Possible HD FV215B?

An HD FV 215B is a possibility, but take it with a grain of salt. This may be an artist rendering. If this were true, this could either mean two things. The FV215B is here to stay or it’ll be a reward of some sort.

Australian Armour and Artillery Museum’s Tiger Replica

The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum recently added a replica of the Tiger. Unfortunately, it does look funny in some areas. Overall, it’s a decent replica of the Tiger considering they were stuck with a low budget. I would advise some changes to the suspension, gun, and mantlet for those who are familiar with the way the Tiger looks.

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New tougher turret for the Caernarvon?

The Caernarvon’s original final turret (now stock turret) is said to be underwhelming. Due to this, WarGaming gave it the Action X’s turret a few patches ago. However, it may change soon. Aleksander Galevskyi, a lead artist at WarGaming, posted quite a bit of screenshots of a Caernarvon with a peculiar turret which I originally thought was the stock Caernarvon turret without its mantlet. I’ve been told if the new turret is modelled correctly, nothing will be able to penetrate it. If it’s true, it’s possible that this is a historical replacement for the unhistorical Action X turret featured as the final turret on the Caernarvon. We may expect a buffed Caernarvon in 9.18 or in later iterations. Alternatively, it could be another premium.

Update: the mantlet is said to be over a foot thick in real life. However, the surrounding remains the same as the stock Caernarvon.

Here are the screenshots…

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T-45: The Obscure T-60 Variant


Credit: warspot.ru

I have a new article, but let me apologize first. I wrongly attributed the ZET-1 to another project. I took the word of some websites who claim the two are connected and I wanted to put something out there on TAP. I was being a bit lazy and my morale was low at the time. No one I can blame except me. Hopefully, I can make it up for it with my T-45 article. The sources were originally in Russian and translated by a friend of mine named Nikita Nikitenko.



Credit: Yuri Pasholok

The T-45 was a Soviet WWII light tank project, meant as a stop-gap measure until the T-70 could enter production. It was based on the lesser T-60, but with a new gun, turret and engine. While the T-45 didn’t have any glaring deficiencies and was superior to the T-60, it was nevertheless inferior to the T-70 in a number of aspects. However, there was no competition between the two, and the order to switch to T-70 production reduced the T-45 to a footnote in AFV history.

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