First Public Test v9.14 is now Closed

The first Public Test of Version 9.14 is now officially closed. Wargaming thanks everyone for participating and we now have to wait for the second test server and see what changes come.


If you want you can still leave feedback on the official EU Forum. Remember, if we don’t speak up, they won’t change what we want them to change.

Wargaming EU wants your feedback

Decept1on from Wargaming Europe staff is gathering feedback on the Official Forum. This is an official data gathering and will be available until the 18th February. The questions he placed are:

  1. Nickname/Clan/Clan Position
  2. Top 3 thinks you don’t like in World of Tanks
  3. Top 3 thinks you don’t like in World of Tanks Clanwars gameplay
  4. Why do you play World of Tanks? What things you like the most? What do you receive from World of Tanks?

If you would like to let them know your thoughts, just visit the oficial forum post and leave a reply on the topic.


Remember, this is a good way of us players to show what we dislike and what we like in the game. Who knows, maybe Wargaming will start listening to the community? So the more of you that leave feedback, maybe, just maybe, will be better for all of us.