More FV217 Swap Details

In addition to the previously known information, there are more surprises:

1. The ammunition was changed from 12 to 20 shells.
2. And most importantly, WG will train the Fv215b (183) crew members to the new tank too. Since the FV217 has one more crew member, an extra radio operator will be added, trained to 100 percent.


The stagnation of World of Tanks


World of Tanks has been one of the biggest free-to-play games in the world since its 2010 release on a Russian server, and subsequent 2011 inauguration throughout Europe and North America. It remains a juggernaut of gaming today, even if the past two years have been less than kind.

The current situation for World of Tanks is not all bad. Player numbers in the Russian Cluster are huge and the game has a healthy following in all other regions, including the EU. However, growth has stagnated, and some regions have even shown declining numbers. Today I’m going to go over some of the old issues plaguing the game, which likely account for some of its current problems.

The Tutorial problem

The first major issue, which applies mainly to new gamers, is the lack of an in-depth tutorial. The basic one that is offered introduces some of the main mechanics of the game, but it’s barely enough to cover the advanced tactics needed to win firefights against armored opponents, let alone brief players on reading the map or scouting.

Now make no mistake – a long and in-depth tutorial may bore players as well as slightly reduce the enjoyment of learning more advanced moves (such as side scraping and reverse side scraping) on the battlefield, by yourself or by watching others.

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Warfair – New Game from WG Mobile

The Wargaming Mobile division released a new mobile game called Warfair, a RTS set in the near future. It’s already available in the Philippines for the Android and iOS platforms. The game is in Beta at the moment and will come later on to the other regions. Size: 374 MB.

Apple Store link:
Google Play link:

Welcome to the next generation of mobile real-time multiplayer gaming! Warfair is a real-time competitive strategy game set in the war-torn near future, currently in Beta.

Command units directly and micro-manage them to dominate the map and defeat your opponent. Collect and upgrade dozens of units such as the powerful Leviathan, the mobile fortress that is the Scylla and the raging fury that is the Firestarter. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own tactical think hub.

Join the Warfair community by tuning into our live streams and participating on our official forums. We want your feedback and opinions to help us make the game perfect!

Think fast and win big!

DIRECT UNIT CONTROL – Set the exact paths and targets for each unit
PLAN AND EXECUTE – Devise your strategy before seeing how it plays out in real time against your opponent
MIND OVER REFLEXES – Plan and predict your opponent’s next moves to outwit and beat them
COMPETE AND DOMINATE – Challenge other players in real-time 1v1 battles and climb up the rankings to win prizes
BUILD YOUR SQUAD – Unlock and upgrade powerful new units to the ultimate battle squad
UNITE FORCES – Form clans with fellow players to share units and become part of the community
LEARN FROM THE BEST – Check out replays of other players to learn new strategies and tactics

Game site:

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Due to the fact that more than enough money for hosting is being gathered nowadays from ads (next year some will be saved for giveaways) and that the TAP PayPal account will close (not by our will, we just don’t have enough documents; our personal PayPal accounts though have everything confirmed), I wanted to say that it’s not possible to donate anymore for an indefinite amount of time. If you want the Patreon restarted though, write that in the comments.

Thanks to everybody for reading TAP, and have a great week.

Minsk Insider News

IMPORTANT: This is not our insider so I cannot vouch for the information listed below.

Rykoszet’s insider tells that the Studzianki map is now being made in HD quality, and it is likely to be introduced along with a Polish tech tree. The date of release for the Polish tanks is not specific – but the insider assumes that at this moment the most likely date (which could be changed at any time) is the second half of 2018. If developers encounter difficulties, though, there is still the possibility of it being postponed again.

Link to last update of Studzianki Map

WG Hosts VR Tournament in Russia

Wargaming will co-host the first Russian VR tournament. The total prize pool is 300000 rubles (5000 $). The qualifying stages start in a number of Russian cities, next week.

The publisher and developer and VRTech will jointly hold the first major Russian tournament in virtual reality. Participants will battle it out in the VR first person shooter called RevolVR, made in the style of the Wild West. “The shootout involves four players, but there can only be one winner,” reads the project description. The qualifying stage of the tournament will be held on November 23, simultaneously in seven Russian cities: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinodar, Rostov-na-Donu, Nizhny Novgorod and Yaroslavl. There, on the entertainment site CinemaVR, the participants will compete in order to enter the finals, which will be held at WG Fest (Moscow), and the total prize fund will be 300000 rubles.

According to the organizers, this is not the final sum: the participants of the tournaments pay a monetary contribution. Starting from 50 rubles, the fee will go to the prize fund. The system reminds us of the main competitions in Dota 2 and LoL, in a strongly simplified form, of course.

REVOLVR (2017) is a multiplayer game for virtual reality developed by CINEMAVR. Players have the role of cowboys of the Wild West and are competing with each other in the skill of shooting guns. Players shoot at each other with revlolvers. The better shooter which also evades the enemy rounds is the winner. The playing session lasts for 5 rounds. Each round starts in atmospheric locations: on the streets of the Wild West, in the desert, or in the saloon.