WoT Supertest – Object 752 changes v3

Nerfhammer keeps striking.

– Aiming time from 2.88 nerfed to 3.07 s
– Time between shots nerfed from 2.75 s. to 3 s
– Average damage per minute from 2.049 to 2.019.
– Tank’s HP from 1850 to 1750.


WoT Blitz – ATGMs and Japanese TDs


Unveiled at a recent WoT Blitz livestream, we received new information about the future of WoT (Blitz?).

  • Japanese tank destroyer line: releasing in the Summer of 2020. One of the tanks is known and it’s in the picture – Ho-Ri 1. This is the first time Blitz is getting a new line before the main game.
  • ATGMs. WG talked about the concept being rebalanced and perhaps tested again. It has been a long time since initial guided missile tests.

Wargaming & Lionsgate Partner Up To Promote A New Movie “Midway” (Invite Code)

Lionsgate has partnered up with Wargaming, the developers of World Of Warships, to help promote their new movie released this past week, Midway. The promotion makes total sense since the company has incorporated that very battle into their game, along with all the ships involved. At several movie premieres around the country, including the USO screenings on military bases, attendees received invites to make a new World Of Warships account with the code “MIDWAYMOVIE” and got cool in-game items.

  • Wargaming created special battle missions to commemorate the Battle of Midway and the movie release, by completing certain tasks within the game, players will be able to try out IJN Kaga and IJN Saipan. The battle missions will run until December 5th.
  • More than 30 historical ships that took part in Midway operations are recreated within World of Warships.
  • All ships are carefully developed based on historical documents and blueprints that were acquired from archives and naval museums.
  • World of Warships has more than 300 historical ships representing 11 different nations or geographical areas.
  • Timely find:  Shipwrecks of WW2 Japanese aircraft carriers IJN Kaga and IJN Akagi that were sunk during the Battle of Midway have been discovered and the discovery was filmed by the RV Petrel crew this October, which you can check it out here.

Source: bleedingcool