WoT – Dev Q&A 22.08.2017

A short Q&A session with the well-known Anton Pankov.

On Chinese tank destroyers:

  • As you may remember, the Chinese TD branch was planned only for the CN server. It appeared in other regions only because of the players requesting them. We don’t plan any changes now, but we will track their stats, both in China and ‘here’. The only difference is that the CN server has a Tier IX premium TD, while the other regions have only a Tier VIII.

On the CN server itself:

  • The whole ‘uniqueness’ of the CN server stems from the traits and way of managing of games in China. World of tanks is run by a Chinese partner company, which often asks us for specific content. Without special treatment, ‘tanks’ wouldn’t be as popular in China as they are now. The Waffentrager E-100 will be an expensive Tier X tank, used in a loyalty program in China. We’re aware that the wave of hate which would fall on us wouldn’t let us profit from such an expensive tank.  Meanwhile, for the Chinese it’s normal. If we introduced a VIP premium account with golden nicknames and a concierge service (which we won’t), the Chinese players would be satisfied.

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Gamescom News #1

-Trailer (shows pieces of 2 HD maps, possible new unique premium tanks, and camouflages, in the cringiest manner possible):

-World of Tanks at the Microsoft conference:

WoT will acquire support for 4K resolution on Xbox One X. The launch of World of Tanks on the new console from Microsoft will be held on November 7.