World of Tanks Server Maintenance


Seems tomorrow, February 18th, we got incoming maintenance on several servers across all Communities.

North America Servers

  • West Server – From 03:30 AM (PST) and to take about 25 minutes;

European Servers

  • EU 1 Server – From 06:30 AM (CET) and to take about 25 minutes;

There will also be some maintenance in the Russian servers and it will take nearly 2 hours. GhostPrime from the NA Forums advised that NA Server will receive Micropatch 9.13_6, not sure if this will apply to the European Servers.

So if you plan to play early tomorrow… then you’ll have to start a bit later and sleep a bit more. It’s good that they let us know about this on hidden posts in the Official Forum, instead of a small post in the news so we could all know straight away… Wargaming being Wargaming.