WoT 1.25 Common Test: Unique Crew Members for Season 14 of the Battle Pass (summer)

Chapter 1: Arthur “Cavalier” Connolly (crew member)

A guy from Manchester who was taught from childhood to value duty, honor and discipline above all else. It seemed that Arthur was always meant to be the leader.

Now he serves king and country, and his secret weapon is the endurance of a northerner, which helps him endure difficulties, and a bit of restrained English humor so as not to go crazy in the most tense situations. Arthur is a born diplomat and thoughtful strategist, he seems to glue the crew into one whole, maintaining strong determination and focus on the goal even in the heat of emotions.

Chapter 2: Jack “Ace” Murphy (crew member)

Jack has driven his commanders to the brink more than once because he hates rules and prefers to trust his instincts. Fortunately for everyone, he truly has amazing intuition and an incredible ability to successfully improvise in dangerous situations. Jack is assertive, courageous and competent beyond his years – the perfect American soldier in his crew, but with a touch of unpredictability that has more than once surprised the enemy. Jack is convinced that he will always win.

Chapter 3: Louis “Wolf” Dubois (crew member)

As a true patriot, Louis joined the ranks of the French Resistance immediately after the start of the occupation. But although he always strives to fight for what is right, Louis is not just an ardent idealist. His character is reminiscent of the harsh rocks of his native Normandy: he is a fearless fighter and a cunning tactician who never loses sight of the big picture. He has a goal and will stop at nothing to return freedom to France.

Additionally: Roman Wasilewski (crew member)

When Poland was engulfed in the fires of war, Roman realized that it was time to follow in the footsteps of those who fought for the freedom of his country centuries ago. He has excellent logical thinking and has a plan for any eventuality, so Roman demonstrates amazing calm even under intense fire. His kind heart and Polish hospitality help his comrades not to lose their presence of mind even in difficult times. But what really keeps Roman alive is the idea that the war will one day end and he will return home.

When recruiting, you can choose:
• nation;
• type of equipment and machine;
• speciality.

These crew members have a zero “Combat Brotherhood” skill and two 100% skills to choose from.
• There is no unique voice acting.

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  1. Also three battlepass-related premiums/camos.
    A Sherman, a Churchill, and an ARL44.

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