WoWS Q&A – 26th June 2017

Thanks to Babykim (EU), for translating.

A somewhat dated rumor and news digest by a Russian video-blogger getfun:


1. WG has closed their headquarters in London. CEO Victor Kislyi called this a technical measure. He also refuted the claim that the lion share of the WG turnover comes from World of Tanks, mentioning that World of WShips has been among the top 10 profitable online games, and World of Tanks Blitz still remains more profitable than similar online games.

2. WG plans to port World of Warships to other gaming platforms (X-Box?).

3. The operations are quite popular, with about 14 percent of all games played on the RU cluster since the release of this game mode. This game mode is even more popular on the EU and NA servers. But note the smaller number of players is smaller than in a random battle.

4. These was a forum event on the RU server, in which the developer Tarki_Tau has shared the concept of a global map for World of Warships. The feedback has been so negative that quite possibly a global map will not be forthcoming this year.

5. The event with the Russian premium battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya as a reward will start in July. The ship will be sold in shop after the event.


Mobile WG Login App Now Available

„Wargaming Auth is an extra layer of security for your ID. Designed to better protect your account from theft or hacking, it generates temporary codes used during the two-step verification process. This way, hackers have no chance at illegally accessing your hard-earned tanks, warships, and warplanes, even if they know your password.

Free, Simple and Convenient

Wargaming Auth adds a layer of security to your account at no additional cost. It doesn’t require the use of additional security keys or smartcards, which can be lost. Instead, all you have to do is install an app on your smartphone and link it to your gaming account.

Multi-Layered, Reliable Defense

Passwords on their own aren’t as infallible as we need them to be. With Wargaming Auth, the second security factor, a 6-digit timed code is generated on a personal device and changes every 30 seconds, which drastically reduces a hacker’s chance at illegally accessing your account.

How it Works:

• Step 1: On the Account Management page, enable the two-factor authentication method.
• Step 2: Install Wargaming Auth, activate it by scanning the barcode, and finish the operation by entering the confirmation code.
• Step 3: When you want to log in to your account, type the password and confirm your identity by entering the current 6-digit security code displayed on the Wargaming Auth screen.”

Google Play link

iTunes Link

WZ-120G FT Spotted on ASIA

(PS: Tomorrow I have the biggest exam, and as I announced in April I will resume normal blog operations starting with 1st July. Please excuse my absence that caused inactivity yesterday)

Sent to the TAP mail:

I – Lee Shawran, player from Asia Server, accidentally found that this tank was in my match, I didn’t know what happened but the player who controlled that tank died so soon.

War Thunder – Fletcher Class Destroyer

Introduced in the early 1940s and serving well after WW2 with other nations, few ships ever managed to gain such an iconic status during their operational service as the US Fletcher class destroyer. Instantly recognizable to most fans of military history, this naval legend is ready to be deployed in one of the upcoming naval testing sessions to once more change the tide of battle. Continue reading “War Thunder – Fletcher Class Destroyer”