Supertest – The M41D


Hey, tankers!

Today we’re launching the Supertest of the M41D, a variant of the Bulldog sitting in the Chinese tree. We’re going to make it a Tier VIII Premium light tank. Stats-wise, it will be close to the original; the main differences are a slightly better gun, a bit slower acceleration, and a tad shortened spotting range. Thus, the vehicle will be similar to other Chinese LTs which tend to place firepower over mobility.



To sum up, it’s the same lovable good old Bulldog: excellent gun depression and good maneuverability, together with a large frame, only that this one is more of a damage dealer.

Depending on the test results, the stats of the M41D may change.

Stay tuned and Roll Out! :great:


32 thoughts on “Supertest – The M41D

  1. … all right, you have my attention.

    Maybe a little unnecessary given how good the type 64 and Type 62 are, but still looks fun, and it’s not a fucking Russian heavy

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  2. Fantastic news! more easy fast WN8 food for Tier 10’s
    Good news more food for Tier 9’s

    Wargame give LT’s for fuck sake decent Guns in the shit 3-5-7 MM

    the game now is ALL about kills and big alpha damage that’s the Ruskie WG meme today
    NOT poncy girly ‘Spotting’ that gets you fuck all for ‘being’ the sacrificial eyes of the Team the good guy, lol team …… jeez

    the fucking Team, 90% don’t care


    1. You’re mad. Spotter-tanks need no view range and it’s fine if a scout has less view range than an IS3 on Tier 8. Because… Erm. Because! That’s why!

      -World of Tanks Balancing Departement


  3. If they want it to have firepower… why not one of the 85mm or 100mm guns that the Chinese LTs sport? Most of the Chinese tech tree is dubious anyway, they might as well double down on it.

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  4. All the same problems as the tech tree bulldog- huge silhouette, zero armor, bad camo, same view range as mediums of its own tier. And the gun isn’t even remotely good enough to make up for all of these problems.




    – Detroit Diesel 8V-71T diesel engine, enabling the tank to reach speeds of up to 72 km/h
    – Taiwanese-manufactured variant of the M32 known as the M32K1
    – The M32K1 has a fume extractor and a different muzzle brake, and has been upgraded with thermal imaging sights.

    IMO viewrange should be 400, compared to M41 Walker Bulldog (M41A1 model), M41D were based on M41A3 model.


    Final production model of the M41 series, functionally identical to the M41A2 but incorporating a slightly modified gun traverse and elevation system.

    Elevation Arc should be atleast same as M41 Walker Bulldog, -10/+20 if not better.

    I’m only one who think that gun is okay (improved much from M41 Walker Bulldog top gun, more accurate and little faster reload)?


  6. T8 American (designed) Light tank =25 turret armor
    T8 Russian ( LT 432 premium) light tank =160mm turret face.

    It’s freaking laughable.


  7. Give him 100mm gun with 185 base pen 250 heat with gold and 250 dmg
    I would buy it with no problem
    Because 76mm sucks we don’t need it at tier 8


  8. I fail to see why I should play this tank over WZ-132 and the glorious 100mm gun. Big murrican light with no vision and still with meh 76 gun? Might as well play blackdog that is basically the tank descripted by WG: slower tech tree version but with better gun


  9. More Chinese vehicles is always good in my book, but I don’t see this being successful. The Chinese LTs Tier 7+ are all basically meds that trade armor for cammo and mobility, and if someone wants a premium LT with a peashooter, Type 64 is there waiting for them (cheaper, better viewrange, easier opponents, no Tier 10 cancer, etc.).


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