World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 – New Tank Skins for Obj 261, IS-3, Progetto M35, T-44-100, Kranvagn

Object 261 – Thin case

IS-3 – Montu

Progetto M35 mod 46 – Safari koraccato

T-44-100 – Not a single break. Exclusive to russian players as part of Wargaming’s partnership with Rostelekom.

Kranvagn – Hyalpkran

13 thoughts on “World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 – New Tank Skins for Obj 261, IS-3, Progetto M35, T-44-100, Kranvagn

  1. The 261 skin (frontal shot) tricked me for a second into thinking we get another obj279(early) … but as AN TD … lol.

    The Progetto and IS3 skins are sexy,
    however, the others do have too much \’trash\’ on them.

    I don\’t want the enemy to see me even easier just because i got Flashlights and Satelitdishes on my tank!
    The very reason i don\’t have the Viking skin for my Lansen. That \’flag\’ is just dumb from a pure visual standpoint. (yes it doesn\’t influence the camo rating, but the \’naked eye\’ visibility)

    1. …I don’t think the skins affect in-game spotting mechanics, as the spot points on your vehicle stay in the same positions

  2. So many good-looking yet realistic skins, many more are possible, so much better than ugly, unrealistic, idiotic clown camos. Equipment, weapons and camouflage items are the most beautiful tank decorations. Thank God and WG for historical filter. Too bad it misses stuff like scorpion G.

  3. All skins are welcomed but I prefer those so-called \”clown skins\” over historical ones. This is an arcade game, if I want historical accuracy instead of fun, then I play War Thunder.

    1. Tried playing War Thunder, did not enjoy. Smart move by WG to offer both styles with the ability to chose, some like realism, some like clown camo (not that there\’s anything wrong with that © Seinfeld)

    2. I don\’t think you or any of the other players who keep using that word \”arcade\” understand what it means. WG should make this game more historically balanced. It would solve a lot of issues in the game.

      1. Make it more historically balanced? Then they should take out ~80% of tanks from the game. A lot of tanks (even whole branches or nations) were fully made-up by WG.

  4. can’t belive they finally found a nice way to make money, it must be by chance, I can not believe they are so smart to go this path for some other reason than luck

  5. Why is the T-44-100 skin only available for Russian players when the T-44-100 R is on other servers?
    The article says only for Russian players so if you are on another server I suppose you could put in a ticket stating that you are Russian and ask to purchase one

    1. Actually only T-44-100 amd T-44-100 (M) are available outside Russia. The (R) variant is only in the game files.

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