EU invite codes for WoT and WoWs + BT-SV bonus code (only Console)

Note that the BT-SV code is a bonus code, albeit Console-only. The three others are invite codes.

EU only.


War Thunder – FCM 36

The FCM 36 is a light infantry tank developed for the French army by the FCM company in the mid 1930s. Due to its complex armour layout the vehicle was surprisingly difficult to destroy, but equally difficult to mass-produce, resulting in a very limited production run. Regardless, the FCM 36 still managed to take part in hostilities throughout the war, fighting for both sides of the conflict.

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WZ-111 – 44.08 € – Advent Calendar Day 14


The WZ-111 is a Chinese heavy tank that puts its focus on mobility and rate of fire. This makes it a strong choice against both heavy and medium tanks if played correctly. However, compared to its brother, the 112, it features thinner armor, and even with the pike nose angles it’s not as strong. Focus on dealing damage instead of taking it.

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