Supertest News: Object 777 Version II

The Object 777 Version II, a Soviet tier IX heavy non-researchable tank, is now entering the Supertest.

The most attentive players probably know that this vehicle has been around in World of Tanks since 2015 and is a non-researchable Tier X heavy tank.

Okay, so what is the Object 777 Version II at Tier IX, what is it like?

It’s a mobile tank with a low profile, well-sloped side armor, and a menacing 122-mm gun, the М62-Т2. You’d think it has everything to dominate the battlefield!

However, The Object 777 Version II has poor accuracy, low hull traverse, and turret traverse speed, mediocre gun depression angles (-5°;) and low DPM. In addition, due to the small size of the vehicle, penetrating shells can cause serious damage to Crew members and its modules. Given all of the above, The Object 777 Version II is best suited for close combat, in the thick of battle, on locations with more or less flat terrain.

Note: the characteristics of the vehicle are not final and are subject to change after the Supertest. The tank is still being tuned.

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17 thoughts on “Supertest News: Object 777 Version II

    1. Well, it\’s not a completely new tank so I doubt it. But who knows with WG and their vague definitions.

      1. It\’s new if you consider it wasn\’t avaiable for anyone before.

      2. Considering it\’s never been released before. It\’s still new as such. Even tho it\’s been in testing for over 3 years.

    2. maybe something like the \”free\” premiums on WoWs? by now WG should know players will spend their money to convert xp into free xp and \”unlock\” them, if I am not mistaken some of those cost more than double of the usual price you pay for a Tier 8 premium

  1. „The Object 777 Version II has poor accuracy“ mhm…

  2. Wow…so they nerfed a bit the DPM and the health and now it is a tier 9. Amazing how meta change, this used to be a tier X…

  3. I had always thought that this tank would be the perfect fit for Tier 10 in a T-10/IS-o line, back when it was rumored the IS-4 would become the Tier 9 for the IS-7 line and a new Tier 10 would be added on the ST-I line, possibly the ST-II

    it does remebles the T-10 characteristics, armor not as thick as usual for a Soviet HT but with good angles, good mobility and good gun, seems like that won\’t happen anymore

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