Tiger 131 Coming Soon to WoT PC

The Tiger 131 is going to be released soon next week, maybe Thursday for WoT PC, according to a trusty source, closely related to WG.


Leaker’s Opinion on WoWp 2.0

Thanks goes to spy99 for the opinion piece about WoWp 2.0.

“Greetings everyone,

As you maybe can guess: I have participated in the Wowp 2.0 testing and leaked one or the other thing. Normally i wouldn’t dream of leaking something but i wanted to make an exception for this game as my biggest fear is that the WoWp veterans could get WG to drop the whole patch as they don’t like the changes at all. They can’t see the main problem which is: If nobody wants these changes and the game would stay as it is now, nobody would pick it up and the player numbers would stay similar atm and on the worst case would start dropping since Studia Persha does not get enough money for development to put out a decently sized patch every 2 months.

In the long run, such a game wouldn’t be able to survive as it is under life support by WG. This patch it the last chance this game gets.

And now that the second testing phase is over right now i want to address the changes and plans to the live version of WoWp and WoWp 2.0.

Conquest gamemode:

It is a fun gamemode which is a huge improvement over the current one since it it much clearer how to gain points for the ticket counter. The ability to respawn is a nice addition and really allows you to be more aggressive if it just means to capture a base.

The different effects for different objectives is also really interesting.

For one you have the Airfields which either heal you when you fly within their range or they shorten your respawn time allowing you to be back in the fight much sooner.

The factory does give your team a massive amount of points every 1.5 minutes ( guessed).

military bases or missile bases launch an attack at a neutral or enemy base with either bombers or missiles. The addition of AI planes defending the Bases pretty much forces you to attack a base in a group as a solo attack will likely result in destruction.

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Supertest: Otto Carius’ Tiger 217 Tier 6 Premium German Heavy Tank

This is the Tiger which the famous German tanker, Otto Carius, commanded. We now have both major Tiger I variants as premiums. The Tiger 131 being a Tiger I Ausf H and the Tiger 217 being a Tiger I Ausf E.

In April 1944, Otto Carius got the Tiger tank no. 217 under his command. He commanded it only until July 1944 because of his battle wounds. The tank itself was blown up under Baltyisk (Pillau) in 1945 because it was unfit for further duty.

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Supertest: WZ-111 5A Chinese Tier 10 Heavy Tank

The WZ-111 5A maybe a replacement for the 113 or accompany it as a secondary tier 10 heavy.

Tier: Tier 10 Chinese Heavy Tank
HP: 2200
Engine power: 750 hp
Weight: 50 tons
Power-to-weight: 15 hp/t
Speed: 50/-15 km/h
Hull rotation: 36 degrees per second
Turret rotation: 26 degrees per second
View range: 400 m
Radio range: 750 m

Hull armor: 140mm/120mm/60mm
Turret armor: 300mm/180mm/60mm

Gun: 130 mm 59-130TA

Alpha damage: 490/490/640
Penetration: 250mm/340mm/65mm
Rate of fire: 5.36 rounds per minute
Damage per minute: 2626.4
Reload time: 11.2 seconds
Accuracy: 0,39
Aiming time: 2.5 seconds
Depression: -10/+23

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