So What is Up With This Thing?

114 SP 2 (Unfinished model)
     Is this an SPG? No. Is it a new heavy tank? No. Is it a clan wars reward tank? How many of those do they need to have anyway? No, this is the new TD everyone has been talking about recently the 114 SP 2. It is a Chinese BC 155 58 combined with a Borrasque and knockoff Russian bias. (Minus the clip) Why Wargaming felt the need for a mini FV4005 I do not know.

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Mirny-13 Event Vehicles Preview

     By now, it’s most likely not a secret to you that Wargaming is going to add a Halloween event very shortly in 2020. However, with some of Wargaming’s recent activities, some of you may have noticed, that some of the events lately have contained a storyline, continuity, and lore, that ties multiple events together. So far they have dropped many hints about what the new event could be. It would be overreaching at best to speculate how the mode would work, but a lot of the vehicles are easy to understand if you are willing to hear me out and use your imagination a little.

Reactor Core from the trailer

The more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed this frame in the trailer when you first watched it. The tanks have energy weapons on them, the same type of weapons that the T-55 Thunderbolt had in The Last Waffenträger event that ended recently. Even more difficult to notice, there are many hints and suggestions in that recent event saying Von Krieger managed to turn into a pure energy form somehow. So is the reactor Von Krieger himself? I mean, when you defeat the Waffenträger in the event he insists that was not the last you will see more of him.

Object 017-F”Hedgehog” and Fireball

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Murazor Demoted from Balance Dept.

Apparently Murazor has been demoted from the WoT Balance Department and will now work as Slava Makarov’s consultant of R&D (however will be a subordinate to Slava). The balance department is led by Yuriy Filipovskiy who is quoted in WG clips as “Lead Balance Designer”.


Rumor has it that Murazor’s stance to the community (as an example; see his latest Q&A) was not appreciated by Wargaming, which led to this decision.

Murazor has made himself famous with statements like:  “Heavies shouldn’t be able to be penned frontally”.

Let’s hope that no future Obj 268 V4s will be allowed into the game!


Armor changes in 9.15: T-127 & T67

Armor changes in 9.15: M60 & AMX-13-90