T95 / FV4201 Chieftain style


TS-5: Complete Stats

Tier: TD-8, USA, premium
HP: 1 500
Engine: 750 hp
Mass: 60 t
Maximum load: 65 t
Power-to-weight: 12,50 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 26 / -12 km / h
Gun turning speed: 22 °/s
Hull turning speed: 24 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,055 / 1,342 / 2,781
View range: 370 m
Radio range: 745 m

Hull armor: 260 / 100 / 50 mm

Gun: 120 mm AT Gun M58

Alpha Damage: 400 / 400 / 515
Penetration: 248 / 300 / 60 mm
Rate of fire: 7,361 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 944,5
Reload time: 8,151 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,422
Aiming time: 1,73 s
Depression/Elevation: -5 ° / +20 °
Horizontal firing angle: 10 / 10°

Crew – 4 members: Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader.

Aim spread:

  • after firing: 3,836;
  • during turret rotation: 0,058;
  • during vehicle movement: 0,153;
  • during vehicle rotation: 0,153;
  • during turret rotation at maximum speed: 1,27;
  • at maximum vehicle speed: 3,99;
  • at maximum vehicle rotation speed: 3,68.


  • camouflage while standing still: 31,9 %;
  • camouflage while in motion: 19,1 %;
  • camouflage while standing still and shooting: 5,74 %;
  • camouflage while in motion and shooting: 3,44 %.


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A survey on the popularity of the current maps in WoT


Hello ladies and gents!

Before we get to any details – Survey will be open until January 22, 2019. Please try to share the survey with all your friends, as the more feedback, the better!

This purpose of this survey is as follows:

  1. To get a feel for how the World of Tanks Community views/rates the current maps in the game.
  2. To get your opinions to present to the WG NA offices so that they can pass them on to the appropriate people who look for feedback like this. Trust me, your opinions matter. For example, the changes to the Stronghold map rotation (at least on NA server) is a direct result of feedback from you, the Community.
  3. Personal curiosity for myself.
  4. A way for our Community to point to some hard evidence when arguments come up about the ‘best’ or ‘worst’ maps in the game, so they have something to back up their P.O.V. other than talking louder. What? Stop laughing. Seriously guys! Stop the laughter! A guy can dream, can’t he?

I will give a quick description of the survey so you know what to expect. The survey is broken up into six sections. This is for ease of completion/load speed, especially for those on mobile devices.

Section 1 is asking for your server cluster.

Sections 2 – 5 are for your scores on each map on a scale of 1 (worst map in game) to 5 (average/no opinion) to 10 (best map in game). Basically, if you don’t have a strong opinion, give it a 5 and move on. These sections are in 10 map chunks, to make it easier for mobile users.

Section 6 is a volunteer response section where you have your chance to describe why you feel so strongly about certain maps. You will have a chance to give your point of view on both your most hated and most loved map(s). Vulgarity WILL keep your answer(s) from being passed on to WG. Remember to give the map name with your response(s). This will hopefully give insight from the players to WG on why players find certain maps so likeable or unlikeable.

Well, at this point, you need the survey form, do you not?


Thank you all for your time, your responses, and your effort in answering this survey for me. Just like last time, I will give you all the results both in an easy-to-read format for here, as well as access to the raw information.

For those that want to know more, I – Private_Public – am the Community Coordinator for the Reddit NA World of Tanks Community.  It is a purely volunteer position, and I have no employment/affiliation with WG other than I love playing the game, and am doing my best to revitalize the Community and build 2-way communication between the players and WG (at least for the NA Community). 
I’ve been helping give the NA offices direct feedback for many months now, and have helped the NA offices reach out to our Community and re-open communication that was shall we say, a bit… on the lacking side… before.  While I have 0 direct access to the Devs and never will have direct access, I am able to gather feedback and present it to the NA offices in a manner that they can sort it, and present it directly to the appropriate people in Minsk when it comes to their periodic reports on player feedback.  
So that is the hope for now.  That with feedback from you all – whatever server you may be on – that we can help the Devs get a better understanding of how the players actually view the maps, be it positive or negative feedback.  With that feedback, they can hopefully make decisions better aimed at making the maps more fun for the Community to play on, instead of feeling dread when we see certain maps pop up on the loading screen.”