MLI-84M Mortar Variant: When you can’t put an old dog down

A silhouetted illustration from the patent of the 120mm mortar armed MLI-84M variant. The rear access doors are missing.

On the 25th of September, 2015, Pro Optica S.A. and MFA S.A. Mizil, two prominent Romanian defense companies, filed a patent for a new variant of the MLI-84M. The five inventors who were credited on the patent were Lespezeanu Ion, Jipa Vasile, Oțelea Traian, Șerbănescu Paul, and Mareș Marcel. This MLI-84M variant is equipped with a 120mm mortar and carries some unique features. There is no real name given to this variant, however, MFA’s official website has it listed under “Future Military products”, but the link leads to a couple of images of the MLVM variant with a 120mm mortar, a MLVM variant which MFA has deemed as one of their “Past Military products”.

MLVM armed with a domestic 120mm M1982 mortar. The newly discovered 120mm mortar armed MLI-84M variant is likely the spiritual successor of this vehicle. Image source:

MFA’s website refers to it as “120mm Mortar on MLI-84M chassis” and the patent refers to it as ‘Mașina de Luptă cu Sistem de Armament Tip Aruncator Calibru 120mm, Integrat’ which translates in English to ‘Fighting Vehicle with a 120mm Caliber Mortar Type Armament System’.

The purpose of this vehicle is to support ground forces directly by ensuring the annihilation and neutralization of enemy personnel, equipment, and positions using its 120mm mortar. In addition, the invention brings an increase of firepower, precision, mobility, and modularity. Presumably, compared to the 120mm mortar carrying MLVM variant which it may or may not be replacing.

So far, whether the vehicle design has been built, still in development, or the project was scrapped entirely is unknown.

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Wargaming’s Hilarious VK 168.01 Backstory

The VK 168.01 received a hilarious backstory with a new name and paint job to go with it. According to Google translate, ‘Mauerbrecher’ means ‘wall breaker’ which fits with the theme of the tank. According to the description, the Wargaming claims that the VK 168.01 was built to defend Berlin around April-May in 1945. Then, it happened to sink into a subway tunnel until it was found again in 1989 and was used as a ram by the West Berliners to demolish the Berlin wall separating East and West Berlin.

This, as you likely know, is a load of absolute BS.  Not only was the VK 168.01 not built (it was an earlier design of the Maus), the whole nonsense story is false. Normally, I wouldn’t be making this post, but since WG omitted a confession in the description saying it was false or alt-history, I felt inclined to give my opinion and make people aware.

The cynical part of me wants to think that this is a way for WG to prey on the less historically oriented or children.

Romanian Tech Tree Q&A Responses

Link to the original article with the proposal

therealisnes: Interesting proposition, thanks for sharing it. Can you tell us some details about the Centurion Mk 5/1 and the CEGA/IND please? Also imagine the shitstorm if the Romanian tech tree got the Zrínyi II earlier than the Hungarians would get it. :D

A: Thanks for the compliment! Anyhow, according to Ion Mihai Pacepa’s damning exposé, “Red Horizons: Chronicles of a Communist Spy Chief”, the Romanian government was able to obtain Western designs through various insidious manners. If you don’t know who Pacepa is, he is the highest ranking officer to ever defect from the Eastern Bloc and was a three-star general of the Securitate (essentially, the Romanian KGB). I know some Romanians that have strong negative feelings about him.

Normally, I wouldn’t give his book much thought. However, one peculiar piece of information caught my eyes. Before I elaborate on it, let me explain what the Cega/Independence (Independence was shorten to IND) is.

According to Pacepa, Romanian intelligence was able to sneakily obtain plans on a “Leopard 2”. However, the plans for the engine were too detailed and complicated to copy and manufacture. As a result, they somehow got the president of the engine manufacturer of the “Leopard 2” to help them out with their troubles. Romania built a husk of the “Leopard 2”. It was pretty much a metal husk, no engines, weaponry, etc. They eventually completed the whole thing. The name “Cega” is a mix of ‘Ce’ from Ceausescu, the Romanian communist leader at the time and ‘ga’ from Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator who was funding Romania’s tank program and whom the tank was intended for. The vehicle wasn’t intended for Romania’s national security and it wasn’t only intended for Libya. It was also an export vehicle which Romania could make a profit from so it another name which was “Independence”.

The reason why i believe this to be true is due to the fact the Cega/Independence had difficulties involving the engine which the TR-77/TR-800 (a spiritual precursor to the TR-85) as well. The TR-85 and TR-77/TR-800 had a West German MTU engine which developed 830 hp. This is very similar to the one on the Leopard 1 which also had an MTU engine.  This is why I believe that the Cega/Independence was actually a Leopard 1.

About the Centurion, this may get a bit political, Romania apparently exchanged Romanian Jewish people for an Israeli Centurion and then wanted plans of the Centurion. They also considered producing the Centurion.

Even though you didn’t ask about the AMX-13, I’ll throw it in here since it’s related. The PLO supposedly gifted a tank which very much sounds like an ex-Israeli AMX-13 to the Romanians. They also considered producing it. I’m in the midst of making an article on the Cega/Independence and will be providing some speculation and skepticism.

You’re definitely right about the Zrinyi II, but I threw it in because why not. I’m happy to remove it, there are enough TD premiums already.

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Romanian WoT Tech Tree Q&A

Before I go on, I have to give FastestClassic a huge thanks for creating the image you see above. Please visit his site and download his tank skins and modpacks for WoT if you like his stuff (link here).

Edit: forgot to mention that a Romanian interactive tech tree which would essentially be the Romanian version of the original Czech interactive tech tree and Mizuyatio’s interactive tech tree will come soon™ and by “soon™” I mean a decent while.

Catching up

For people who haven’t stuck around on this website for a long while, I’ve been working on a Romanian tech tree. It would seem that I have neglected it, but I’ve been trying my best to research new armored vehicles and I haven’t come up empty handed.

Romania’s military archives still haven’t been explored by me and my colleagues, however we have hit the Bucharest Military Museum’s archives and found a decent amount of information, most of which is not really applicable to World of Tanks.

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Do You Want to Become an Expert on the TOG?

A new book has hit the market. If you’re a fan of giant sausage tanks like the TOG-2 and TOG-1, this book may be for you. This book is promising more than 400 pages of accurate information on not only the TOG 1 and 2, but various other side projects and proposals TOG (The Old Gang) group has done. The information is based off of archives from the Australia, Canada, UK, and US so expect detailed, accurate information. Perhaps you should consider purchasing this over your next tier 8 or rank 4/5 premium, I sure will, it’s a steal for 40 dollars ;)

Edit: I mistakenly implemented links for the Amazon homepage. They’re fixed now and will lead to the book.

Amazon US Link
Amazon UK Link



What is the “Super Conqueror” in World of Tanks?

So what is the Super Conqueror? The “Super Conqueror”, in World of Tanks, is a new tier 10 British heavy tank that will be replacing the the old, but fake FV215b. Seemingly, it is a regular Conqueror with additional armor and spaced armor. I’d say that a decent amount of people don’t know what it is, most people know what it’s intended to be, and relatively few people know what it actually is and how it is represented in World of Tanks compared to real life.

The so-called “Super Conqueror”

The “Super Conqueror” that we see in World of Tanks is based off of a static target and a separate blueprint turret design. The name “Super Conqueror” refers to a particular Conqueror with additional protection (shown in the image above) used as a target, however the name isn’t real and likely never had one since it was a static target to be used to test various weaponry and was also never considered as a real combat vehicle. The closest thing to a name for this particular Conqueror is “Conqueror Tanks with Additional Ballistic Protection”.

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