Complete Interactive Swiss Tree Proposal

Developed by Mizutayio in collaboration with the creator of the Czechoslovak tree proposal (that you might remember from a year ago).

There it is:

Includes an armored car branch, SPG, TD, LT branches. Overall it is pretty nice.


July 27 – Incoming Micropatch

On July 27, from 6:00 to 6:45 (GMT) the servers will be unavailable in connection with the release of a small update. In this update:

– Fixed a bug where after completing the training grounds, in some cases, statistics would be reset in the main hangar.
Now, if “pre-battle instructions” included auto-refill of equipment, in the “battle results” its value is displayed correctly.
– Fixed some technical problems.

Veider is back

A year ago, Murazor joined Wargaming as head of balancing department. This position was earlier occupied by Stanislav “Veider” Kargin. And now Veider returns. This was confirmed last weekend. However, not to WoT, but this time to WoWS. He will be working at Lesta as part of a team focusing on various game modes – PvE and others.

Top Grossing Titles in June 2017

SuperData (a company engaged in the monitoring and study of the market of video games) has provided monthly statistics on the most profitable games in June 2017. World of Tanks again, loses 1 place (7 to 8), compared with the previous month. PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds is for the first time ahead of WoT.