Romanian WoT Tech Tree Q&A

Before I go on, I have to give FastestClassic a huge thanks for creating the image you see above. Please visit his site and download his tank skins and modpacks for WoT if you like his stuff (link here).

Edit: forgot to mention that a Romanian interactive tech tree which would essentially be the Romanian version of the original Czech interactive tech tree and Mizuyatio’s interactive tech tree will come soon™ and by “soon™” I mean a decent while.

Catching up

For people who haven’t stuck around on this website for a long while, I’ve been working on a Romanian tech tree. It would seem that I have neglected it, but I’ve been trying my best to research new armored vehicles and I haven’t come up empty handed.

Romania’s military archives still haven’t been explored by me and my colleagues, however we have hit the Bucharest Military Museum’s archives and found a decent amount of information, most of which is not really applicable to World of Tanks.

Also, here are articles I have already done on Romanian vehicles. The next article I do is not really applicable to World of Tanks since its a newly found variant of the Romanian MLI-84M IFV

TAA tank destroyer
Vânătorul de Care R35
Romanian captured T-26 with Czech armaments

There are too many things to address in a single article so I think it is best if that I respond to people’s comments individually which I highly encourage. If there are a lot of questions and criticisms, I will likely make the responses into a separate Q&A article.

I also encourage questions about Romanian armored vehicles in general, not just for World of Tanks.

Also, things are most likely subject to change once research finds new tanks and more information is present. Some of the tank icons in the tech tree are just interpretations, educated interpretations nonetheless.

I’ll be looking forward to the questions…

81 thoughts on “Romanian WoT Tech Tree Q&A

  1. Interesting proposition, thanks for sharing it.

    Can you tell us some details about the Centurion Mk 5/1 and the CEGA/IND please?

    Also imagine the shitstorm if the Romanian tech tree got the Zrínyi II earlier than the Hungarians would get it. 😀

    1. I\’m already boiling, they are not getting more things Hungarian!
      Besides, the Hungarian tech tree was actually announced, unlike the Romanian one.
      So long, Salsa!

      1. The diagram was made quite a while ago before WG announced that they planned a Hungarian tech tree. Zrinyi II is definitely not necessarily and I\’ll be happy to remove it.

            1. That\’s a misstranslation. AFAIK in Russian originally they said they collected info on Polish, Hungarian, and Italian tanks in the past. Nothing more, this does not mean that they are actively working on any of these tech trees at the moment, only that they collected info on them. Nobody stated officially that these tanks are 100% going to arrive in the foreseeable future.

              1. Whatever is the truth, they have said nothing about anything Romanian, so they will most definitely not receive our tanks.

                1. I\’d rather see multiple Romanian branches with some stolen Hungarian tanks in it than Hungry; another nation with nothing more to offer than a single line with fake tanks and full-on copies at the high tiers.

                  1. Except Romania would have the copies, fakes and stolen tanks you mumbling idiot.
                    You still like to sharpen your tongue on me, don\’t you? Pathetic.

                    1. Oh boy, we have a single fake tank that exists because of a misunderstanding!
                      What difference does it make? Especially with something like the Chinese tree in the game?

                      Besides, unlike weedface you know all too well how Hungarian tanks are nothing like what he said.
                      So stop this pointless argument.
                      And also update that damned tech tree proposal picture.

                    1. I for one do like a possible tree, though there are some \”gaps\” currently, i am sure you can work them out, or wargaming design bureau can 😀

        1. I don\’t know why you wanted the Zrinyi in there in the first place. I think you mentioned something like \”Hungarian premiums have already been added\”, like this, the Zrinyi would also have been added to Germany, but Romania? No way…that would have made a lot of people salty

          1. His less than sane idea came from that the Romanians captured a Zrínyi from the retreating Hungarian army. There is a photo of the poor thing being painted with their markings. Despicable.

            1. If I am allowed to speak- is that not the same as any other captured tank? I wouldn\’t mind seeing a captured German Sherman- is it only because you want to see it as Hungarian first or is it something else?

