World of Tanks Black Market – Betting for tanks? (CONFIRMED)

Found within Wargaming’s folders, there are these strings relating to Black Market:

Looks like this time, we are going to be betting for tanks.


Wargaming Asia did an oopsie and disclosed there will be betting for some tanks.


17 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – Betting for tanks? (CONFIRMED)

  1. Well here goes the event.

    Good news for the 10 players with 200k gold on their account I guess.

  2. betting of bidding?

    “set a minimum amount of gold/credits, a limited number of players will get the tank (or whatever item) and losing bids will be returned to”
    something like this. maybe I can get a clearer translation today, if people are interested.

    1. Used OCR (

      Used OCR (Optical Character Recognition) I only needed to know which language it was, Google translated it afterwards from Korean.

      A new rule! Rule 6 The greedy person will get sweet fruit.
      The black market that everyone wants to buy in a hurry must be a good place to make money. Therefore, new competition will be introduced into the cancer market from now on. You can set contention costs for the most popular items. The contention rules are as follows.
      . There is a competition for a certain quantity of goods with a minimum price (gold or credit). ● Players can submit contention costs to any item they wish, which will be deducted from their account. There is no limit to the number of contention cost changes. ● You cannot change the contention cost at the end of the contention. ● The Pula wins within the top N of the submitted contention costs. ● The winner wins the prize and the rest of the participants get back the contention fee.
      Commander, please take part in the competition.

  3. it works like an auction:

    the bidding will start with a certain quantity of goods for which a minimum price (gold/credits) is set.

    players can submit their bids on any item they wish, which will be deducted from their account.

    there is no limit to the number of bid changes.

    you cannot change the bid at the end of the bidding.

    players win within the top N of the bid submitted.

    the winner wins the prize and the rest of the players get their bids back

    hope this makes sense; translated by a Korean native speaker.

    1. It’s an exact translation.
      I am a Korean.
      They want to sell rare tanks at auction.
      Only rich gamers will have them.

      1. gamsahabnida for your verification πŸ™‚ (got no hangeul keyboard at work)

  4. After some frustrated ranting something clicked… What if this is just a ploy from WG to drain as much Credits and Gold from us as much as possible, hence why they implemented the Auction Feature???

    1. Yes, that is exactly why this event has come so early, to make people deprived of their lootbox gold and credits.

      1. I wonder if that leak has any influence on how they implement this. just like the leaked tank list last year messed up the original order of offers.
        anyway, if you ever get any interesting leaks from SEA server that need translating from Korean, I’d gladly help.

  5. I am sitting on a sizeable stash of gold from the lootboxes and I would be more to willing to spend a lot of that for interesting premium tanks, but I’ll be damned if I take part in an auction.

  6. I see a lot of problem in such a mechanic. Bidding and confronting the bid will take time. And we know that WG server are not immune to bugs,,, someone has forgotten the mess happened last year with people credited for buying Carnaveron and never received it?
    And the limited quantity do not give you as a company a certain idea of how much you will earn.

    Example: last year Type 59 Gold was sold for 25K gold. If I remember correctly there were only 500 available.
    Considering 25K Gold have a regular price of 83 + Euro, it means that the finale earning was 41.500 Euro in less than a minute. Not bad.
    I am sure that WG is still asking itself “why on Earth we limited to 500 pieces?”

    Now going back to the point of discussion, imagine you decide to sell only 10 to the highest bid.
    Do you think that the finale income will be the same? even if a lunatic decide to bid 1K Euro in Gold the total amount will be like 10K Euro a fifth of last year.
    If I was the CEO I will immediately fire whoever come to me with such an idea.

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