WoT: Take the Frontline Challenge!

Available from November 25 at 7:00 CET through November 28 at 03:00 CET (UTC+1)

The objective is simple: Register via the button below, roll out in your selected Tier VIII vehicles, and earn as much XP as possible. The top 50 players by XP will receive the Frontline three-tone 2D style, and the best five XP earners will additionally get the Kampfgruppe Schneide 3D style (exclusive to the Tiger II).


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WoT: Version 1.19 Release Dates

Release dates (by region):
ASIA: Monday, November 28
NA: Tuesday, November 29
RU: Wednesday, November 30
EU: Wednesday, November 30

Before the update:
• Collect your Battle Pass Season 9 rewards (get 1 Bounty Equipment, spend Season Points, etc.)
• Spend all of the 2021 Well-Deserved Reward Tokens.

New mod directories: ./mods/ and ./res_mods/