Official NA Streamer: – 59,50% winrate

Official EU (English) Streamers: – 56.5% winrate, 64% recent winrate – 61,36% winrate & 70,99% recent winrate

Official DE Streamer: – 58,14% winrate & 69,74% recent winrate

Official KR Streamer: – Win Rate: 61.06%

Official RO Streamer: – 59,16% recent winrate

Official ASIA Streamer: – 62.48% winrate


Official Chinese Streamers:

uocat: Winrate: 74.29% 30 days: 74.72% Link:
RainyuDD: Winrate: 71% 30 days: 75.47%. Link:

Streamers from other servers (and countries from America, ASIA and EU) are free to ask to get sponsored by TAP (as long as they have over 58,56% recent winrate (most important) and over 57,40% overall winrate) only if you promote the blog on your streams 😀

We also need an English streamer for all the servers – except NA and EU.

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