Supertest News: The A43 BP Prototype

The closed Supertest is about to be graced by a visit of a heavy British gentleman, the A43 BP prototype.

It’s more widely known to players as the Black Prince, the big brother of Churchill (the tank not the Prime Minister).

The prototype of the Black Prince is sort of a line extension to the Churchill. It has more armor (150 mm at the front of both its turret and hull) and a gun of a larger caliber. The British 17-pounder is capable of firing rapidly (11 shots per minute) and has an excellent penetration of 171 mm with a basic round. To crack the armor of an especially tough opponent, you may employ an APCR able to pierce 239 mm of steel.

Everything goes with a price, and in the case of the Black Prince it’s dynamics. This Brit is slow and cumbersome, with a top speed of just 20 km/h. The hull traverse of 20 degrees per second lets any fast tank ring circles around it. You will have to get used to this sluggishness.

The A43 BP prototype was made to slowly (but stylishly) push through enemy defensive lines. Its armor allows it to mitigate punches laid by vehicles of the same tier, and its armament is enough to damage any foe. The only thing keeping the Black Prince from totally dominating every battlefield is its sluggishness.

0 thoughts on “Supertest News: The A43 BP Prototype

  1. Tier 6 Heavy with only 150 alpha and 20kph

    lol! what a turd

    now if this was Russian T6 Premium HT?

    175 pen with AP shell and 0.4 accuracy (is Russian so in real life 0.30) and 250 or 390 alpha
    and of course 40kph forward speed

    1. That thing also has dick cheese for armor and the gun handling is ass. It’s not all roses for the 244

    1. It couldn\’t possibly be worse than the churchill 7 now could it? That\’s thing is the biggest piece of shit tank I have ever played.

    2. Yup, same mobility, same to better armour, better gun and much better gun depression…
      Unless they plan to buff the Churchill before releasing it I can see a lot of shit about to start flying,

  2. Yet another heavy tank lowered to the tier it should have always been at – but as a prem

    Tiger 131/HT VI, VK 45.0, FV201, King Tiger (without fake gun), all where the regular tank should have been

  3. \”I need it for my pixel collection\” Who spends ready money to have a tank in a online garage. Who comes to see it? Do they spend time looking at it? I find it weird that they don\’t understand how insane it is. WG must LOVE these people.

    1. I‘ll buy it for my Collection.
      Despite the crappy Stats, can’t be worse than the PzKpfw III K.

      Premium Black P*nis fk yeah!

      1. Not only do you buy crap for real money, buy you buy pixel crap to \”collect\” in a online garage/pause screen.
        Why not collect turds? They are free and real.

  4. so..the next tech tree tank downtiered , reskined maybe and with premium status??
    nice one but…

    mark this word : DOWNTIERED !
    fck off, that simply means still FLAT BETTER than thech tree one

  5. All they had to do was give it the 20pdr, maybe the comet engine buff its frontal armour (but keep some weakspots). And it would be fine, but then with soo many high pen tanks in the game i doubt it would make a difference

    1. The Armor is Ok. The only thing I hope this one has fixed, is the fact that you can easily kill any tank of the Churchill Series by just tracking it frontally, as that does Damage since there is weak armor behind the tracks that gets penned by almost everything.

      And for the gun… the 17 pdr is ok, tho it should have better handling and RoF.

  6. money money money
    Wargame give it all to me me me … la la la laaa…. all together now!

    A43 BP prototype ~ see you back in the Garage killed inside of a minute )or less

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