What is the “Super Conqueror” in World of Tanks?

So what is the Super Conqueror? The “Super Conqueror”, in World of Tanks, is a new tier 10 British heavy tank that will be replacing the the old, but fake FV215b. Seemingly, it is a regular Conqueror with additional armor and spaced armor. I’d say that a decent amount of people don’t know what it is, most people know what it’s intended to be, and relatively few people know what it actually is and how it is represented in World of Tanks compared to real life.

The so-called “Super Conqueror”

The “Super Conqueror” that we see in World of Tanks is based off of a static target and a separate blueprint turret design. The name “Super Conqueror” refers to a particular Conqueror with additional protection (shown in the image above) used as a target, however the name isn’t real and likely never had one since it was a static target to be used to test various weaponry and was also never considered as a real combat vehicle. The closest thing to a name for this particular Conqueror is “Conqueror Tanks with Additional Ballistic Protection”.

In early 1957, the up-armored, static Conqueror was apart of a 2nd iteration of a series where anti-tank warheads were trialed, particularly the capped American T42 “Dart” HEAT warhead and a single uncapped experimental “Malkara” HEAT warhead, against armored tanks. This was to test whether they would be usable as ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles). The 1st iteration of the series used an up-armored Centurion 3 that was, and I quote, “substantially identical” to this up-armored Conqueror. Meaning, that there is a Centurion 3 up-armored the same as this Conqueror with the nose plate and mantlet being omitted on the Centurion 3.

The drawing on the left is the experimental British uncapped “Malkara” HEAT warhead with a copper hemispherical liner. The drawing on the right is the American T42 “Dart” HEAT warhead with an aluminum liner. The two drawings are not to scale with each other.

This particular Conqueror was rebuilt from prototype components. It was up-armored by welding five strips of 20mm applique armor across the Conqueror’s 130mm upper front glacis plate, bringing the thickness up to 150mm. In addition, it received 14mm Burster plates that served as spaced armor. The 14mm Burster plates weren’t unique to this Conqueror, Conquerors in service were readily capable of receiving them since they were stored at depots. The reason why it never was actively fitted was to protect them from damage.

This up-armored Conqueror was stowed with a mix of APDS, HESH, and empty cartridge casings for the trials. The crew positions in the tanks were filled with test dummies and live rabbits to simulate the effects of the warheads on a human.

Round 1 through 5 are photographs of the T42 “Dart” and its impact on the target. Round 6 is the experimental “Malkara”.

Five handpicked T42 “Dart” warheads were fired at the Conqueror and the results yielded that the performance of the warhead on heavy tanks were “extremely marginal”. It did not produce much mechanical damage both on the exterior and interior of the tank. In order for the warhead to produce a “kill” (the British, at the time, defined ‘kill’ as the main gun being destroyed, no crew is available to man the main gun, or an immobilization), it would rely on ammunition combustion and crew lethality via fragmentation and burns. Overall, the British concluded that the T42 would make an effective weapon if the aluminum conical liner was exchanged with a copper conical liner. The single experimental uncapped “Malkara” warhead produced a kill on its single trial, though it was concluded that a single trial is not enough to determine the lethality of the warhead.

The up-armored Conqueror after being fired upon.

In the end, the so-called “Super Conqueror” ended up being destroyed and forgotten with time until recently.

The turret

At face value, the turret of World of Tanks’ Super Conqueror looks identical or at least very similar to the up-armored Conqueror. However, behind the spaced armor and the regular Conqueror mantlet, the turret is completely different.

The turret that the “Super Conqueror” in World of Tanks utilizes was a real turret proposal that never materialized. The whole point of the proposal was to improve the ballistic shape of the Conqueror’s turret since the original turret was deemed unsatisfactory. The hatch to throw away spent casings were moved to the middle, right of the turret instead of the left, rear. The gunner was moved to the enlarged sleeker cupola, meaning that he was beside the commander. The frontal turret armor thickness were 13.5 inches (342.9mm) and the sides were 7 inches (177.8mm).

WoT’s Super Conqueror from a top perspective. As you can see, the turret is shaped very differently compared to the regular Conqueror and the cupola and hatch match the drawing of the turret proposal.

Overall, the armor protection of the turret seems rather promising.


As I stated in the beginning of the article, WoT’s Super Conqueror is a mix of two different things. The hull comes from an up-armored, static Conqueror that was used as a target and never intended for combat and the turret is a real proposal that would have improved armor protection. Historical-wise, it is not perfect, though it is better than the completely fake FV215b.

“Unconquerable” on Overlord’s Blog


56 thoughts on “What is the “Super Conqueror” in World of Tanks?

