24 May: World of Tanks 1.0.1_6 Micropatch

NA (no info for the other servers yet):

Micropatch will be applied at:

World of Tanks NA – 04:00 AM (Central Time) May 24th, 2018

• Fixed the issue when the vehicle tier icon disappeared in the Frontline mode when selecting another vehicle in the Garage.
• Fixed the issue related to improper display of textures on some objects in the Frontline mode.
• Fixed some technical issues.

Downtime: is planned about 45 minutes

Planned restarts on this day will be cancelled.


Murazor Demoted from Balance Dept.

Apparently Murazor has been demoted from the WoT Balance Department and will now work as Slava Makarov’s consultant of R&D (however will be a subordinate to Slava). The balance department is led by Yuriy Filipovskiy who is quoted in WG clips as “Lead Balance Designer”.


Rumor has it that Murazor’s stance to the community (as an example; see his latest Q&A) was not appreciated by Wargaming, which led to this decision.

Murazor has made himself famous with statements like:  “Heavies shouldn’t be able to be penned frontally”.

Let’s hope that no future Obj 268 V4s will be allowed into the game!


Straight Outta Supertest: Ruinberg Changes

Today, the developers present the proposed changes on the Ruinberg map, which already went to the Supertest. In general, some changes have been made to make it more playable, and many of them concern open space.

The open part of the map has been heavily changed – some buildings have been moved or removed, and the locations of several individual elements of the environment have been changed so as to increase the chances of effective firing. These changes should facilitate cooperation between the open and built-up part of the map.

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Wot Supertest – KV-5 Changes

All the changes in a condensed form.


Changed the standard ammo penetration from 167 mm to 218 mm
Changed the premium ammo penetration from 219 to 243 mm
Changed the alpha damage from 300 to 330
Changed the DPM from 2190 to 2429.2
Decreased the reload time from 8.219 s to 8.151 s
Changed the RPM from 7.30 to 7.311
Changed the accuracy from 0.416 to 0.412
Reduced the aim time from 2.74 s to 2.68 s


Lower front plate increased from 210 to 220 mm
Loader turret thickness increased from 150 to 190 mm
Radio-operator turret thickness increased from 180 to 200 mm
Driver turret thickness increased from 150 to 200 mm
The overall front thickness of the main turret will be 220 mm
Main turret side armor decreased from 180 to 150 mm
Main turret back armor decreased from 180 to 120 mm
Rear hull armor (upper part) decreased from 145 to 95 mm
Rear hull armor (lower part) decreased from 243 to 93 mm


Changed the shell cost to damage ratio from 0.9 to 0.818
Matchmaking increased to X tier