World of Tanks Black Market – Extra Information

Today after the announcement, Wargaming sent their community contributors these emails:

“Today we announced an event called the Black Market. All information presented below is private (only for contributors). Until the first offering, we do not comment on this news. The support will be handled by community managers, the concept of support will be published later.

The WoT Black Market (BM) is a store with extremely rare items that we either never sold or rarely sold.
The duration of this event is about a week, offers will change every 12 hours.

For Contributors:
You cannot make purchases on the Black Market with press accounts (with the exception of some). This is done for three reasons:
1. You periodically receive various promotions in the form of game items;
2. By purchasing Black Market offers, you take such an opportunity from the casual player;
3. Players will be able to find equipment on your accounts.

Wargaming employees will also not be involved in the purchase of these offers. ”

Source: WoTClue

12 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – Extra Information

  1. “The duration of this event is about a week, offers will change every 12 hours.”

    Great, so I would have to wake up at 4:45AM to see one of the new offers every day because WG decided that the Russian region is so important that offers all across the world should come at the same time. At least I hope the gold deals will show up at 5AM and the credit deals will show up at 5PM as I don’t want to spend gold on the Black Market.

    Another good idea destroyed by the incompetence of WG. Can’t wait to see what will they come up for the Steel Hunt and PVP modes this year.

      1. Probably that’s what I’m going to do as I highly doubt they will offer anything for credits I don’t already have or want.

    1. You don’t even realise that in the past the event was beneficial for EU and now it for a different one.

      1. Benefical for EU? What are you smoking? It was beneficial for NA as the deals started later there so people could see the upcoming offers before they appeared.

    2. They moved the time zone already vs last time. As there is always someone that it don’t “match” with for that to be equally fair to everyone.

    3. RU is the largest server so it shouldn’t be shocking that the most optimal time is for them…WG set everyone to the same time to remove the unfair advantage that NA & APAC had from having a separate launch time and knowing tanks in advance.

      No mater how you look at it, someone is always going to complain about the chosen time and not be able to take part in it. But the essence of the event is still the same and the idea isn’t ruined.

      The reality is if it’s such a huge deal for you, have a trusted friend log in for you.

  2. Hi, does anyone know when the black market starts for the asia sever ? More specifically singapore. Like what is the time there when the tank being sold is changed for a new one

  3. I wish the Black market can also be access via web, not just game client :(.
    How the heck can I open game client to buy stuffs in my office during working hours 🙁

    1. As some people have already mentioned either have a friend log in to your account and buy you the stuff, use programs like team viewer and remotely control your pc with your phone or something or just get a laptop or something and go on a 5-10 min “break” right before the new tank gets revealed.

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