Blog e-mail: // BloodSnow & Sebastianul – we’ll forward messages to our authors if the situation requires so.

Blog authors: BloodSnow (EU – currently semi-active), Seb (EU – active, maybe too much), Within Amnesia (Canada – active rarely, when nobody expects it), BravoBigBoom (Indonesia – semi active, used to translate stuff), TankaTed (US, used to be active when Seb was sleeping, currently busy), Erwin (France, posting French stuff of course and replacing Seb sometimes, when he can’t post), Piroman (your Serbian everyman, posts funny stuff), Wowanator (Vlad, our translator), SovietTankDestroyer (for historical articles), ShadyRush (active, RNG series and epic historical articles) and Tomah4wk (also writes awesome historical posts)



13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Great new blog! I read your post in today’s WoT NA Forum (9/4/2015), and I will try to link your future posts to the NA Forum.

    One quick thought, though — perhaps you can include an ARCHIVE gadget. I know that sometimes readers return to a blog to find a particular post, and an ARCHIVE would make that task easier. Perhaps place it under the RECENT POSTS gadget. (I’ve used wordpress for my blogs, too!)

    I’ll try to send you a few $$ in the near future, perhaps you can use it to purchase the wordpress domain (eliminate “wordpress” in your address). Unfortunately, I work in the Alberta (Canada) oilsands (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada), and our local economy has taken a beating with the drop in oil prices — lots of people losing their jobs, so I have have to make sure that I have $$ saved in the bank in case I lose my job, too!

    Keep up the good work!

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  2. So, since the Blog already covers WoT, WoWs and WT – how about expanding it in regard to Armored Warfare? I know, it’s still in Early Access/Closed Beta but I think it’s a REALLY strong contender in the Online Tank biz and will be BIG. I love it so far and any coverage here would certainly help expand the audience and visitor numbers.


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