August Prime Gaming: The Gunslinger Bundle – Info

This is the complete content of the new Prime Gaming Pack.

Rental tanks:

-10-day rental of the IS-2M, a Soviet Tier VII heavy tank, available for purchase in the Premium Shop with a 20% discount;
-10 Day Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC, a British Tier VIII medium tank, available for purchase in the Premium Shop at a 15% discount;
-10-day rental of a 50TP prototype, Polish Tier VIII heavy tank, available for purchase in the Premium Shop with a 15% discount;
-A 10-day rental of the T26E4 SuperPershing, an American Tier VIII medium tank, available for purchase in the Premium Shop at a 15% discount.

Jonny Bingo CommanderAh, it’s here again. Another day, another poor soul, another few coins in my pocket. Everyone wants to challenge the gunslinger. Everyone wants to be the best. Look into my eyes – you are doomed, boy. Turn around and go home while you can. Hmm, I thought so. It’s your decision. One step, two steps, three steps … Draw your gun!

“Draw your gun!” Medal – Unique medal bundled with Prime Gaming.

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WoT: Everything About The Account Transfer

Important: The information provided is current.
When changes and additions appear, they will be marked separately with the date they were added to the document.

Account transfer basics

A new account is being created in the EU region, to which your progress in all Wargaming projects will be transferred.
The old account in all projects in the CIS region will be blocked and put on deletion.
In the RU-region, you can continue the game on the account of the CIS-region.
Game values ​​and statistics
All game values ​​are transferred to the new EU account except for:
1) M4A2E4 Sherman – compensation will be 1500 gold;
2) all cosmetic items tied to the M4A2E4 Sherman – compensation will be equal to the purchase price in gold;
3) T-44-100 (I) – compensation is not provided.
Also note that ~100 different items of in-game property will be adapted in whole or in part (for example, the appearance of crew members and / or their voice acting, styles, emblems, decals, inscriptions, etc.) can be changed.
Game statistics may be partially unavailable for some time periods.
All game values ​​are transferred in full.
Game statistics will be preserved in full.

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WoT: Transfer Opportunities for Players from CIS to the EU Realm (New EU3/EU4 Servers!)

Source: EU Portal

In April’s operations update, it was announced that Wargaming’s entire live games business in Russia and Belarus, including World of Tanks, had been transferred to Lesta Games.

Since then, Wargaming and Lesta Games managed to achieve complete structural and financial separation. Live products are now operated and monetized by two independent companies that do not share any revenue: Lesta Games in Russia and Belarus, and Wargaming in all other countries.

The two companies will continue to work together to carry out the following next steps in this process: the creation of a separate game client under Lesta Games, a new name and logo for players in Russia and Belarus, and the start of account transfers.

Every currently registered player on the CIS realm will have to decide between:

  • a transfer to the EU region operated by Wargaming;
  • or to the Lesta Games servers.

Important: All payment methods from Lesta Games (RU region) will only be available to players from the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus. Players from other countries will only be able to make payments to Wargaming.

Account transfers are going to start in September, and transferred players will immediately be able to experience the same specials, benefits, and services that existing EU players already have access to. The EU World of Tanks portal and player support portal will be available in two additional languages, Ukrainian and Russian, and dedicated community channels will be created. The game client will receive language support for Ukrainian, Russian, and Kazakh. These languages are being added as they represent the most commonly spoken languages in the CIS realm.

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