WG Dev Caught Cheating!

Breaking news: Developer Fadalmahr was caught using illegal mods during playing.
Anton “Evilly” Pankov confirmed the breaking of EULA and promised to deal with the developer.

Prototypes: Best Suggestions from the RU WoT Community

Thanks to Vlad for translating. Most of those ideas are actually quite nice.

1. Ribbons of medals/achievements in battle

There already are 8 ribbons in the game displayed during the battle. There also exists a mod (RTAN) to display achievements, medals etc during the battle. Why isn’t this added (with a disable option) into the base game, we don’t know.

2. Female filter in the barracks

Female crews are part of the game for a year already, but no functions were adapted for their appearence. I propose a filter for the barracks to filter out the female crew members, since I usually have to scroll through a huge list of hundreds of names. One simple filter would solve this.

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