    1. Yes, since the FV215 was only 1 project that leaded to FV215b 183 (as namd in world of tanks.
      There wasn’t any plan to put conqueror’s turret and gun on it, so even the name FV215b 183 is fake and should be renamed to FV215
      So FV215b 183 has fake name and FV215b is quite a big fake (maybe bigger than E 50 M)


      1. but there is also FV 215a AVRE, so, it is impossible that the FV 215b 120 what juste an idea in the developpement of FV 215b ? like a purpose on what armament can they put on the new FV 215 chassis

        sorry for my english, i’m french


        1. The historical name of what we have in game as the FV215b 183, is FV215b. WarGaming added the 183 to distinguish it from the made-up heavy tank of the same name.


  1. Thx for this article. I did know they added these 14mm plates, And I know about that newer turret that Listy founded (even that it can fit a better gun) But I didn’t knew about that 20mm they added to the 130mm hull base. 🙂

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  2. but there is also FV 215a AVRE, so, it is impossible that the FV 215b 120 what juste an idea in the developpement of FV 215b ? like a purpose on what armament can they put on the new FV 215 chassis

    sorry for my english, i’m french


    1. No, the tank as we have it in the game right now has been officially confirmed to be a 100% fabrication by WG, they said it themselves.

      Outside of that, this article covers about all I know about this thing. I’m glad WG decided to use Dave Lister’s find and I hope they compensate him for it…

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  3. lol, yet another mid modern tank set up to over match the wwII design philosophy of the vastly over matched German T10 HT’s.. how is it that every other country has ‘modern’ HT’s and MBT’s but the Germans are stuck with the WWII era shit, where are the MBT-70’s and EuroPanzer ( which is in play as the french built version AMX 30 How about more iterations of the leopard up to at very least the years of the ‘new’ tanks being added to other nations, in that time period the 107 went to a 120mm Rhm gun and added spaced armour exactly like this tank is looking to be fitted with.


    1. The Germans literally have no post-war heavy tank project of any kind.

      They do have a series of late German WWII heavy tanks that should, on paper, perform well. Though, when applied to real life, they do have some real logistical and mechanical issues.

      The Conqueror is very much a World War II design. Its development stretches back all the way back to 1944-ish.

      However, tanks such as the Centurion, Leopard, STB-1, M48A5, etc that are armed with 105mm L7 have heavily nerfed penetration. They are penetrating around 100mm less than they should be. Conqueror is also included since it’s main ammunition is APDS. It never had AP

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      1. sorry, they did, besides what there, the Leopard alone when through 16 distinct iterations from prototype 1 in 1956 to the final ‘Sere’ product in 1967 , pre Leopard 1 These would be equivalent to the MANY ‘obj’ variants brought into the game by WG on the Russian lines. and would range from T7 to T9 easily. With Leo 1 variants being at T10 ( similar to the T10 mbt ( med) and it’s variants.

        There is the MBT-70 project that would fit nicely at a T10 heavy slot replacing the vastly out classed E100 or overly buffed Maus at T10.

        starting in 1959 there were no less then 24 versions of the Jagdpanzer cannon from a slightly over powered RU 90mm gun to a 105, 120 and 122 gun all prototypes.

        further to the production of the MBT/KPz 70, and in parallel to the final stages of the Leo 1 program the Leo 2 program was started in 1971 with the Leo 2 prototype, ( the spin off fromt he MBT 70 in the US was the XM-1 ).

        1970 the RU 211 ( 23 ton Marder) program that saw a 120mm on a severely sloped surfaced TD. similar to a non articulating Swedish TD, that carried a 120mm gun.

        there was a whole slew of paper tanks from 1958, in the book ‘Panzer of the Bundeswehr and its allies’

        the Spz ( Kurtz) light tank program in 1968 ( the Spic is the least capable version of that family and the HWK-11 in game,was never anything but a personnel carrier, the gun was never a slow loading 90mm but a 30 mm auto cannon HS30 hochkiss
        or a version ( Kurtrz 11-2 ) with a 20 mm BMK L / 85 , both were non occupied mini turrets.

        the actual SP1C is a non designation the real name is SPz Kurtz Jagdpanzer 75mm BK a super light TD with a 75mm gun only.

        the RU 211 was presented in 1962 followed up by the the RU 261 & RU 362 and RU 312 candidates carried with them a 20 mm auto cannon gun tower. Delivery in 1979 of the SPz Marder 1 A1 should make it into the game given the shelf life of the models existing in game from other countries and even the Leo 1

        so that’s not a complete list, but a good one to show that there are lots of tanks , made by Germany or has German involvement in the development with their own, distinct prototype path.. that should be in game, but are not. Excuse any possible mistakes but my German is at best, shite

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          1. MBT 70 is the also the XM-1 which is the lead up to the M1A1, Kpz 70 lead to the Leo 2, again, in this day and age a rather ‘heavy’ tank. The only country that actually invested in traditional ‘heavies of any kind was Russians till the late 50’s then they stopped and moved to a MBT like the rest of the world, So your comment is a strawman and has no basis for argument.. but whatever you need to to do to justify your head space kid.

