Holiday Ops 2022: Tier II-V Premium Vehicles Pictures

The new premium vehicles were made in HD quality.

Matilda LVT – British Tier IV medium tank. In the fall of 1941, the Australian Army received 200 Matilda infantry tanks as military aid and later used them actively in battles in Southeast Asia. These vehicles had decent armor and average armament, and were delivered without HE shells. Australians began to produce them on their own. Several experiments were then carried out to install turrets from other vehicles, including the LVT (A) -4 and LVT (A) -5. Continue reading “Holiday Ops 2022: Tier II-V Premium Vehicles Pictures”

WoWS Update 0.10.11, The content and drop rates of Santa’s Gift containers.

Details about the Santa’s Gift containers.

New Year’s Eve is approaching and the traditional Santa’s Gift containers are returning to World of Warships.

Each Gift contains a deserved reward for your achievements throughout the past year. The available rewards include Doubloons, Coal, days of Warships Premium Account, camouflages, signals, or one of 134 ships. You have specific chances to obtain rare ships, as well as Tier X ships.

Santa’s Gift container includes one of the following rewards (the percentage indicates the drop chances of each group of items):

  • A Premium or special ship, including rare and Tier X ships, with a Port slot and a 10-skill-point Commander — 2.5% (of them: Tier V–VII ships — 2%, Tier VIII–IX ships — 0.4%, and Tier X and rare ships — 0.1%)
  • 500 Doubloons — 5%
  • 2,500 Coal — 7%
  • 30 days of Warships Premium Account — 1%
  • 5x New Year or “Type 3 — New Year” camouflages — 10%
  • 4x New Year Sky camouflages — 11.5%
  • 4x camouflages of the same type (Winter Strands, Frosty Fir Tree, or New Year Streamer) — 15%
  • 5x special signals of the same type (Dragon, Red Dragon, Wyvern, Hydra, Ouroboros, Basilisk, Scylla, or Leviathan) — 8%
  • 50x signals of the same type (Zulu, Papa Papa, Zulu Hotel, or Equal Speed Charlie London) — 40%

Santa’s Big Gift container includes one of the following rewards (the percentage indicates the drop chances of each group of items):

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12 Days of Tankmas: Twitch Drops (EU)

Source: EU Portal

There are plenty of Tankmas activities to discover in-game, from Holiday Ops 2022 to Advent Calendar offers—but the festivities don’t stop there! Our Stream Team has been swept up by the Tankmas cheer, as well. They will spread festive joy and plenty of gifts in daily streams over the 12 Days of Tankmas. Many content creators have also been struck by the Tankmas spirit and will create their own celebrations with prizes. Twitch Drops have received a festive boost, and there is a big Community giveaway that you don’t want to miss.

Plenty of surprises, including Premium vehicles, are up for grabs throughout the holiday season. Read on to discover all the 12 Days of Tankmas activities!

Daily Tankmas Streams

Join our Stream Team from December 8 through December 19 on Twitch or YouTube for daily tank action, festive surprises, and more! They will explore the World of Tanks Holiday Village, tackle in-game missions, provide exclusive sneak peeks into the festive activities, and do everything to spread the Tankmas cheer.

Make sure to tune in every day to catch Twitch Drops, including Mystery Drops with the daily Advent Calendar offer and more!

English Channels German Channels

Tankmas Twitch Drops

Activated from December 9 at 13:00 CET through December 27 at 13:00 CET (UTC+1)

Twitch Drops will be enabled for the official World of Tanks English and German channels, selected Community Contributors, and World of Tanks streamers! Hit the button below during the festive period to see which of your favorite content creators are spreading the Tankmas joy through Drops!


Once you have claimed all the guaranteed Drops, they cannot be claimed again on the same Twitch account.

Guaranteed Drops

  • After 60 minutes: 1 Small Box
  • After 120 minutes: 2 Small Boxes
  • After 180 minutes: 2 Small Boxes
  • After 240 minutes: Red Hat Battalion 2D style

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Holiday Ops 2022: All Medals, Decorations and Event Graphics

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Holiday Ops 2022: 3D Styles for Tier X vehicles

This is how the new 3D styles available in this year’s Christmas boxes look like.

Hurricane 3D style for the 🇨🇿 Vz. 55

Style treated as historical, valued at 5,000 gold.

Suitable for vehicles: Vz. 55.


— You think that, if the government got a license to produce Soviet vehicles, we should abandon the idea of our own tank? And all those days and nights when my engineers were working tirelessly designing this project are just wasted, right? Think again! Our arms industry was always one of the best in Europe! So as long as I am chief designer here, we will finish our home-produced project, even if it must be in secrecy, underground. We need our own armor, not someone else’s borrowed technology!

Dear Jarek, we’ve known each other for 15 years and I trust you with all my heart. Take some of your guys and give our tank a real test, as you see fit. I must know everything this vehicle can do—all of its strengths and weaknesses. And leave the legend to me—I will come up with something to report to the top. Oh, and don’t forget: I’m expecting you and Martha for dinner this Saturday. Continue reading “Holiday Ops 2022: 3D Styles for Tier X vehicles”