SuperTest: The Lansen

The Lansen C hits Supertest today!

The Lansen C is a Swedish Medium Tank. And get this: it goes really fast. The power-to-weight ratio is outstanding: 28.4 hp/ton with a top speed of 50km. While the top speed isn’t anything to necessarily write home about on its own, the substantial power-to-weight ratio allows it to hit that top speed quickly and maintain it on soft ground. Additionally boasting solid firepower on a 10.5cm cannon with 320 average Alpha. While 320 Alpha is above average for a Tier VIII medium, its accuracy and aiming parameters prevent it from being a reliable sniper.

Coupled with the relatively low armor values, this will likely place the Lansen C into a Flex Support category, similar to mid-tiered US Mediums. On paper, I would liken the vehicle to a Tier VIII T20 with better mobility. You need to rely on your mobility and the excellent Gun Depression angle of -10 Degrees.

The vehicle will excel at claiming key map positions early, engaging in some active scouting, then flexing to another flank for support. The Lansen is a ‘social’ vehicle – it fares better in a pack than it does in one-on-one engagements, so laying down solid, punchy, mid-range supporting fire is the name of the game. As always, stats are subject to change based on testing.


29 thoughts on “SuperTest: The Lansen

  1. well, is this some sort of announcement for a swedisch medium branch? because otherwise it would be pointless to sell a tier 8 medium …

    real stats will be interesting to see. but that new “topic” of giving special tanks “above average” values (here alpha of the gun) is something I do not really like. yes, it means some sort of diversification, also will make balancing even more harder.

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    1. It will most likely be the Leo of tier 8. Is the Leo OP? Not at all! Will this be? Probably not. It’s going to be a very situational tank, shining in some scenarios and being useless in others.

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      1. That’s a stark statement, coming from you. Seriously, why do you have such a chip on your shoulder? As far as I can see, therealisnes has done nothing to you. Just be nice and merry for a change. It’s that time of the year, you know.

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    1. Seems to be it, doesn’t it. Looks rather bulky to me, but well.

      At any rate, I’m not sure why we should buy a medium trainer when the actual lines are heavy/TD and when there are already two Swedish medium premiums in the game. Probably more of a collector thingy.

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  2. Leo’s big brother with some AMX CDC added for extra flavor. Can’t say much more without knowing the soft stats (gun handling, ground resistance).


  3. give it 340-360 alpha damage. i’m not getting this tank, but it needs that new alpha damage so it is unique. You think people are gonna buy this?


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