I’m sure these tanks will be perfectly balanced. After all, they will be designed by the same people that brought us the Type 5 Heavy and the Objects 430U and 268 4.

  7. 480 view range for a passive scout? okay.
    200 pen? sure.
    390 alpha damage? who cares, it has 500 damage 105 pen HE rounds.
    -> both base camo values better be over 21%. (t-100 is 19%) (elc even 90 is 22%)
    specific power? sure.

    i will like playing this thing, as i love to kemp the deep enemy territory bushes

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