Supertest News: The A43 BP Prototype

The closed Supertest is about to be graced by a visit of a heavy British gentleman, the A43 BP prototype.

It’s more widely known to players as the Black Prince, the big brother of Churchill (the tank not the Prime Minister).

The prototype of the Black Prince is sort of a line extension to the Churchill. It has more armor (150 mm at the front of both its turret and hull) and a gun of a larger caliber. The British 17-pounder is capable of firing rapidly (11 shots per minute) and has an excellent penetration of 171 mm with a basic round. To crack the armor of an especially tough opponent, you may employ an APCR able to pierce 239 mm of steel.

Everything goes with a price, and in the case of the Black Prince it’s dynamics. This Brit is slow and cumbersome, with a top speed of just 20 km/h. The hull traverse of 20 degrees per second lets any fast tank ring circles around it. You will have to get used to this sluggishness.

The A43 BP prototype was made to slowly (but stylishly) push through enemy defensive lines. Its armor allows it to mitigate punches laid by vehicles of the same tier, and its armament is enough to damage any foe. The only thing keeping the Black Prince from totally dominating every battlefield is its sluggishness.