WoWS – Waterline : Episode 1.1


WoT – VK 72.01 (K) Rebalance

UPDATE: it seems like has the model wrong. The supposed new weakspots and modified side armor could not be found with testing in random battles.

Source: Rykoszet

Wargaming seems to have found another victim to rebalance, this time the VK 72.01 (K).

Comparing the armor values from the current client and the 1.0.1 test, one might see some drastic changes. The lower front plate got reduced from 240mm to 180mm, and the strip on the weld is now only 170mm, compared to the previous 300mm. The small “neck” before the turret also got redone, and the mantlet has fewer and weaker armor zones. Continue reading “WoT – VK 72.01 (K) Rebalance”