WoT 1.6 – All new customization items

New number styles for your custom 3 number combinations + new addition of 2 number combinations.


New decalsKhDizwlgVAk


WoT Supertest – New Minsk changes

On July 8th, the regular changes for the “Minsk” map came out on Supertest, two options at once: Minsk_exp3 and Minsk_exp4. Very soon, Minsk will beat the record by the number of alterations at the supertest.

In theory, already in the next patch the new changes should go into release.
In this version 4 new changes were added:

• The northern base has a new structure, which should balance the position of the circus and increase the variety of gameplay in this part of the location.
• In the upper left corner, the position for the tank destroyers will be revised – the number of bushes will be reduced, and a small hill will be added to cover the fire.
• In the central part of the map, small elevations will be added, which should increase the survival of light tanks in this area. Cosmetic, but an important change – the number of objects that make it difficult to shoot at long distances will decrease – for example, a part of the white fence along the avenue has been removed.
• In the western part of the map, the circus area, the layout of the houses has been completely redesigned: the yards will become more spacious and convenient for fighting.


World of Tanks 1.6 – new hidden customization features


In patch 1.6 the developers secretly added two-digit numbers to customization. However, the feature itself is hidden and is also missing in the full patch note description. There are 2 fonts to choose from:

• Two-digit number “Two-digit black”
• Two-digit number “Two-digit handwritten”

There are also blocked (as was the case with three-digit numbers) combinations of numbers: 00 14 18 28 64 88 0


WoT EU – Join the World of Tanks Summer Camp (And try to win a secret tier 8 premium!)


There are only a few better places to spend your summer than a proper camp, surrounded by nature. Awesome activities such as canoeing or archery and telling scary stories at the campfire are a couple of things that made these camps so unforgettable. So let’s have our very own World of Tanks Summer Camp from 25 to 29 July. There are plenty of activities to choose from – get ready for a fun time and win great prizes along the way!

What do we have in stock for you?

A tournament: Group up with your buddies or complete strangers, give your team a fitting Summer Camp name, and take on other campers in 10 vs. 10 battles. The top teams win amazing prizes and the chance to defeat the Summer Camp team. Don’t think for a second it’ll be a walk in the park though, these guys did their homework! Those who beat them, walk home with a very special prize indeed. Continue reading “WoT EU – Join the World of Tanks Summer Camp (And try to win a secret tier 8 premium!)”

WoT EU – Summer Sales: Last Offers


Our Summer Sales are coming to an end. But from 20 July at 07:00 CEST to 22 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) you still have the opportunity to add great tanks to your garage through two different bundles. Here, these are the last vehicles we selected for you:

  • VIII T34  – a strong puncher with a tough turret
  • VIII T-54 first prototype  – a versatile medium
  • VIII VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher  – a mobile bunker with a story
  • VIII Chrysler K  – an American wall of steel
  • VIII leKpz M 41 90 mm  – an aggressive light tank
  • VI Pudel  – a Panther fighting for Poland

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Wargaming ceases to support Windows XP & Vista Operating Systems

Official statement:

We inform you that since July 25, 2019, Wargaming (completely, comprehensively) ceases to support Windows XP and Windows Vista. To continue using the company’s products, you need to install a more modern operating system. If you cannot upgrade Windows XP online, you can use the temporary alternative method to start and update World of Tanks.

How to continue playing on Windows XP –

How to play on Windows XP

We have stopped official support for Windows XP. However, we want users who do not have the technical ability to install a more modern operating system to continue to play World of Tanks.

To run the game on a computer running Windows XP, follow the instructions:

Download the RestoreLauncher app.

Close Game Center.

Unpack the application to the game folder (for example, D: \ Games \ World_of_Tanks).

Run the application.

When the installation is complete, an alternative launcher will start.

Now you can play World of Tanks on Windows XP.

WoT NA – Independence for Colombia: x2 Crew XP Weekend & More

Independence Madness rolls on with three missions for Colombia! Plus, it’s the weekend and that time of month to give props to those who run the machines — your Crew — so show them a little love by doubling their XP! You can also earn other goodies in Supply Raid Missions for specific vehicle Tiers — use the two redemption codes and go to it!

Independence for Colombia Missions

MISSIONS BEGIN: Friday, July 19, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
MISSIONS END: Monday, July 22, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET

Important — to activate the following missions, please use the following redemption code:



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