WoWS: Updated Hood stats

– Rudder shift time -15%
– Main guns range +1km
– Repair Party repairs 60% of damage received from penetrations (excluding citadel hits), but the total amount of HP repaired will remain the same
-AP shell ricochet angles are now 60°/67.5°
-AP shell detonation time is now 0.015 seconds
-Defensive AA fire consumable mechanics changed:
DP and medium-caliber AA guns no longer benefits from damage multipliers, and will not scatter enemy planes; but the 178mm UP rockets now get x25 times DPS output when Def.AA is active, the consumable lasts 60 seconds.


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WoWS: TAP Insider News (25-IV-2017)

New signal flags:

-Pterosaur, +50% credit income.
-Red Dragon, +100% XP & +100% Captain XP.
-Ouroboros, +777% free XP.
-Hydra,  +50% XP, +150% Captain XP, +250% free XP.
Balance changes:
-Émile Bertin, max speed increased from 35 kts to 39 kts, rudder steering output +56%, rudder drag  -28%.
-Henri IV, 57mm/60 ACAD AA gun DPS increased to 204 from 90, range increased to 4.5km from 3.5km.
-Yamato, asymmetrically placed aircraft catapults are now fixed and placed symmetrically.

WoWS: Sub_Octavian EU Q&A

Transcribed by MrFingersEU

On the EU-forums there is a “weekly Q&A”, on which players get to ask questions, and in an ideal world every week the most pressing issues are answered. That doesn’t really happen there, but as a surprise to everyone, Sub chimed in yesterday (out of the blue) and answered quite a lot of questions. Thought I’d share them with you.

Why have you not removed the Type 93 (Shimakaze stock) torpedoes or at least changed them to something more useful yet? Right now they’re basically worthless with their excessive spotting range, but they increase the torpedo stat in port, thus fooling novice players into thinking that these are superior to the other choices Shimakaze offers.
Hi. We’re in process, thinking about their future fate. They truly are not good choice, Shima would probably be much better with Type93 mod.3 as stock. Sorry it takes so much time, but we’re on it.

Any chance we will see a Scapa Flow port? Would be cool to be able to station my RN cruisers in the base of the British Navy in WW1 and WW2.
Hello. This location is not currently planned, but there is always some chance that plans will be changed.

Have you ever considered in game conversion of ( 1 ship xp -> 1 commander xp = the price is 300 credits )?
Hello. Ship XP -> Elite XP conversion for credits is not an option, unfortunately. That would de-value 19-pts commanders that work as Elite XP farmes very well right now. And generally, players don’t have trouble spending credits, if they keep up with new lines.

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La Gallissonniere Easter Egg – Statue of Liberty – WoWS

On-board the bridge of the La Gallisoniere tier 6 cruiser in WoWS we have a golden Statue of Liberty.

I have used modding techniques in order to make the statue glow. You can see the statue, turned gold, on the bridge. It is extremely small and hard to see, but the statue is clearly visible in the texture file aswell. The statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to the US in 1886.

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WoWS: “Hunt for Bismarck” Campaign – Various Details

HUGE thanks to Urakaze for translating. Seriously, I must reward the translator sometime.

 ***The following infor is subject to changes***

This post is image heavy.

The upcoming Hunt for Bismarck campaign will feature a lot of content, such as the new series of missions, badges and ship skins for Hood and Bismarck.

There will be a total of 63 missions, split into 7 stages with 9 missions in each stage, container(s) that only drops badges/tokens will be rewarded for completing each mission for the first time
The mission can be completed in Random/Co-op battles, ships of tier 5 or above is required

Stage I
-Win and survive for 2 matches in any ship
-Hit enemy ships with main battery guns 100 times in a battleship
-Cause 70,000 damage to enemy cruisers in any ship
-Spot 2 German ships in any ship
-Spot 12 ships in a cruiser
-Earn 3,000 base XP
-Earn 7,000 XP
-Cause 60,000 damage to enemy ships in Hood
-Cause 120,000 damage to enemy ships in any ship (Random battle only)
Stage reward: 500,000 credits

Stage II
-Cause 70,000 damage to German ships in any ship
-Destroy 4 cruisers in a battleship
-Cause 120,000 damage to battleships with main guns in any ship
-Hit 100 times with main guns in a battleship (tier 5 or above)
-Hit the citadel of enemy ships 7 times in a single battle in any ship
-Earn 3,500 base XP
-Earn 9,000 XP
-Destroy 2 cruisers in Hood
-Cause 120,000 damage to enemy ships in any ship (Random battle only)
Stage reward: 10 campaign camouflage

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