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            1. Why are you so passive aggressive? Anyways, I really don’t consider the MBT-70 a heavy. Perhaps, you could say that in wot it could work as a heavy, and to some degree, I agree. In real life, heavies were a concept that was pretty much dead in the late 60’s and 70’s. Not to mention that the Kpz 70/MBT 70 are rather thinly armored


              1. so if you realize that the heavies were dead by then, why are you then looking for them from the Germans?. ALL tanks are rather thinly armored relying of passive systems and composite layers to do the work, hence the death of heavies. Your original comment makes no sense given what you just said you know.. it’;s not out of the realm of WG to modify tanks or completely change them to suit what they want to happen. Started way back in the alpha and beta of the game when the russians cried like school girls when the then historically accurate 88 was chewing up the soviet tanks. Nurfed about 8 times before it got a small buff just recently. As per an old article from FTR..


                1. Dude, there’re no german heavy tanks project post WW2. They moved to MBTs and lights. Maus and E 100 are the best you can get for a german tier X HT. Everything you said is not about heavy tanks but MBTs and lights. I can only agree that Leo 1 could use a buff.


        1. You just labled the MBT-70 and Leo 2 in there. How would they be balanced. One is a light spaced armoured design that can do 60kph+ face most shells frontally and has a 152mm main gun with decent gun depression and the Leo 2 used composite armour with a smoothbore gun.

          The Leo 2 is out because of composite armour + smoothbore gun. Both things that WG won’t put in at t10 (maybe t11 or Wot 2.0 if the game doesn’t die before they’re released)

          And the MBT-70 would be the most broken op tank in the game. You will have light tank maneuverability, td firepower, brit/american gun depression with armour that would probably be better than the Chinese heavies. Sure it would be weak from the side, but so is every medium and most other heavies, and you could give it a historically inaccurate silly long reload but it still would make every tank in the game obsolete overnight.

          Germany already has 2 td lines, They don’t need a 3rd for a while. There are many better things that can be implemented

          Their lack of suitable heavy tank designs that fit the post war period (due to their deign rationale of speed and firepower, leo 1) means that the heavy tank lines will be stuck for a while while people continue digging for suitable candidates.

          They don’t need another med line, some changes or slight buffs to the leo 1 and 50m would be nice though.

          Your light tank suggestions are are good though, but balancing 20-30mm auto cannons at high tiers will take a while. It would be nice to seem them introduced in a new tree later with british light tanks and other high tier auto cannon lights though.


          1. so it’s ok for there to be a Russian T-60 in there up against a WWII E100 ( 20 years difference) but it’s totally outrageous to put a German talk of the same generation as the T-60 in there. It’s ok for there to be non existent advanced paper auto loader heavies with speeds as fast as lights..and it’s ok for them to go up against wwII level tanks in the German line.

            But god forbid you add in equal generation German tanks huh.. awesome rationalized though process.
            The panther line and the main heavy line that leads to the VK30/36/45 should be removed, everyone knows that the tiger. tiger II and so on are playing at least 1 tier too high.

            The only line that makes partial sense is the Leo 1 line and even then the leo 1 has no chance in this game, the way it’s designed. The Leo relied on technology and extreme accuracy to survive, that’s been taken away from it , so its soft and has no place on most maps We use it as a scout in T10 CL, because that’s about all it can do, can’t fight with the 24 T and can’t pen the russians or americans frontally, but they can sure as hell rip up the leo frontally, without gold.

            Keep in mind that my clan is in the top 100 in NA and we ONLY use German tanks. We know the weaknesses of them in CL across the tiers and we are pretty much stalled in CL due to the meta tanks and pure overpowering nature of all other nations modern tanks.

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            1. You think a t62a with standard armour and a rifled gun is equal to a Leo 2 with composite armour and a smoothbore gun? Or the MBT-70 that outguns, out armours and outmaneuvers almost every tank in the game. Their equal is the t64 and that thing will break the game just as hard with it’s comp armour and smoothbore gun? If you want to balance by design year/year of introduction then the Tiger 1 should be down at t4 or 5.

