WoWS: Clan Battles: Coming Soon

Source: WoWS Portal

We are happy to announce the First Season of Clan Battles that will kick off together with Update 0.6.12’s release. You will have a chance to participate in dynamic battles governed by special rules, earn Oil in order to develop your Naval Base, get increased Free XP, rent Tier X ships, and fight for the top positions in the Leaderboard. This article provides details of the Clan Battles rules, so that you can meet the First Season fully prepared.

7 players, 1 battleship at the most, no aircraft carriers

The 7×7 format, that proved to be successful for all seasons of Ranked Battles, offers two undeniable advantages. First, it provides balance when it comes to assembling a team, i.e. even a small clan can regularly send 7 players into the battle. Second, 7×7 battles are a little more dynamic. They make a good balance between personal skill and team play, and they are less prone to excessive  concentrated fire where the first detected ship gets almost instantly destroyed by concentrated enemy fire.

The “one battleship” limit was introduced because even two battleships in one team in a 7×7 battle could adversely affect cruisers’ ability to actively participate in battle by delivering cross-fire from their high-calibre guns. That said, even one battleship can make a great contribution to the team’s results with the help of the teammates, both by by using its armour and by dealing damage to its priority targets: cruisers. Skilled players will probably make use of the map’s terrain and their ship’s concealment in order to stay undetected for as long as possible and provide the enemy with an unpleasant surprise.

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