First Public Test v9.14 is now Closed

The first Public Test of Version 9.14 is now officially closed. Wargaming thanks everyone for participating and we now have to wait for the second test server and see what changes come.

If you want you can still leave feedback on the official EU Forum. Remember, if we don’t speak up, they won’t change what we want them to change.


6 thoughts on “First Public Test v9.14 is now Closed

  1. I see issues with the test. First of all tanks became more unresponsive such as HTs with bad power to weight ratio (tiger II, kv4, kv5 etc.). With new physics you can no longer wiggle hull like you use to, and you cand drive back and fort quickly like on live server. This makes is easy as hell to get flanked as you cant turn the hull dowards the enemy fast enough. I have fucking 9k games on the tiger II, 7 skill crew and everything and on test server it was just not possible to play the same. The tiger II felt much more sluggish while brawling in close quarters (back, forth, left, right), and you got flanked easy as fuck since you couldnt turn around quickly enough towards the enemy. Usualy this is not possible on live server which is good. On the other hand the panther II felt more mobile and agile with the new physics, which tells the that WG in deed buffed the mobility or some shit on LTs, MTs and mobile HTs. For example my vk45a also felt more mobile on the test server as well as the caernarvon. So only the slowest HTs got a big nerf to their agileness. On the last test, my tiger II felt more agile despite the exaggerated delay when traversing. Now on this test the responsiveness is a bit better, but still the tank is alot less agile compared to live server. And lets face it, what feedback will WG get from this test? 70% of players drive high tier MTs and LTs or fast HTs, which benefited from this physics, the rest TDs and arty (I dont count those suckers).

    Also when you drive over terrain and stop the reticle jump up and down all time and it is impossible to drive up some terrain and aim and shoot fast like you can do now. It seem that LTs and MTs became more mobile, speeding up the game too much making slow HTs obsolete. Most games on the test server lasted 2-3 min, and that is not normal. I really dont hope this physics will make game too fast, since it will be a huge gap between fast and slow tanks, even more than now. Slow tanks are at least responsive on live server i.e. fgrom the moment you press the buttons the tank starts moving/turning. With the new physics the movement starts gradualy, while realistic, it is not good for the game dynamics.

    Then we also have the issue of gold ammo, how can WG even release a “quality” patch without changing gold ammo? As well as the stupid is6 HD armor buff. An alreaddy strong tank doing very well on global stats got a massive armor buff.


    1. Every 10 WN8, 0 experience tomato is getting himself Tier X tanks and of course everyone is spamming gold ammo since the beginning of the public tests, so you can’t really judge the length of battles and gold ammo usage, it’s always the same. Also gold ammo rebalance clearly wasn’t the focus of this patch, so whining about it doesn’t help.


      1. I have played every test, and the situation was not as bad as it is now. Add on top of that, the problem with being hit by arty easy as fuck, thanks to the new sluggish physics. The more unresponsive slow tanks get, the easier to get hit by arty and this is a side effect I dont think developers thought about when they nerfed slow heavys.


  2. On the forum, I saw tons of whines about arty, but not that much about OP tanks..

    So instead of adding more arty-hate, I said I don’t like OP tanks that come with every new line and that I don’t like the fact Tiers 3-4-5-7-9 have no dedicated modes (=>thing NONE asked for 😦 ).


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