WoWS Info – 16th October 2017

ST, Pan-Asian destroyers

All of the upgradable destroyers had their smoke screens changed. The stats are now equal for all the tiers.

Set up time – 40 seconds;…
Active time – 60 seconds;
Reload – 90 seconds for standard и 60 for premium equipment;
Charges – 4 for standard and 5 for premium equipment.

Decreased reload time lets these destroyer captains use the smoke screens to efficiently retreat in case of unsuccessful combat with an enemy destroyer. Also, there is a possibility to conceal one’s ship while firing at the enemy. As a part of our balancing effort we decreased the active time for the smoke, increased the set up time and decreased the overall number of charges.

Update 0.6.12

New standard camouflage – Type “59”:
Reduces ship detectability by 3%;
Decreases the firing accuracy of the enemy by 4%;…
Increases the amount of XP earned per battle by 200%;
Cost: 125 Doubloons.


ST, Pan-Asian destroyers

Following destroyers had their torpedo stats changed:

LongJiang Tier II – torpedo range is increased to 8400 m (from 5010), detectability is increased to 1.1 (from 0.6);
Phra Ruang Tier III- torpedo range is increased to 7320 m (from 5010), velocity decreased by 1 knot (now 51 from 52), detectability increased to 1.1 (from 0.7);
ShenYang Tier IV -torpedo range is increased to 6390м (from 5490), velocity is increased by 1 knot (to 51 from 52), detectability increased to 1.1 (from 0.7).

These changes are designed to increase the chance to hit a battleship with torpedoes and appropriately decrease efficiency against cruisers.

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Clan Battles: Season 1 Imminent!

Source: Portal

We recently told you that the first season of Clan Battles kicks off with the release of Update 0.6.12 next week. During Season 1, Clan Battles will be fought at Tier X. We’re using the 7v7 format, with each team having only one battleship, and no carriers.

When the season starts, any player that has played a Random or Clan Battle with a Tier VIII-X ship after Update 0.6.12 goes live, will get a set of three special Tier X ships for temporary use: Japanese cruiser Zao, Japanese destroyer Shimakaze, and German battleship Großer Kurfürst. In Update 0.6.13: German cruiser Hindenburg, Soviet destroyer Grozovoi, and U.S. battleship Montana. In Update 0.6.14: Soviet cruiser Moskva, U.S. destroyer Gearing, and Japanese battleship Yamato.

Subtitles in our supported languages are also available by clicking on the icon in the bottom-right corner.

Clan Leagues

Season 1 of Clan Battles will last for three updates (nine weeks), from Update 0.6.12 to Update 0.6.15.

Clan Battles will be available during Prime Time only.

Prime Time occurs only on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at the following times – displayed in CEST (UTC+2):

  • EU:  19:00 – 22:00

There will be four main leagues in the Clan Rating system, each divided into three groups.

  • Squall League (the starting league)
  • Gale League
  • Storm League
  • Typhoon League (the top league)

The names of the leagues are inspired by the sea, and convey the atmosphere of the rough ocean waters. The names of the leagues as you move along denote worsening weather at sea, just like the growing heat of battles when moving from one league to the next.

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WG Opens New Mobile Studio in Moscow

In less than 19 years of WG’s existence, Wargaming opens a mobile studio in Moscow.

Official announcement:

Wargaming Moscow

Continuing its advance into the mobile sector, we are proud to announce the opening of a development studio in Moscow, one of the most prominent mobile game development hubs around the globe.

Wargaming Moscow is to be headed by Andrey Zimenko, an experienced professional with a 13 years’ track record in game development. His previous jobs include overseeing mobile publishing in Wargaming Alliance and leading a mobile development studio in Mail.Ru.

💬 “Moscow is one of the most significant centers for mobile gamedev in the world so we had to establish a presence here,” says Andrey Zimenko. “Our main objective for now is building a strong team capable of achieving the most ambitious goals. We welcome mobile game development professionals to join our ranks and share their most daring ideas with us.”

Once its roster is complete, Wargaming Moscow will embark on developing mid-range titles for mobile platforms.

Wargaming Moscow invites all talented, energetic and committed developers with mobile background to join the new team. Use your chance to become part of Wargaming Mobile and contribute to outstanding gaming projects!

Earlier, similar mobile studios were opened in cities such as Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague and Helsinki.

WoT Jewelry Coming Soon

RU only for now, unfortunately.

Lazurit-D, a manufacturer of silver and gold products, will present the official jewelry collection in military style for fans of the World of Tanks game.

💍 This week in the official licensed store of Wargaming (  the jewelry collection of World of Tanks should appear.
The manufacturer is the company “Lazurit-D”. Ads were seen since last week. The products are made under the license of Wargaming. The prices for the goods are ranging from 2510 to 5200 rubles. The WoT team never stops surprising us, this year alone we have seen a lot of new products in the World of Tanks style.

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