World of Tanks – Black Market – Potential Tank PREDICTIONS – Object 777 V2 Coming?

Black Market is about to hit, and as the tank roster hasn’t been leaked (yet 🙂 ), I will be exploring the possible tanks and offer you can expect to see from the event, along with the chance of my picks actually appearing in the Black Market offerings.

As we have reported previously, Black Market will last for roughly 1 week and we should see 14 offers of “extremely rare items that we either never sold or rarely sold.” over the course of this truly special week.

My picks will be based on recent announcements and logic.

Offer 1 – T-44-100

Wargaming has used the T-44-100 under a sheet of tarpaulin to tease the Black Market a day prior to the announcement, as we have reported here.

While this doesn’t guarantee we will see the T-44-100 in the roster, there is a pretty high chance as we will, as it would sell rather well.

Chance of appearance: 70-80%


Offer 2 – E-25

When we are talking of special offers, E-25 is a must. As E-25 hasn’t been offered in the last Advent Calendar, Wargaming must have taken precautions not to overflood the servers with these rather unbalanced vehicles, saving them for Black Market.

Chance of appearance: 70-80%


Offer 3 – M48A2 Räumpanzer

Quite a rare and seldom sold tank, the Räumpanzer isn’t a terrible or overpowered machine by any means. For those reasons alone, you can expect this one to be potentially be sold for credits.

Chance of appearance: 40-50%


Offer 4 – Panzer V/IV.

When it comes to rarities, hardly anything comes close to this beauty. As it has been available very few times before, and one of those being the last iteration of Black Market, this tank sold out in a very fast period of time and has quite a bit of demand.

Chance of appearance: 50-60%.


Offer 5 – Object 252U

While the infamy of the unbeatable Defender is still there and doesn’t seem to fade, this tank has been sold a long time ago and could be offered in limited quantities as a high demand collectors (and pubbers) item.

Chance of appearance: 30-40%


Offer 6 – AMX 13 57

This little tier 7 bugger has a relatively dangerous autoloader and decent view range for a light tank. As I believe WG will try include tanks of all classes, this is the one we are likely to see to fill in the light tank ranks in the roster.

Chance of appearance: 30-40%


Offer 7 – Rheinmetal Skorpion

While this one is rather common on sales, it is theoretically the most capable tier 8 Tank Destroyer and has a bit of demand, so expect this one for a gold offering in decent quantities.

Chance of appearance: 50%


Offer 8 – KV-2(R)

The KV-2 after all those years is still a decent tank, and the Ragnarok flavour of this legendary vehicle hasn’t been sold for a relatively long time. I believe Wargaming will put this one into the roster just for those who want a premium middle-tier derp.

Chance of appearance: 30-40%


Offer 9 – Senlac

Senlac is a relatively new and undersold vehicle. While nowhere near as effective as the LT-432, it is rather potent with a decent HESH shell and a great (for a British light tank) DPM. I believe Wargaming would put it for a credit price like the German M41 last year.

Chance of appearance: 30-40%.


Offer 10 – Type 59 (G?)

While the legendary hype status of the Type 59 has faded, it is still a somewhat coveted machine and might sell out rather fast. Expect a decent stock of these to clear out the influx of gold after christmas lootboxes.

Chance of appearance: 20-40%.

Non-tank offers

Offer 11 – Premium days

As per usual, expect 360 days of premium at a discounted gold price.

Chance of appearance: 70-80%.


Offer 12 – Tank Styles

Just like last year, Wargaming might be selling the lootbox tank styles as well as the new styles from 1.7 client for Progetto M.65, FV4005 Stage II and from the 1.7.1 client for Object 261 and Kranvagn.

Chance of appearance: 70-80%

New tank offers

Just like last year and with christmas lootboxes , I believe Wargaming will use Black Market to introduce few new additions to the game.

Offer 13 – A43 Black Prince Prototype

This tank came in the middle of 2019 and no news have surfaced about the fate of this tank since then. This tank being a tier 6 and resembling a not too popular tier 7 namesake (Black Prince), I don’t believe Wargaming would want to sell it in a normal way and expect a hefty stock of these at a decent gold price.

Chance of appearance: 10-20%.


Final offer. Object 777 V2

There are many arrows pointing at this tank being the ultimate offer for the Black Market roster, and for a very good reason.

The 777 v2 has a long history in World of Tanks, being announced all the way back 2015 and it hasn’t seen the light of day since then. Over this time, many people have wanted this tank to come to the game, but all efforts were in vain… Until 2019.

2019 has brought many changes to this tank, which means Wargaming has plans to this unusual vehicle. In May of 2019, Object 777 V2 was downtiered from tier X to tier IX, making this effectively a reward tank. However, the main clue to the fate of this vehicle is the changes that happened to this tank in patch 1.7 – the gold price was changed from 100 to 5 gold.

What does this mean?

All tanks you can earn in World of Tanks have an actual tier X sale price, such as clan war reward tanks, campaign tanks and event tanks. However, there are few exceptions, such as FV 215b, 215b 183 and Foch 155. Object 777 v2 is joining the pool of these vehicles. The sale value of the 777 v2 is exactly 1000 credits, just like those retired tier X tanks. This means 777 V2 has a very unique price which means this tank is intended to be given away via some sort of event, like Black Market.

