WoT Grand Finals Q&A – Part 2

Thanks to Vlad for translating!

– HD maps will come all at once, we cannot keep 2 renders in the game;
– There are plans to give the French TD’s an autoloader from tier 8 upwards;
– SU-76I will never be sold, not even for 3 hours ;) It has to be nerfed;
– Wheeled vehicles might appear in the game, we’re digging in the archives;
– There are plans for new fun modes;
– Post-battle player evaluation/rating will come if testing is successful and the players like it;
– Light tanks are not imbalanced. We’re looking at the statistics, they’re performing normally;
– There will be a new season of personal missions, the previous will not disappear;
– We’re not planning to return platoons with tier differences;


WoT Grand Finals Q&A

Thanks to Vlad for translating.

– “Defender” will not be sold again for quite some time;
– An anti-cheat system is being developed which allows for mods to identify themselves, testing should start in autumn;
– No new maps. There are ideas, but the whole team is currently occupied with HD maps;
– There will be a new camouflage system which will be more diverse. We’re currently working on the interface, no deadlines yet;
– The Foch branch will be reworked, it’s bad from tier 8 upwards;
– Amount of arty in battles is lowering;
– No plans at all for T-22 medium;
– Chinese server will receive an exclusive crew “Peking opera”;
– Personal missions will change in accordance with statistics collected after introduction of the new MM;
– There are some problems with Maus and Type 5 Heavy, they’ll be fixed in the next few patches;
– We won’t remove preferential MM from the tanks that have it;
– There will be a possibility to use nicknames of inactive players;
– Malinovka will not be removed;

New author wants to say hi

Hello, I am new author here! I am Leggasiini and I am very excited to join The Armored Patrol’s crew after being a long-time reader and fan. I will post mostly WoT related things, such as new line proposals or rework proposals to existing lines.

I have already plans of writing about many problems of Japanese heavies and how the line would be reworked and fixed, as well as three part proposal of Japanese tank destroyer line.

Hopefully you can accept me…please? :^)

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Frontline: Epic Normandy Test Wrap-up

Source: Sandbox Portal

After crawling out from under the deluge of data we collected, we’re extremely excited to brief you on the results of the Frontline test. Its massive battles with double-sized teams, respawns and resupplying really clicked with everyone. We’re pleased with what we’ve seen and will continue working on Frontline together with you. All the feedback and associated stats also helped us identify elements that require revision and/or improvement.

Before we get into details, we’d like to thank those who joined us on the server, poured hours into playtesting the new mode, and supplied the devs with substantial feedback. We are always listening and absorbing the data as we think about our next steps! Now that we have time to sit down and share them with you, let’s get to it.

What worked well

The completely new experience this mode presents ensured there’s never a dull moment! That’s right; the sheer scope of intense action you get when 60 vehicles cross paths on a 9km2 arena resonated with the Sandbox community, offering a much-desired change of pace from Random Battles. Those who were there will back us up and say the mode brings quick-fire decision making to the forefront with its long-distance shootouts, fierce short-range encounters, and positional fire.

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