Meanwhile on WT Portal…

Here you can see how the WT community managers treat players with differing opinions:

They could be more polite, don’t you think? Because we live in 2017.

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More FV217 Swap Details

In addition to the previously known information, there are more surprises:

1. The ammunition was changed from 12 to 20 shells.
2. And most importantly, WG will train the Fv215b (183) crew members to the new tank too. Since the FV217 has one more crew member, an extra radio operator will be added, trained to 100 percent.

The stagnation of World of Tanks


World of Tanks has been one of the biggest free-to-play games in the world since its 2010 release on a Russian server, and subsequent 2011 inauguration throughout Europe and North America. It remains a juggernaut of gaming today, even if the past two years have been less than kind.

The current situation for World of Tanks is not all bad. Player numbers in the Russian Cluster are huge and the game has a healthy following in all other regions, including the EU. However, growth has stagnated, and some regions have even shown declining numbers. Today I’m going to go over some of the old issues plaguing the game, which likely account for some of its current problems.

The Tutorial problem

The first major issue, which applies mainly to new gamers, is the lack of an in-depth tutorial. The basic one that is offered introduces some of the main mechanics of the game, but it’s barely enough to cover the advanced tactics needed to win firefights against armored opponents, let alone brief players on reading the map or scouting.

Now make no mistake – a long and in-depth tutorial may bore players as well as slightly reduce the enjoyment of learning more advanced moves (such as side scraping and reverse side scraping) on the battlefield, by yourself or by watching others.

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