WoT Supertest: XM57

The XM57, a Tier VIII American tank destroyer, boasting exceptional armor and formidable firepower. Its large-caliber gun offers exceptional armor penetration of 270 mm with a unique alpha damage of 630 HP per shot.

Despite a modest top speed of 24 km/h, its robust 810 h.p. engine swiftly reaches and maintains peak velocity. Additionally, the heavily armored XM57 features a remarkable one-time damage-to-reload time ratio, delivering 630 HP of damage in around 16.4 seconds. A unique partial rotation turret, spanning an incredible 150 degrees, adds a tactical edge, catching adversaries off guard. Furthermore, its -7 degrees down and +15 degrees up of gun depression angles enable effective engagement from varied terrain. On top of this, the XM57 features a unique appearance and will make your presence known on any map.

How to Play the XM57

  • Use Armor and Firepower: With exceptional armor penetration and high alpha damage per shot, focus on engaging enemies in close combat.
  • Take advantage of the Partial Rotation Turret: Use this feature to surprise and outmaneuver opponents, maintaining a positional advantage in combat.
  • Master Terrain Advantage: Capitalize on the XM57’s gun depression angles of -7 degrees down and +15 degrees up. Position yourself strategically on uneven terrain to maximize your effectiveness, using natural cover to protect vulnerable areas.
  • Optimize Reload Time: Despite its slower reload time, make each shot count with the XM57’s impressive one-time damage. Maintain situational awareness and choose your shots carefully.
  • Team Support: Remember to support your team by providing fire support and holding key positions. This is a slow vehicle, so it also relies on allies for flank control.

8 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: XM57

  1. That is some scary HE ammo. Dang thats some next level bad accuracy though, aim time doesnt help any neither. Maybe this thing could find some use in that new bond accuracy equipment and a rotation mechanism. Odds are someones gonna try to flank it. Then finally loader I guess. Opinions?

    1. We need to wait to see it on tanks.gg to judge it’s armor profile and soft stats, or better yet, in-game. Gun handling right now reminds me of the Gonsalo’s, which looks absolutely terrible on paper, but is actually decent when you play it.

    2. I’ve got mixed feelings about the firepower. We’ve had ISU-152 in the game for years but that thing is a cardboard box with nothing but the gun. This in comparison looks much more flexible and survivable.

      Hard to judge now, testing will decide whether this tank is worth anything or if it’s another overnerfed dud.

  2. Not great dpm and gun handling isn’t great but big alpha and great pen. Plus 150 deg gun arc, means the gun has potential, depending on dispersion. Armor model and dispersion decides how good this tank will be but so fat, looks decently balanced imo

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