WoT Supertest: DZT-159

The DZT-159, a Tier IX Chinese assault medium tank with experimental jet boosters. Besides the jet boosters and its imposing look, the DZT-159 boasts a very sturdy turret, good hull armor, a base view range of 400 m, and a powerful 122 -mm gun.

The main armament’s key stats are its high damage per shot (440 HP), nice penetration values (260 mm for the standard AP shell), a base reload time of 11.7 seconds, and a maximum depression angle of –7°. The vehicle’s mobility is reasonable, with a base top forward speed of 40 km/h. In battle’s pivotal moments, it this can be improved with the experimental jet boosters. They work like regular jet boosters but are much more powerful (the boosters on the DZT-159 give significantly more thrust even though they are active for a shorter period of time), giving the tank a greater impulse—even though every charge works only for 5 seconds. On the plus side, DZT-159’s jet boosters have 7 charges per battle.

How to Play the DZT-159

  • Play aggressively: the tank’s protection, mobility, and firepower allow for that.
  • Engage enemies at close to medium range: the accuracy and aiming time of the gun make the tank naturally predisposed towards this.ward close-range combat.
  • Trade punches: your protection will help mitigate part ofsome incoming damage, and your combination of high damage per shot, good DPM, and high armor penetration will help you emerge victorious.
  • Use the jet boosters creatively: activate them to claim good positions and ram less massive opponents with weaker armor.
  • Use terrain folds: the gun depression of –7° isn’t an outstanding value, but it’s workable.

Additional stats on the DZT-159

  • Terrain Resistance: 1.1/1.2/2.5
  • Power/Weight ratio: 14.1 h.p/t
  • Power: 580 h.p
  • Weight: 41t

3 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: DZT-159

  1. That turret face looks immune to most standard ammo but virtually naked against premium shells.

    A worse 121 at the end of the day, shame it powercreeps WZ-120.

  2. Looks cool, id buy. Hopefully it has reasonable weaksopts if this things gun is good enough. Whats the top speed you can get with maxed equiptment? 69 with bond turbo and maybe 1~3 more with field mods? I havent memorized field mod stuff.

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