Supertest News – Two Shades of Kharkov

Hi tankers!

Today we’re starting the Supertest of two modified Kharkov map prototypes. Both have their playable parts enlarged, and this should make the map more enjoyable to play on vehicles of every class and tier.

The Supertest versions differ in both city and open parts.

One version has less passages and shoot-throughs in the city area. These changes are to facilitate navigation and make the zone for heavily armored brawlers more pronounced. The open part was enlarged here. It has more cover and shoot-throughs.

The second prototype is closer to the original in the city. The amount of passages is almost the same save for the central square. The open part of the map has a varied landscape: flat parts good for sniping, and hills suitable for active spotting and gun-depression-based play.

The prototypes’ eventual fate will be decided by test results and your feedback. Follow the news and best of luck in every battle!

0 thoughts on “Supertest News – Two Shades of Kharkov

  1. I’m hoping for the first one. The city was mostly annoying to play and need changes. I also like the idea of a enlarged open area for others classes. Just don’t make it campy like on the Paris map (which also should go through massive changes)

    1. How can you say, that Paris is campy ? Well, its not the best map, but at least Heavy and Medium tanks can play there, without getting shit on by arta. Large open fields makes the game unplayable for slow tanks. But then again, the only reason why open fields make the game unplayable is arta so.. maybe removing arta or limiting it to 1 per team would solve the map issues as well.

      1. Campy on the. Light/medium/td/arty side of the map. It’s just my experience and yours may be better. When it comes to heavy slow heavy tanks in general, you have my support. =)

  2. Need info of elevation and other details to judge, but the city part of #1 looks like absolute pile of dung minimap-wise (what’s with that almost closed city blocks?). #2 looks decent especially if it was given elevation in east corners and west works like muravanka west side. Also looks like there will be a trench connecting both bases like that removed snow soviet map.

  3. The 2nd one looks a lot more interesting gameplaywise with much more options for every class of vehicles. The 1st one just seems simplified and boring with no options and preprogrammed stalemate, with no advanced positions to push up to and put pressure on the enemy.

  4. The second one is far better, it only needs one thing: HOLES IN THE DAMN WALL. You don’t cut the map in half with a fucking wall.

    1. DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS. It’s not a wall, just a trench with some fortifications, my bad. Still I think you should be able to actually cross the trench in a couple of places at least.

  5. I don’t like maps at all they are all crap,short,corridors and valleys,lack tactics,you cannot retreat or hide,to many rocks,crap city maps etc.

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