Steel Hunter: Reborn: Prepare for New Levels of Excitement!

Source: EU Portal

Get ready to prove once again that you’re the best of the best in our updated battle royale mode, Commanders!

Steel Hunter: Reborn is the latest revamp of the classic Steel Hunter mode you know and love. Running from June 12 through June 26, it features many gameplay experiments designed to make your experience more enjoyable. It’s still an adrenaline-fueled race for survival, but the rules are noticeably simpler. Check it out!

Steel Hunter: Reborn is a kind of training ground where familiar mechanics work slightly… differently! At this desert battle royale bootcamp, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Jumping back into the action if your vehicle is destroyed in the first few minutes of battle
  • Reviving your Platoonmates
  • Fighting Marauders, AI-driven enemies with unique behaviors
  • Playing against opponents close to your battle results in Steel Hunter: Reborn thanks to new matchmaking rules that will take your performance in the mode into account
  • Earning Battle Pass Points and other useful in-game rewards

Steel Hunter: Reborn will have a brand-new, vibrant soundtrack to instantly immerse you in the frantic atmosphere of a demolition derby. Just listen to these high-energy tunes!

Get ready for enjoyable gameplay and new levels of excitement, Commanders!

WoWS: Balance Changes – Public Test 12.5

We’re applying balance changes to Italian ships, German destroyers, Japanese cruisers, and a number of other ships, as well as to the Smoke Generator Modification 1 upgrade and the X-Ray Papa Unaone signal.

Smoke Generator Modification 1 Upgrade:

  • Action time bonus reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • Removed the -5% penalty to smoke dispersal time.
  • The upgrade is now available for Tier V-X ships using the Exhaust ​​Smoke Generator consumable.

X-Ray Papa Unaone Signal:

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WoT: Night Map Leaks

The very first test of night maps will take place in the Arcade Cabinet game mode. But further tests can be in any mode.

“Night is no reason to stop fighting. In the dark, surveillance devices and radio devices work worse, and it is much more difficult to detect a hidden enemy than in daylight. Of course, if he does not give himself away, when from the tension he starts firing at everything that moves.

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WoT 1.21: Projekt Kpz. 07P(E) Changes

Project Kpz. 07P(E) (Germany, Tier-10, HT, promotional)

07_6 06_7 08_6 05_8 03_7 02_7 01_9 04_8

Reload Time: 11.22 9.11 sec
Aim Time: 1.73 1.92 sec
Average damage: 460 410 /460 410 /640 525
Average damage per minute: 2460 2701
Rate of Fire: 5.35 6.59
Accuracy at 100m: 0.33 0.32

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