[Featured] S3AL vs FAME | Stronghold Tier 10 | World of Tanks

Quite a nice commentary that shows the CW mindset. If you want to see more videos like these, check out the channel of Im_A_Bob.


Jean Bart – WoWS Public Test Client files.

I have discovered among the files for “misc” items for France (“misc” texture folder is for deck clutter items mostly) there is a file merely labeled “FM417_Jean_Bart.dds”. The texture file itself appears to merely contain the textures to various items such as windows and possibly a range finder, that must belong uniquely to the Jean Bart.

If you have the WOWS_UNPACKER program for the client, the file can be found here: res/content/gameplay/france/misc/textures/FM417_Jean_Bart.dds
(This would not be the first instance of files that were not meant to be in the client accidentally being released, assuming its an accident due to the lack of any other texture pieces for the ship.)

Discovered by myself, Shipmaster_Crook.

New WoT Mod: Arty Aim Location

DISCLAIMER: The legality of the mod is still unknown (considering it’s WG, we will have to wait for a year or two).

A new mod has arrived a few days ago. Basically it made a sandbox feature available on the current patch. The mod will display the exact location where allied arty is aiming, which is quite useful. Ths might be a cheat, and I posted it here in the hope that WG gets aware of it or that they would include it in the game, hopefully.

Get it here: