Do You Want to Become an Expert on the TOG?

A new book has hit the market. If you’re a fan of giant sausage tanks like the TOG-2 and TOG-1, this book may be for you. This book is promising more than 400 pages of accurate information on not only the TOG 1 and 2, but various other side projects and proposals TOG (The Old Gang) group has done. The information is based off of archives from the Australia, Canada, UK, and US so expect detailed, accurate information. Perhaps you should consider purchasing this over your next tier 8 or rank 4/5 premium, I sure will, it’s a steal for 40 dollars 😉

Edit: I mistakenly implemented links for the Amazon homepage. They’re fixed now and will lead to the book.

Amazon US Link
Amazon UK Link




13 thoughts on “Do You Want to Become an Expert on the TOG?

    1. I accidently put links to the Amazon home page somehow. They’re normal now.

      Anyways, the book contains information on projects you may have heard of, but know very little such as the TOG-2R or TOG-3. 😉


  1. Is there any way to block certain adverts (on mobile)? I usualy don’t mind, but i am far from happy to see racist adds from a ultra right political party.

    Thx in advance.


        1. If any one else has the same problem:

          You can click in the top right corner off the add, and either click on why am i viewing this add, and then scroll untill there is a button to check and choose wich kinds off ads you can see (altough it doesn’t apear to work or maybe it takes some time)
          Or you can click to stop vieuwing that add and mark that shit as inapropriate


  2. I wouldn’t call 40 bucks a ‘steal’, especially for a book, though it might be the healthier purchase between the book and pixel tanks.


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