WoT: Your Recap of Global Map Season 21

Global Map: Season 21 has come to an end. Time for a look at the pile of scrap metal left behind, the epic fights for provinces and Global Map domination, and the best clans that came out on top! Let’s see who kept the competition at bay, had superior tactics, and took home the victory. Check out the results, Alley of Fame rewards, and Season statistics below.

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Tanks – The Titans of the Battlefield (P)


Tanks have been a symbol of military might and innovation since their introduction in World War

I. These heavily armored vehicles, equipped with powerful weaponry, have evolved significantly over the decades, becoming essential components of modern warfare. Much like the simplicity and enduring popularity of the no internet dinosaur game, the concept of tanks has captivated people’s imaginations, both on the battlefield and in popular culture.

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