World of Warplanes to Release Tomorrow

WoWp 2.0 will release tomorrow, here is a basic summary and the trailer.


Do You Want to Become an Expert on the TOG?

A new book has hit the market. If you’re a fan of giant sausage tanks like the TOG-2 and TOG-1, this book may be for you. This book is promising more than 400 pages of accurate information on not only the TOG 1 and 2, but various other side projects and proposals TOG (The Old Gang) group has done. The information is based off of archives from the Australia, Canada, UK, and US so expect detailed, accurate information. Perhaps you should consider purchasing this over your next tier 8 or rank 4/5 premium, I sure will, it’s a steal for 40 dollars ;)

Edit: I mistakenly implemented links for the Amazon homepage. They’re fixed now and will lead to the book.

Amazon US Link
Amazon UK Link



What is the “Super Conqueror” in World of Tanks?

So what is the Super Conqueror? The “Super Conqueror”, in World of Tanks, is a new tier 10 British heavy tank that will be replacing the the old, but fake FV215b. Seemingly, it is a regular Conqueror with additional armor and spaced armor. I’d say that a decent amount of people don’t know what it is, most people know what it’s intended to be, and relatively few people know what it actually is and how it is represented in World of Tanks compared to real life.

The so-called “Super Conqueror”

The “Super Conqueror” that we see in World of Tanks is based off of a static target and a separate blueprint turret design. The name “Super Conqueror” refers to a particular Conqueror with additional protection (shown in the image above) used as a target, however the name isn’t real and likely never had one since it was a static target to be used to test various weaponry and was also never considered as a real combat vehicle. The closest thing to a name for this particular Conqueror is “Conqueror Tanks with Additional Ballistic Protection”.

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Open Test for WoWp 2.0

WoWp 2.0 test serer has opened up to the public for anyone to join.

In order to join the test server. Go onto the Wargaming Game Launcher and press ‘All Games’ on the top left. Then press ‘Install Game by ID’ on the top right and enter this code WOWP.CT.OPENTEST2017@ 

You’ll then download the test server and thus play the game. If you want to find regular updates of WoWp 2.0, it’ll be available on the official site.

Here is a list of things to expect on the test server.

-New bomber class
-Improved graphics
-New Conquest mode
-Being able to switch to rear gunners
-New sound effects and reworked engine and gun sounds