WoWS – Sea Smackdown #8 : Charles Martel


New Flags and

Apologies for the delay on this post. I moved at the beginning of the month, so internet was out at the new house for a good while, and after it was back I did take a break from WoWS, but I am back now, with all the flags added in the 2 most recent patches.

Flags New

As per usually I know very little about the flags and how to acquire them. De Grasse flag clearly comes from the De Grasse premium bundle. Loot Boy I assumed was related to a loot box like brand partnering with WG, but I looked it up and couldn’t find anything about this brand existing. “Navoeval” flag I haven’t the slightest idea what this flag is for, looks cool though. The rest are likely event related.

I am electing to not re-post every single flag for descriptions as I usually do, as you can all ready see all the flags in my post poster. If you dislike this change in how I make these post please say so and I will revert the change.

~Shipmaster_Crook [NA]

WoT/WoWS Invite Codes & Console Bonus Codes TAP Giveaway

Sent to us by Th3Grimmi. Thanks!

NOTE: Please comment below if you used any codes! They are for the EU region, we do not know if they work for NA.

Thanks to everyone for reading TAP!

WoWS Invite Codes:

WoT Invite Codes:

WoT Console Bonus Codes:

Bonus Codes (Xbox World of Tanks) (Don’t know if they work for Playstation and Xbox 360 too):

Bonus Code (Xbox 360) (Not sure if they even work anymore, quite old ones) (Don’t know if they work for Playstation and Xbox One too):

WoWS Q&A – 15th June 2017

Thanks to Babykim, EU

Here a few bits of information from the announcement of version 0.6.7 on RU, mainly by SubOctavian.

Note that patch notes for 0.6.7 are yet to be published.

Source: https://forum.worldo…разработки-067/

1. New AP bombs will be available from 7 tier. No changes to the HE bombs are planned.
2. For the time being, the new map (Russian name “Counterstrike”) will be for ranked games only.

Possible changes:

3. Setups of American carriers will be made more balanced and thus universally useful (in a few patches).
4. Buffs of Ognevoi, Tashkent and Grozovoi (perhaps even in 0.6.7).

The reworked game effects will come out this year, as promised.

Continue reading “WoWS Q&A – 15th June 2017” LLP Undergoing Dissolution

Did tanks start getting spoiled? Wargaming recently dissolved the „mother” company in London. (Seb: they also opened a new mobile division recently, so do not be afraid that WG is dying)

The LLP company registered in London, which was owned by the Cypriot Ltd, the developer of MMO games, the most popular of them being World of Tanks, has filed for liquidation. This is stated in the materials of the British Registration Chamber.

The reasons for this decision were not indicated yet. Although the company is liquidated according to the norms of bankruptcy law, an expert in jurisprudence says that in WG’s case, this is not a classic bankruptcy. Market participants believe that this decision was made in order to not disclose the company’s financial statements anymore. LLP in the form of a limited liability partnership was registered in London in 2008 by a group of companies of the British Virgin Islands that became the owners of rights and the holders of the trademark World of Tanks.

British reports indicated that LLP is owned by two companies in Australia and one in Cyprus, who are the owners of other „tank” structures. Earlier it was reported that since 2011 the headquarters of Wargaming is in Cyprus, where they migrated, including the founders of the company. Maybe something has changed since that time? In a press statement of the company it was confirmed that the head office is located in Cyprus, and about relations with other agencies, WG refused to comment.

Wargaming also refused to comment on this information. They also refused reporting their financial earnings of 2016.

Our opinion on this matter? If you read between the lines, you can notice that WG tries very hard to hide their earnings, apparently. We don’t know why, but I automatically assume they are cowards.