WoT NA – This is the (Week) End: Bonus XP & Special Missions!


On August 15, 1979, one of the greatest war movies ever made was released in the United States. We celebrate the 40th anniversary of this cinema milestone with special missions and rewards that include consumables and a special Camouflage — “All-Season WG Fest!” So reach deep into your heart of darkness and hit the battlefield. Continue reading “WoT NA – This is the (Week) End: Bonus XP & Special Missions!”


WoT EU – How about Some Xtra Progress?



Are you looking for more XP to climb your way up your favourite Tech Trees of the moment? The latest edition of our Xtra Progress is here to help. From 17 August at 07:00 to 20 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), catch these precious silvery stars and upgrade your tanks with them – these modules and high-tier vehicles won’t unlock themselves!

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WoT EU – The LT-432 and the Somua SM in the Premium Shop



Today, we have two vehicles in store for you that couldn’t be more different from each other:

  • The LT-432, a Soviet light tank with a low profile, high speed, and a brutal rate of fire. It’s not limited to scouting only – use your speed, angled armour, and gun to support your medium tanks and earn even more XP and Credits.
  • The Somua SM, a French heavy tank with a five-round autoloader. Unlike its brethren, this vehicle comes with quite strong armour – dealing and taking damage is as easy as breathing.

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