1.3: French Wheeled Tech Tree

This is not the official look of the tech tree, but only the speculation of the line made by Wotclue based on the 1.3 update.


Version 1.3 – changes in tech trees

The latest update includes cosmetic changes in tech trees:

  • The French tech tree has been optimized to fit the line of wheeled vehicles;
  • In the British tech tree, the Super Conqueror and FV217 Badger lines have been reordered. In addition, the transition from Matilda to Crusader was added;
  • Countries’ flags were compressed and better distributed;
  • All the first tiers in the trees have been properly centered.

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Data: Looking for some ideas for future articles

Hi folks,

I’m looking for some ideas for future data related articles. Obviously the data needs to be available, but I can analyze basically everything in a graph, chart, or anything of various types.

Some ideas are other things from Vbaddict, Wotcharts.Eu, Wotlabs, etc or other WOT websites.

If anyone has any ideas or wants to see something you can put in the comments or find me on TAP Discord as Motoko.

I GUESS I could do WOWS stuff, but I don’t play that game. Data is data though, so it doesn’t matter what it’s for.




Secret wagon mission: day 2

During the event named “The great train robbery “, we came across a set of secret missions that appear randomly and give you one day to gain additional loot. Yesterday, a premium account day was available and today it is an additional reserves, credits and bonds mission:
Secret wagon: day 2.


  •  1 Personal reserve: + 50% PD for 1 hour
  •  25,000
  • 💵  25


  • Destroy a total of four tanks in any number of battles.
  • Be in the top ten of your team in terms of acquired base XP.


  • You must first complete the “Additional help” mission.
  • Available once per account.
  • Only random battles.
  • Only vehicles of IV-X tiers.

Version 1.3 – 🇨🇳M41D

The M41D , the Chinese Bulldog variant, arrived to the update 1.3 game files. It will be a light Tier VIII premium tank. When it comes to statistics, it will be close to the original, the main differences are a slightly better cannon, acceleration and shorter view range.

Consequently, the vehicle will be similar to other Chinese light tanks, offering slightly more firepower in place of mobility or view range.

The model is also finished. Which means you should expect it in the premium store soon…