While it is very weird to sell a tier 9 reward tank for gold, 777 V2 might also be the first tier 9 premium, as all Wargaming’s “World of ~” games have tier 9 premiums, World of Tanks is the only one without those. There is a heavy chance Wargaming might be experimenting with actual tier 9 premiums.


These are my predictions for the Black Market tank roster, and only time will prove me right or wrong 🙂 Hey, maybe Waffentrager E-100 might be making an unexpected comeback after all these years (joking).






21 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Black Market – Potential Tank PREDICTIONS – Object 777 V2 Coming?

  1. KV-2(R): Even for gold I doubt they will put it in the black market as it cost them a lot of money to do the cooperation with Games Workshop. It’s not a coincidence that the tank costs almost as much as a Tier VIII tank when it’s for sale in the premium shop.

    Not sure if the teaser video only had jokes or actual hints in it but they say “that tank” which could refer to a tank which everybody wants and there is another one which looks like it has three guns when it’s flipped upside down.

    1. sorry all for silly question; it’s my first time to join the black-market; the progress/ step by step to do a buy a tank on black-market? how to buy it; I have to log-in my account or any other website? and buy tank from there? Thanks in advance for my silly question.

      1. Hi!
        In the garage you will find the black market submenu in the shop menu, you have to click on it. The offer will appear and you can buy by clicking the button if you have enough credit or gold.

  2. “Offer 4 – Panzer V/IV.

    When it comes to rarities, hardly anything comes close to this beauty. As it has been available very few times before, and one of those being the last iteration of Black Market, this tank sold out in a very fast period of time and has quite a bit of demand.

    Chance of appearance: 50-60%.”

    The Pz was not sold-out on EU iirc, actually quite a few were still available (which is surprising for a tank this good and this rare, but not so surprising when you realize they sold this tier 5 at the price of the ELC EVEN 90 iirc… then again the Type59 G happened).

    As for the 777, I honestly hope it’ll be sold for gold if sold at all, cuz I’m short on credits and there’s no way I can grind the 15M they asked last year for high tier tanks. Not sure how I’d feel about tier 9 premiums, I guess it would depend on how much credit-making they can do compared to tier 8 tanks. I don’t see them being worth it over say a Skorpion or a 703-II if they cost more money and don’t seriously increase gains.

    Personnaly I’m hoping for the T-22sr.
    This tank was removed and obliterated with nerfs so long ago, and so few people managed to get it (even fewer got it without cheating), I don’t think anyone would be annoyed if it was available again.

    1. I’m with you on this. I want the T-22sr. There’s NO reason to not either sell it in BM or Bond Shop at this point. It’s not OP and almost anyone that has it on the NA server rigged/cheated to get it (server population / attendance in event was too low to get it legitimately).
      Pz V/IV did not sell out, or certainly didn’t sell out quickly last time. IIRC the only thing that sold out very swiftly on NA server was the type 59G. I am skeptical that they would bring back the WT100, although the rumor a couple months ago, along with the early return of the BM do give me pause to wonder if that rumor is true. If so, it could be gone even more quickly than the 59.

  3. 44-100, Raumpanzer, 13-57, and Senlac have all been sold recently on the NA server (the Raum has been up for sale twice now). I doubt any of these will be a part of the Black Market sales.

    On the low tiers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the AM39, the M3 Light, the SU-76i, the A-32, the Beta Sherman, and the leFH.

    On higher tiers the E25, A43, Tiger 217, TOG II, T-44-85/T-44 ltwt, Tiger 2 (H), VK4502P, Strv 81, T95E2, Jagdtiger (H), Emil 51, T103, 777v2, M48A2, T-22m, and 268v5 are all possibilities.

    1. The KT-Captured is exclusive to the Twitch Prime partnership, the AE was a reward tank for an extremely grindy event that ended less than 6 months ago. There’s an excatly 0% chance that these will come in the black market (in this iteration at least).

      The Emil however, since it’s a normal premium tank that’s never been sold so far, could be possible. Though WG said it would be exclusive to frontlines, but if it’s a premium tank exclusivity means nothing for WG

    2. King Tiger C. and AE Phase one, definitely NOT, Emil 1951 and Obj-703 II, maybe we can se them on sale 60-70 %

  4. Obj-703II is very likely in my opinion. Since WG follows a different credits philosophy in the last few month and the sheer endless amount of gold ppl have because of the loot boxes, I think they will offer a lot stuff for credits to drain them even more. Then ppl can decide to spend their gold on prem vehicles or skins … or if ppl are impatient and greedy enough trde credits for gold.. That would raise some smiles in WG offices…

  5. I’m hoping WG do the decent thing and put all the competition killing OP tanks they have given out as rewards, up for gold.

    The 279(e) and t95 chieftain are game ending tanks, ruining clan wars, ranked etc.

    Some of us have to work for a living and certainly can’t ever get the rng required to “earn” these tanks over time.

    And then I look at some of these spastic tanks, and I think about how much I miss my waffentrager, that I paid $150 real cash money to obtain.

  6. Last year it was JUNE!!

    Christ sake …. We have more than FIVE EVENTS right now and Christmas just finished…
    .I can’t take it anymore…
    .the hell is wrong with them!??

    Do servers close in March??

  7. On RU servers they had Waffle… so it is possible we will have it too. I hope not, as it would be so unfair for people that lost that tank with replacement

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