Supertest – Chieftain from Britannia – T95/FV4201 Chieftain

Today we’re launching the Supertest for two new vehicles, the HWK 30 and the T95/FV4201 Chieftain. They are, respectively, a German Premium Tier VIII light tank and a British reward Tier X heavy.

Let’s take a closer look at the T95/FV4201 Chieftain!

The Chieftain of the Britons is a reward Tier X heavy tank with a future as cloudy as its homeland’s skies in autumn. We’ll make sure to check all of its parameters thoroughly, but even after testing we won’t be ready to speak about its ultimate fate. The Chieftain has a great fast-firing gun with an alpha of 440 points and some pleasing aiming parameters. Having 40 alpha damage more than his competitors among the British (and American) heavies, its stabilization, accuracy and aiming time are barely lagging the competition, while it tops them in terms of standard penetration. The Chieftain can shoot from the hip: while moving or shortly after it has stopped. Large spotting range ensures there’s always someone to fire at. On top of all those pleasant things, there’s one more: HESH shells are available as the third type of rounds.

The Chieftain’s mobility is to please, too: the top speed of 46 km/h isn’t a world record, but this vehicle gains it fast enough and sustains it well. The armor at the front is sufficient to negate everything that lower-tier folks hurl at the Brit. Yet same-tier opponents may have a chance to penetrate; also, you should not expose your sides or rear to them. The gun depression of -7 degrees adds to survivability, so use the shapes of land to your advantage.

The Chieftain has good handling, both in terms of driving and firing. Those inclined towards British and/or American heavily armored tanks and TD’s will like it a lot. Let’s wait for the testing results and keep calm until we learn what happens to this fellow.

0 thoughts on “Supertest – Chieftain from Britannia – T95/FV4201 Chieftain

  1. Ah yes everyone has been asking for it for years, WG said “not yet”, and now it’s a reward.

    It better be for personnal missions and not fucking CWs where 1 % of the playerbase will get it.

      1. Why do you care so much about a tank that isn’t an actual Chieftain?
        When the Chieftan comes, it’s gonna be a good looking tank with a 270mm pen gun and nothing more.

        1. Who cares if it’s an “actual” Chieftan or not? I could give less than a fuck about Chieftan, I want some reward tanks for bonds.

          1. It’s going to be a CW reward tank, so I can get it and collect your delicious salty tears. Yum, I love to collect tears with my Obj. 907 and M60.

        2. it really does look good, then again most of the different modifications of the T95 look good, the only one that does not is probably the one with the M48 turret

      1. What’s the difference, really? It has Chieftan’s turret and gun, base is pretty similar and all other things are really insignificant. And no, it’s not an already existing tank in-game, it’s a separate one.

    1. Maybe your interest should be to get to that 1%, I played this game for 5 years now, and I have managed to join TOP 10 clan in EU, so you mean that I shouldnt be rewarded with a special tank for my efforts ? I took me more than 4 years to play on 4000+ WN8 and you want a special tank for free ? Then it wouldnt be so special, please think about it before you write such a nonsense.

      1. I think you miss the point here. Of course top players have to be rewarded for their skill and their efforts.

        The fact is that Chieftain is one of the most wanted and popular tank that people actually want in their garage.
        Look at the Typhoon’s Chieftain/T95 campaign. A lot of “mercenaries” goes in clans with the goal to obtain it and nothing else because chieftain (and the tank itself is kinda bad though).
        Now imagine the Average Joe who loves Chieftains and who can’t obtain it because 1) he’s too bad, 2) he doesn’t want to go in a clan, 3) he can’t play at the time of clan war, 4) Clans don’t choose him in the line-up because “reasons”. Is it normal ?

  2. “a British reward Tier X heavy”

    Reward for what; clan wars reward tank, new personal missions, esports?

    1. It’s not the actual Chieftain, it’s the other version of the T95 hybrid. I personally want one, but it’s not THE Chieftain that we all desire so much.

  3. I personally hope they dangle the chieftain infront of all of you forever. It’s pretty interesting to see how bent out of shape people get about a mediocre tank only because it’s shiny and they cant have it.

    I remember getting the abomination of a tier8 reward, the chieftain/t95, and people shitting their pants because they couldn’t have it despite the fact it’s the most useless uninteresting garbage medium I’ve played. Same with the tier10 chieftain, an uninteresting piece of garbage that’s hyped to hell and back by 45% “tank collectors”

    1. I remember getting my Chieftain/T95. I loved the reaction of people. I also got team damage from 800 wn8 plebs.

      I love salty tears, I want more.

  4. Kinda suspicious that all these stronk and sexy premiums are in Supertest at the same time. Maybe the Christmas event will have these as loot box prizes? I think every existing premium has been sold at least once this year, so there’s not going to be as much demand for them. Maybe Chieftain is going to be like Type 59 was last year- a prize to sell them boxes.
    I wouldn’t put it past them.

  5. I swear to shit this thing better have a turret weakspot apart from that joke of a cupola. this gun needs to be hindered.

    1. just noticed this thing has 140mm pen hesh with 530 alpha. this game is doomed if this isnt changed.

  6. in my opinion it is taking them too long to actually add a MT line based on the T95, and if they wish it is also possible to make a HT line with the T96 (you have the T96, T96-1 and T96-2, all 3 with different armour values and one of them with different gun, easily doable as tiers 8, 9 and 10), with that being said it’s always nice too see some sort of T95 being added, although I don’t really like how the T95/Patton looks since the M48’s turret only really works out with the shape of the M48 hull

  7. What I would really like is a line leading to the Chieftain mkVI.
    This clearly is not it.
    But I nonetheless think it is a shame to put this version as a reward tank, because the UK based players will want it badly, and many of them will not be able to get it if it is a CW reward tank.

    Personally I like the look of it.

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