              The time period isn’t the problem, the balancing is. The Maus is a mid-late WW2 design and became one of the best tanks overnight totally outmatching just about every tank in the game including tanks 10-15+ years it’s elder because of some “trigger happy” balancing.

              And I used to be in OMNI and F15. I know their weaknesses… The meta changes unfortunately, you have to adapt. It used to be e5’s, then it changed to 113’s now 5a’s. It used to be Wt-e100’s then grille 15’s now Strv’s. It used to be 140’s now it’s 907’s.

              I even said in my comment that the Leo 1 and 50m need a buff to make them competitive… In the case of the Leo it’s not a bad tank, just the maps that have been added and the ones that were removed have made the game a 200m corridor brawl fest with no room for movement. The one thing the Leo doesn’t do well and it does need changes to make it competitive on more than just 2-3 maps.

              No idea why you’re getting so worked up, the way you’re talking you just seem annoyed that you only play with german tanks and they’re not in the meta currently.


      1. You boot tim, he got iron cross 4 brawerey keel maney nazie n also reep german woman berlin 1942 hehe desrve it women no white man nazie protec own women frm allies.


  4. I think we should all be just a little be annoyed at this entire mess. Why replace the Cheiftan, that you already built a model for, that existed, that is pretty, that everyone wanted, that made sense to follow the Conq…..with a ^&$#^ing target tank!


    1. Because chieftain can have it’s own branch (like litteraly from tier II ti tier X) II – A7 Medium ,III – A1E1 Independant, IV – A20 Prototype,V – Valiant, VI – Super excelsior, VII – FV201 or Churchill AVRE )with L9 165mm howitzer), VIII – FV429, IX – FV4201, X – chieftain Mk.6

      So what do you think?


      1. I personally wouldn’t mind as long as I wouldn’t have to grind through the Churchills and Black Prince, or any similar tank for that matter. All I can hope for is a mini-branch from tier 8 Centurion 1\Caernarvon.


    2. Because WG know that it is arguably the most in demand tank in the game and by making a whole new line for it they A) can milk a load of money from free xp conversion and B) if the game starts dying they can introduce it to get plenty of people back playing again for a while.

      I guarantee you if this game died overnight, ie half it’s playerbase stopped paying and stopped playing you would magically see WG announce that the Chieftain is ready and will be released in the next patch. They’re saving it as their shot of adrenaline. So when the game is dying that can give it that one last little bit of life before it flatlines forever.

      I’ve been waiting for the Chieftain for 3-4 years now and when I saw it’s completed model I started saving free xp (at about 650-700k now) so I wouldn’t have to hand over a penny to WG for when they finally released it. aaaaaaaaand then after releasing the hd model and testing it and seeing how popular it was it mysteriously disappeared… It’s been out on the console for months now for crying out loud.


      1. Chieftain as it is in the game files and on Chinese server right now is at this point just and inferior M48. It has good gun. That’s it though. Slow, massive LFP that everything will penetrate, turret with fairly big cupola, no side armor and cheeks so can’t sidescrape… Hardly a tier 12 tank.


  5. Kudos to Tarix819 because this is his work, here is a tech tree that ends in a Chieftain and one ending with the super Conq.
    [Also Seb please ban posters who make anti-semitic comments from these forums, it’s not clever and it reduces the readability of the blog]

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  6. What’s the purpose of this “gutter” under the barrel? It is not there on the real life screen but WG added it anyway. Why? What should it do? Protect the barrel against fragmentation? Collecting rain water for a cup of tea?


    1. Because the gun is literally the most important part of the tank, it is a shield to deflect spalling or ricochets from the hull that bounce upwards. Its actual effectiveness can be debated however, but since this is a target mock up and not an actual tank that drove and fought its purpose may be insignificant.


  7. I would rather have a tank that makes sense vs the rest of the line, or at least the high tiers in this case that is half fake. Vs one that makes even less sense, and don’t represent the grind up in terms of gameplay even. But was a real tank etc. The Lorr 40t is a perfect example of that. Real, but did not fit in between the 13 90 and BC style. Or even the recently reworked German HT’s, vs the old line and going from medium heavy, to a rear turreted heavy, to a super heavy.


  8. It isn’t “based off of” it is “based “on” or “derived from”, ” off of ” is non sequitur, makes no sense and is appalling English.


  9. I like it more than the FV215b… The gameplay is less: Going to shit, going to shit – hurray epick battle!
    and more: Great battle, good battle, bad battle, great battle (Like really I did over 8k dmg in my Fv215b couple of times but moments where you just can’t do anything because your tank is shit was too common in FV215b…


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