Object 703 Version II: Gun Marks Pictures


WoT EU – FV1066 Senlac for Sale



Inspired by the army gathered by Harold Godwinson on the Senlac Hill before the famous Battle of Hastings, where the Brits bravely fought William the Conqueror, the FV1066 Senlac is a tenacious opponent, as mentioned in our guide.

This brand-new British Tier VIII light tank features a rear-mounted oscillating turret, supported by a super-fast chassis with great top and reverse speed. At the beginning of the battle, scout ahead and get more aggressive as battlefield unfolds its secrets. You can count on good armour penetration, a decent stabilisation and short aiming time for that.

Moreover, if you’re lucky enough to intercept lightly armoured vehicles, use your devastating HE shells! With 280 points of damage, 90 mm of penetration and a nice velocity of 1,020 meters per second, these rounds are particularly nasty when used correctly.

Try out all these features with one of the packages below, and note that the Ultimate and Supreme bundles come with a crew trained for this vehicle and featuring enough XP for 1 or 2 skills/perks, respectively.

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WoT Patch 1.6.1 – Object 703 version II

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It is interesting that with the release of the 3rd iteration of patch 1.6.1 Common Test the developers already added it openly to the game files in addition to the supertest. You understand how much they are in a hurry to add it to the base game. Therefore, most likely there will be few tests and the tank will soon be in release. Continue reading “WoT Patch 1.6.1 – Object 703 version II”

MCV Magazine – Wargaming’s new western front (New projects and more)


Wargaming is mounting its biggest and best-planned assault yet on western gamers, with its first title built from the ground up by western developers for western audiences. CEO Victor Kislyi tells Seth Barton about the masterplan and how even a studio-destroying fire has been an opportunity in disguise Continue reading “MCV Magazine – Wargaming’s new western front (New projects and more)”

WoT NA – Road to TwitchCon: Special Missions


TwitchCon 2019 is approaching! To get ready for the event, we’ve got some tasks for you. Simply complete the following missions in a vehicle Tier IV or higher to earn emblems, inscriptions, styles, and more!

For more information about TwitchCon 2019 in San Diego Sept. 27-29, please read our dedicated article.

Road to TwitchCon: Special Missions

MISSIONS START: Thursday, September 19, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
MISSIONS END: Friday, September 27, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET


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