WoWS: Update

Source: Portal

The update happens August 22; preparation begins at 07:00 CEST until 08:30 CEST (UTC +2).

ASIA: on August 23.


  • The Tier VII British battleship Nelson has been added to the tech tree and is available for purchase for free XP in the game client! Nelson will be available for 375k free XP and will be permanently available
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect number of ‘news read’ in the game client to be displayed in the news counter
  • Dunkirk port returned to the game as per the request of the players

WoWS Info – 19th August 2017

Source: WG

ST, IFHE changes.

The penalty to firing chance changes with caliber now. It is set to -1% for light calibers up to 139 mm, and to -8% for the rest. This change should make IFHE more viable on DDs and reduce its excessive performance on some cruisers. In case the change is adopted, IFHE is automatically reset for 4 skill points.

ST, smoke firing detection range – test values for IJN DDs (km).

Minekaze 2,22
Kamikaze 2,22
Mutsuki 2,22
Shiratsuyu 2,49
Akatsuki 2,75
Hatsuharu 2,49
Kagero 2,55
Akizuki 2,39
Yugumo 2,62
Shinonome 2,62
Fubuki 2,62
Shimakaze 2,83

ST, smoke firing detection range – test values for USN DDs (km).

Nicholas 2,49
Farragut 2,83
Mahan 2,98
Sims 2,83
Benson 2,75
Black 2,75
Fletcher 2,75
Gearing 2,83

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WoWS 0.6.10 PT changes #1

British BB:

-The old AP autobounce angle of 60 deg/67.5 deg on several ships were retained in previous versions of 6.10 PT, this issue has been fixed in the latest PT update.
Graf Zeppelin:
-SC-500 HE bomb’s dispersion now form a circle, and bombs have a higher chance of landing in the middle of the circle
-PC-500 RS AP bomb now has a 6 second flight time from release to impact
-Secondary gun range reduced from 7.5km to 6.25km, but the dispersion was buffed to 86m

WoWS Info – 18th August 2017

Source: WG

ST, Smoke mechanics update.

Firing from inside the smoke now results in ship-to-ship detection range increase (this type of firing did not influence detection before, and the firing ship stayed permanently concealed). The exact value is calculated for each ship based on its concealment and caliber. Average range is 2.5 km for destroyers, 5.9 km for cruisers and 13,6 km for battleships. Effect duration is 20 seconds. This change should make smokes firing tactics less viable for those ships that were not intended for such tactics gameplay-wise: BBs and most cruisers. Additionally, there is more reward for active play and the risk of rushing into enemy smoke.

Ship-to-ship detection for smoke firing now applies not only for the ship in smoke, but also if there is a smoke cloud on LOS between the shooter and the target. That will allow to exclude a highly illogical situation when hiding behind smokes gives better concealment than hiding inside smokes. Ship-to-ship detection for smoke firing is calculated for each hull, based on caliber and base concealment, it is not influenced by any skills or upgrades. It does not replace guaranteed detection and still requires LOS (smokes excluded for this check). The exact value for each ship can be found in Port specs. Similar to current main gun firing penalty, the effect lasts for 20 seconds only if the ship was detected as a result of firing.

WoWS Q&A – 16th August 2017

Source: WG

Internal test, Graf Zeppelin.

HE bombs now feature new circle drop pattern. It allows attacking from any angle with the same efficiency. However, ships with narrow hulls (destroyers and cruisers), will be receiving fewer hits, and it will take skilled manual attack to set several fires on a battleship.

AP bombs have more consistent penetration now, with 20 degrees normalization and drop angle improved from 75 to 90 degrees. The tradeoff is 5 seconds bomb flight time, which gives aware players some time for evasive maneuvers.
Secondaries range is decreased to 6250 meters in stock, but accuracy is improved by times. That means with AFT and Manual secondaries skills any target within 7500 meters range will receive consistent hits.


Update 0.6.9, Royal Navy battleships testing.

RN BB line features special main caliber AP shells fuse settings. Fuse delay is set to 0.15 seconds instead of regular 0.33 seconds. Fuse delay determines time of detonation after the shell is armed, and thus, it affects overall AP efficiency. AP shells with small fuse delay tend to detonate inside the target more often, causing less overpenetrations. This effect is mostly noticeable when firing at lightly armored and large-volume targets, like BB casemates and aircraft carriers. The same settings are already featured on Hood.

Update 0.6.9, Nelson battleship testing.

British tier VII battleship Nelson, which will become avaliable for 375 000 Free XP soon, features special Repair Party, just like Lion and Conqueror. Bonus 10% to bow, aft, casemate and superstructure repair, short work time, high repair speed (400% faster than regular BB version) and 2 charges in stock allow Nelson to tank and fight other battleships. According to current test results, these settings will be final.