World of Tanks – Just Leaving This Here (Potential Big Announcement Coming Soon?)

Before you dismiss this as a simple announcement for a new premium tank, the YouTube channel for World of Tanks has never shared any official news information, meaning that this might be the first exclusive look at some sort of event that might be coming soon (It might be Black Market 😉 )

30 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Just Leaving This Here (Potential Big Announcement Coming Soon?)

  1. Yet another Marathon / Grindathon event most likely

    where playing 100 battles a day
    – every day for a month without sleep, not seeing family or friends, or working for a actual living is required

    Wargaming ‘events’
    or it has been this for over a year now …………………….

    1. maybe it is t44-100 because it has side skirts , and that cupola is in fact a 50 cal machine gun

  2. It can be 3 of new things. From worse to okay it can be…

    -New reward vehicles for Frontline, Steel Hunter, Clans, ect.
    -New tier 9 premiums for exp/gold just like the tier 9 premiums in WoWS.
    -The Black market.
    -First look at the new Italian Heavies.

    I just hope its the latter, but knowing WG for over a decade it’s going to be something good but with a catch that ultimately drags down the whole thing, just like what happened recently with Chinese new years.

    1. Same dude, I am grinding the Ita meds currently( at P44 atm), and quite like them, I am quite excited to see how the new Ita heavys will look, stats and visually 🙂

  3. It’s a T-44-100 to me, or might be a “T-44-100ized” T-44-122 or T-44-85 with side skirt, but I believe there is very slim possibility that WG pay extra budget on an existed model.

  4. Most likely Frontline/Steel Hunter announcement. Black Market would be nice, but I doubt it.

  5. hi, i think this could be italian or USSR heavy or medium tank, not sure, I hope for the black market because the leak in the FEB specials video. Also, I cannot find this on WOT EU youtube channel?


  6. That vehicle’s shape matches the T-44-100 exactly, so it’s probably not a new premium vehicle. But a new event or an event that could involve that tank maybe.
    – Frontlines, since it’s a tier 8 I guess
    – Black Market, because why not
    – New event of some sort

    1. Chieftain would have six road wheels, the tank in the pic only has five. to me it looks like a T-44-100, with its general silhouette and sideskirts. but we still don’t know if the actual tank model underneath the cover has actually anything to do with what’s coming up.
      lets hope we will know soon. BM, or Chieftain/T95 for bonds/gold/freeXP would be nice, though.

  7. First when looked at the road wheels I had the same idea as other people a Russia t series medium or another heavy but when you look at the turet cold it maybe the new Italian heavy auto reloaded tank?

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