WoWS – How it works : Torpedoes


WoWS: CN Server Premium Store Info

Note: All WG games are provided in mainland China by Kongzhong. ( They provide the premium store offers too, NOT Lesta.

The current version of the game usually lags behind a lot on the Chinese server. Thus, in September 2018, the game saw the release of the patch 0.7.3, while on the other servers it arrived on March 30.

And what do our Chinese comrades have on the shelves?

Chinese players can buy ships, tanks and planes on 2 pages:

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WoWS: Jean Bart Available on NA, EU, ASIA

The barebone bundles are pretty expensive. Around 70 $/ 60 € for all servers. Available for 11 days from now.

NA link:

EU link:

ASIA link:

PS: About the other WoWS articles I missed so far, they will be eventually posted once I’m done with this very busy uni semester. Thanks for bearing with me.