RNG Unleashed #5 : Seeing double


Werewolves vs Vampires Sneak-peek


Hey guys!

As you know we have a pretty cool Halloween event going on in the game at the moment (more info here) However, since this is a separate game mode we also wanted to give you something entertaining in Randoms. So we did a bit of brainstorming, involved our art team, video team, live operations team etc and reached out to two of our popular contributors to create a nice little event for you for next week. Usually you only learn about these things after the fact, but this time I wanted to let you guys in on some of the details a bit earlier. Let’s see how it goes!

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Supertest News – Two Shades of Kharkov

Hi tankers!

Today we’re starting the Supertest of two modified Kharkov map prototypes. Both have their playable parts enlarged, and this should make the map more enjoyable to play on vehicles of every class and tier.

The Supertest versions differ in both city and open parts.

One version has less passages and shoot-throughs in the city area. These changes are to facilitate navigation and make the zone for heavily armored brawlers more pronounced. The open part was enlarged here. It has more cover and shoot-throughs.

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