WoWS: Improvements to island collision mechanics – Closed testing

In the near future, we will begin testing some improvements aimed at solving the occasional issue of ships getting stuck on or near islands.

The changes being tested involve updating the collision model of islands to exactly match their shorelines as visible from above water. This will put a stop to situations in which a ship passing near an island could get stuck in place and lose the ability to properly maneuver, even when there was no apparent visual contact between the ship and the land.

With the changes implemented, ships that come too close to land will “slip” away from it, thereby helping them to continue moving freely. If, however, a ship crashes bow-first into an island, it will still need to use the reverse gear to break free.

The map “Hotspot” has been updated to test these changes. If successful, we will gradually begin implementing the technique to all maps in the game.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary.

WoT: Experimental Equipment Stats Revised, Giveaway to Resume February 8

Stats Changes

The purpose of introducing Experimental Equipment into the game is to give you more options to fine-tune your vehicles. No single tank configuration is perfect, but Experimental Equipment can help you find the one that suits your playstyle by allowing you to prioritize different stats.

Efficiency-wise, Experimental Equipment at Upgrade Level III should be well below Improved Equipment and just above Bounty Equipment. According to the data, it performed above our projections and we have modified its parameters accordingly, as shown in the table below.

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World of Tanks And Its Strange Community

The notorious “Free2Play” game based around “iconic” WW2/Post War tanks has one of the most questionable online community which is being scammed with the most straightforward marketing tricks.

Through the years WG got away with almost everything they wanted to. The newest marketing trick that WG started to use is the “Fear of Missing Out” technique. Simply releasing a tank in limited quantity/in loot boxes for a limited time is enough for the entire community to waste all of their resources/money on it. In most cases, players are willing to waste all of their in-game currency for a single tank.

The people who are buying “exclusive & limited” content are the ones who are constantly complaining about the wrong direction WG took many years ago.

After releasing broken tier8/tier9 premium tanks it’s easy to notice that WG can get away with everything because the playerbase will continue purchasing every single new addition no matter what.

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