Supertest – A German with Mexican Roots – HWK 30


Today we’re launching the Supertest for two new vehicles, the HWK 30 and the T95/FV4201 Chieftain. They are, respectively, a German Premium Tier VIII light tank and a British reward Tier X heavy.
Let’s take a closer look at the HWK 30!

Though this tank is assigned to the German nation, it has Mexican roots. The original was a joint project by Mexico’s Secretariat of National Defense and German tank makers—like the HWK 12 which is already present in the game.

In terms of gameplay, the HWK 30 will fill in the gap between the Ru 251 and the HWK 12, being a mobile vehicle with an excellent spotting range and comfortable firing parameters. The speed of the basic round should be singled out: a whopping 1080 m/s! As you might’ve guessed, the HWK 30 has no armor to speak of, and possesses a modest HP pool: it’s a light tank after all, brave and unassuming. Or crafty, depending on circumstances.

On the battlefield, the HWK 30 works well as a mid-to-long-range scout, due to its spotting and camo combined with outstanding mobility. You may deal some damage, too, especially from the hills’ back slopes: the gun depression allows it, and lack of armor sort of hints you should retreat from enemy fire. To sum up, the HWK 30 is your typical German LT: it survives by being agile and not approaching the frontline and may occasionally bite some HP off an enemy (most likely, by sniping).

As always, the parameters of both tanks may change based on Supertest results. Follow the news and good luck in your battles!

0 thoughts on “Supertest – A German with Mexican Roots – HWK 30

  1. So a crapier version of the RU 251 when it was tier 8, and all around worse than the M41 90 which is already one of the best tier 8 light tanks… yeah this is a hard pass

      1. hwk has 410 view range. 410 is a world apart from 400. this fact alone is going to make me pass on the awfl pz and hwk 30

  2. stupid, mid to long rang scout but a .37 dispersion. thanks but no thanks. maybe replace that abortion hwk, (which is the actual Mexican military hull for their scout vehicle ), with this. but no, WG can’t fuck you over and make money off a turd if they do that.

  3. Light tanks like this one and the M41D with their big bulky silhouettes and bad camo ratings aren’t going to be good scouts, nor are they going to be good flankers without the appropriate firepower. If the gun is going to be this much worse than that of the M41-90, some other advantage will be necessary.

    They could actually do something interesting by letting the HWK 30 be a sniping light tank. Let it keep the crappy DPM but significantly buff the accuracy and penetration.

  4. less view range than hwk 12… nope.
    same hesh pen and lower standard pen than m41 GF… nope.
    m41 reloads in 6.33s, this thing reloads in 8s. nope.
    slower aimtime and far worse accuracy than m41. nope.
    auto HE pen armor. nope.
    shell velocity? nice. power weight ratio? nice. gun depression? nice.
    the worst part of this tank is that all traverse values are worse than the m41, hull, turret and gun.

      1. Black Dog is better than it’s peers, but it’s nog OP at all. In fact, I think every tier 8 light should play like that. At least it’s relevant on the battlefield and I don’t feel like that when playing other LT’s in the current meta.

  5. I love how they mention shell velocity:

    The speed of the basic round should be singled out: a whopping 1080 m/s!

    This is almost 300 m/s slower than the upcoming tier 8 soviet tank, which also has far better camo and some armour. At least WG has a sense of humour…

  6. Fuck you when op and fuck you when not op. The hell is wrong with some people? Be glad you don’t like it, it will save you the money and it wont affect your game in a negative way. How is that bad?
    I don’t think this tank look so bad and think it will do just fine. Thinking I would use it for the mobility and cleanup.

  7. I don’t know if I’m alone to think that(about german tier 8 light in general), but I would give the same HE shells to the HWK 12 too. The fact that the HE shell velocity is so low on this tier 8 tech tree tank would be a balancing factor. mention 630 for AP and HEAT shells, and only 338 for HE… The “angry shoe” would gain a funny edge !

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