Open Test for WoWp 2.0

WoWp 2.0 test serer has opened up to the public for anyone to join.

In order to join the test server. Go onto the Wargaming Game Launcher and press ‘All Games’ on the top left. Then press ‘Install Game by ID’ on the top right and enter this code WOWP.CT.OPENTEST2017@ 

You’ll then download the test server and thus play the game. If you want to find regular updates of WoWp 2.0, it’ll be available on the official site.

Here is a list of things to expect on the test server.

-New bomber class
-Improved graphics
-New Conquest mode
-Being able to switch to rear gunners
-New sound effects and reworked engine and gun sounds


19 thoughts on “Open Test for WoWp 2.0

      1. Tell me your secrets. I’ve got an i5 4460, an R9 290 and 8 gigs of RAM and I got terrible FPS drops even on minimum settings and my average FPS is around 40-50.

        This is the only game I have issues with.


  1. This one is conflicting. Veterans hate it and newcomers like it, I’m not sure keeping which group satisfied is better for game’s long turn survival…


    1. Well there are not that many veterans….
      So if they manage to bring enough newcomers to the game they win if not they finally killed wowp after all this years


      1. I looked at the forum post about this test and it has a whopping 3 pages of response …
        And one mentioned a playerbase of 800 (EU)
        So you dont even need a big new playerbase to counter that.

        But i am really curious how much money those few guys must have spend in the game to give WG a justification not to shut down the servers…


      1. Yeah, seems like a last push for attracting new customers is the way to go for WoWp. If it succeeds, splendid! If it fails tho then WG can pull the plug for good.


  2. so whats even the point of this article? WoWP is more dead then AW NA afew months back i played and went from 1 to 6 and saw a whopping 11 real players while on AW NA i see a good 20-30 people and not have the same exact people match after match after mactch.


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