WoT 1.7 Test Server – 3D styles for Object 907, FV4005 Stage II, Progetto M40 mod. 65, T-100 LT, Object 430U, SU-130PM.

For the 3D style, a new customization parameter is introduced – “sequence”. This effect can be, for example, on the hull and on the tower. First tank with sequence is Object 907.

Sequence is a smoke effect on a tank with 3D style. The 907’s style has a charred theme, and the textures on the tank slightly smoke.

All 6 styles are NOT for New Year’s lootboxes it is unknown how they will be distributed.

Progetto M40 mod. 65 „Aquilifer”

SU-130PM „Altai Fox”

Object 430U „Kelevra”


T-100 LT „Blunt-Nosed Viper”

Object 907 „Burnout”


FV4005 Stage II „Galahad”

Thanks to rykoszet and WoTExpress for these 🙂


0 thoughts on “WoT 1.7 Test Server – 3D styles for Object 907, FV4005 Stage II, Progetto M40 mod. 65, T-100 LT, Object 430U, SU-130PM.

    1. I hope I do, the skins that have been on sale so far have been overpriced as fuck. I\’d much rather get them out of lootboxes.

      1. That\’s just your luck.
        I spent way more on trying to buy lootboxes for the skins. Did not get a single one. I would have been off way better if I would have just bought them.

  1. Bringing in money through customization is great, but I\’m not sure I like these unrealistic styles… :/

      1. They will get an apploud when they deserve one 😉 Of course these camos are better from a balance perspective, but at the same time, where ever you turn your eyes in game all we will see is clown camos and clown models. Not really what I expected from a tank game :/

  2. The regular tank styles will likely be for the christmas lootboxes along with the grand prize being the SU-130PM bundled with its skin

    Seeing the 907 getting a skin gives me a very slight hope that the tank will end up in the bond shop and the skin will be a compensation for CW players.

  3. Most of the skins look pretty cool. However my worry is that wargaming carry on failing to actually fix large errors and issues with the game, like wheeled ebr105s, like broken overpowered tanks such as chieftain and 279e, nerving 430u noobject, nerfing rate of fire of noobject907, like the long awaited gold spam changes.
    Buffing or completely reworking tanks like t110e4, obj268, t110e5, the shitbarn needs buffing after wargamings failed nerf to it, making it just free xp. Amx30b needs buffing. Type 5 is unplayable now after failed nerf. Armour and weak spots are penned like butter, and it has a shit gun. When wargaming employ some humans with intelligence, then I’ll be happy.

  4. These look so good and I’d love to have them. That said I’m getting tired of seeing all the non-functional smoke projectors on tanks when they work both in War Thunder and Armored Warfare and are a really useful game mechanic.

    1. Yes, it\’d be a very interesting feature along with getting coaxial and other machineguns to work on just the wheeled vehicles >:D

      Plenty of scope for adding more tactical features and decisionmaking for players but WG have been happy with spamming the premium vehicles up until now.

      1. Tactical thinking and decision making is not something WoT players are good at. They drink beer after after work and play tanks \”for fun\” most likely without even opening the settings or changing their defeault ammo loadout. And since thy\’re the majority WG won\’t do something complicated to scare them away. There is a reason (other than it being a broken mess of a game) why War Thunder has like 50k online whil WoT enjoys 400-500k on RU during prime time.

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