SuperTest: The Lansen

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The Lansen C hits Supertest today!

The Lansen C is a Swedish Medium Tank. And get this: it goes really fast. The power-to-weight ratio is outstanding: 28.4 hp/ton with a top speed of 50km. While the top speed isn’t anything to necessarily write home about on its own, the substantial power-to-weight ratio allows it to hit that top speed quickly and maintain it on soft ground. Additionally boasting solid firepower on a 10.5cm cannon with 320 average Alpha. While 320 Alpha is above average for a Tier VIII medium, its accuracy and aiming parameters prevent it from being a reliable sniper.

Coupled with the relatively low armor values, this will likely place the Lansen C into a Flex Support category, similar to mid-tiered US Mediums. On paper, I would liken the vehicle to a Tier VIII T20 with better mobility. You need to rely on your mobility and the excellent Gun Depression angle of -10 Degrees.

The vehicle will excel at claiming key map positions early, engaging in some active scouting, then flexing to another flank for support. The Lansen is a ‘social’ vehicle – it fares better in a pack than it does in one-on-one engagements, so laying down solid, punchy, mid-range supporting fire is the name of the game. As always, stats are subject to change based on testing.

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  1. well, is this some sort of announcement for a swedisch medium branch? because otherwise it would be pointless to sell a tier 8 medium …

    real stats will be interesting to see. but that new “topic” of giving special tanks “above average” values (here alpha of the gun) is something I do not really like. yes, it means some sort of diversification, also will make balancing even more harder.

    1. It will most likely be the Leo of tier 8. Is the Leo OP? Not at all! Will this be? Probably not. It’s going to be a very situational tank, shining in some scenarios and being useless in others.

      1. That’s a stark statement, coming from you. Seriously, why do you have such a chip on your shoulder? As far as I can see, therealisnes has done nothing to you. Just be nice and merry for a change. It’s that time of the year, you know.

    1. Seems to be it, doesn’t it. Looks rather bulky to me, but well.

      At any rate, I’m not sure why we should buy a medium trainer when the actual lines are heavy/TD and when there are already two Swedish medium premiums in the game. Probably more of a collector thingy.

      1. Maybe they’ll expand the mediums’ branch up to tier X. There are many options, just check SP15’s articles.

  2. Leo’s big brother with some AMX CDC added for extra flavor. Can’t say much more without knowing the soft stats (gun handling, ground resistance).

  3. give it 340-360 alpha damage. i’m not getting this tank, but it needs that new alpha damage so it is unique. You think people are gonna buy this?

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