WoT EU: Trade-In

Also available on ASIA.

Time remaining
13 d. | 22 : 59 : 35

New Year = New Premium Vehicles! The popular Trade-In Event is back to kick off 2021! Playstyles changed, new nations become more popular, or you just outgrew your old favorite—there are plenty of reasons why a tank might be collecting dust in your Garage. This is your chance to exchange old and long-forgotten Premium vehicles for fresh new toys to conquer the battlefields.

From January 18 at 06:00 CET through February 1 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1), you can trade in Premium vehicles in your collection for great discounts on brand new ones.

Trade-In: Eligibility

The general rule is as follows: You can trade in any Premium vehicle of Tier VI–VIII when buying a new Premium vehicle of the same tier or higher that is available in the Tech Tree. It is only possible to trade in one vehicle at a time. When trading in, half of your old tank’s value in gold will be subtracted from the price of the vehicle you’re buying.

Vehicles available for purchase:

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So What is Up With This Thing?

114 SP 2 (Unfinished model)
     Is this an SPG? No. Is it a new heavy tank? No. Is it a clan wars reward tank? How many of those do they need to have anyway? No, this is the new TD everyone has been talking about recently the 114 SP 2. It is a Chinese BC 155 58 combined with a Borrasque and knockoff Russian bias. (Minus the clip) Why Wargaming felt the need for a mini FV4005 I do not know.

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Order of War: Test the New Game Event! [Sandbox]

On January 21, the testing of the experimental Order of War game event will start on the Sandbox server. This is a brand-new activity in World of Tanks, and we are very much looking forward to hearing your opinion about it. We’re still fine-tuning the event’s concept and polishing its mechanics, which is why we need player feedback, impressions, and suggestions. With your help, we’d like to understand what the future holds for this experiment in order to identify its prospects.

In Order of War, two teams battle in Tier X vehicles. Seven tankers must destroy the strategist’s vehicles or capture their base. They will be opposed by one player—the strategist—who needs to destroy all of the tankers’ vehicles or capture their base to win. The strategist controls a unit of allied vehicles directly, with the help of AI.

Join the test!

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Supertest: 🇨🇳 114 SP2 (More Complete Stats)

https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/germany.png 114 SP2. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Tier: TD-10, China, special
HP: 2 000
Engine: 980 hp
Mass: 63,0 t
Maximum load: 65,0 t
Power-to-weight: 15,56 hp / t
Max speed / Reverse speed: 45 / – 15 km / h
Hull turning speed: 31,29 °/s
Turret turning speed: 18,77 °/s
Maximum turret rotation angle: 360 °
Terrain resistance values: — / — / —
View range: 390 m
Radio range: 720 m

Hull armor: 75 / 75 / 50 mm
Turret armor: 135 / 75 / 50 mm

Gun: 152 mm GM-45

Alpha Damage: 650 / 650 / 950
Penetration: 273 / 329 / 90 mm
Rate of fire: 3,77 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 450
Reload time: 15,92 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,34
Aiming time: 2,21 s
Depression/Elevation: -7 ° / +20 °

Rounds in ammo rack: 35 rounds.

Crew – 5 members: Commander, Driver, Gunner and 2x Loaders.

Camouflage Values:

Camouflage of the stationary vehicle: 16.87 / 2.28% (for the stationary vehicle / for the stationary vehicle after firing a shot);
Camouflage of the vehicle during motion: 10.09 / 1.36% (for the moving vehicle / for the moving vehicle after firing a shot).