              1. The problem here is coming from several different sources.
                1. There are only a few Hungarian tanks, especially compared to Germans, so taking out one from the potential Hungarian tech tree of the future is not only pointless but also a work against the completion of it.
                2. Half of Romania, called Transylvania, is a former Hungarian land, in its original name Erdély. That land was taken from us after WWI, given to them and to add insult to the injury, they even demanded more. This is a historical injustice and fuel for a level of hatred between my country\’s people and the Romanians..
                3. Captured tanks are nice and all, but as stated in point 1, the possible Hungarian tech tree is possible because we have a few tanks that are just enough to make a Czech-like tech tree. Even this proposed Romanian tech tree is incomplete and full of clones. The Hungarian one would have no clones but original designs and upgrades of Czech and Swedish designs. So taking away one such just to put it in \’the enemy\’s\’ tech tree, and as a bloody premium at that, it just screams injustice.

                I don\’t want you to understand how I personally feel about this, but know this: Even the proposition of such tech tree STD put together is a spit in the face of everything Hungarian.

                1. I don\’t know what the hell you have been drinking but I want in. Half of Romania belonged to you? Jesus your history is shit. I knew that hungarian people are idiots but you are taking it to a whole new level. As a british person, that studies european history for a doctorate, I can say that you are so full of shit it smells all across Europe.

                  1. Your reaction shows you severe lack of knowledge.
                    Perhaps looking into the history of Transylvania would offer you some insight about the error of your ways.
                    That and you should make an attempt at rereading the things I have written above, since you have clearly missed the point.
                    Or do you want me to simplify it down to a 5th-grader level, so you could understand?

                    1. Hungary belonged to The Otoman Empire. It is a great injustice to be taken from them!
                      While Hungary did not exist as a state, Transylvania existed and it wasn\’t hungarian, since there was no Hungary at all!
                      Give back Hungary to the Turks! For JUSTICE!

                2. I agree that Zyrni or however that thing is called shouldn\’t be in the romanian tech tree, not even as a premium. However, for your argument about Transylvania being hungarian land, you can go to hell. Transylvania has always been Romanian. The Austro-Hungarian empire occupied it for a while and commited atrocities against the romanian speaking population (majority). The just owner of that land is Romania. The just owner of Panonia are romanians, slovaks, austrians because the Dacians and Thracians are our ancestors. The ungvars were a stupid tribe that just settled in Ungvári, Your entire nation are nothing more than criminals and invaders with no real claim to any land in Europe. There you have it, historical argument. We should have kept our soldiers in Budapest after WW2.

                  1. If this is truely what you believe then you have been taught nothing but lies in history. I\’m not going to further this argument.

  2. Picture is too small for me to catch every detail. But I can already see several T-34s, a Centurion and probably T-54s.
    So no. I don\’t need another copycat tanktree. I already have the chinesse tree for this.

          1. What does this tankline provide what not the russian, british or german line provide? Nothing.
            Both medium line proposals are only copycat bullshit from other tank lines. WG even struggles to make the the russian med lines different to each other and changes the 430 line quiet significant in the upcoming patches. Adding this copycat lines in would be quite contradictory.

              1. So tell me at what thing you are looking at.
                Take the first medium line. Starting at Tier 5 and Tier 6 with another T-34 variant. But hey, they seem to have some derpgun stuff going on. I give you that. Even though HE derps are quite cancer in this game. Anyway. Going to T8. A T54/54 variant. Yeah, well no. Same with T9 and T10. Adds nothing to new or important to the game.
                Next. A BMP variant. There is a reason why we haven\’t seen those in the russian tree yet. Cause it does not fit. But another russian clone anyway.
                Next line. This time some TDs. Not too bad. But stops at T7 ends with a paper tank. But at least no copycat stuff. The only good thing in this whole proposal.
                Premium stuff. Cool another T-34 and hey a Hetzer. Oh wait there is more. A AMX13 or a Centurion or a Leopard silhouette.
                So yeah. Tell me what you see.

                1. I am sure the top tiers have something different about them, and if having them in the game to get all those lower tier tanks to be implemented than fantastic.

                  1. The tier 10 only looks like a Russian MT clone, but it would play completely differently.

                    The only \”medium\”-part about the tank is the classification and perhaps the gun (which also would probably be quite bad for medium, 100mm RU hovermed gun but likely with way worse stats). The tank has like 200 mm thick sloped upper glacis plate, and HP/ton worse than some heavies.

                    It would be basically a very weird heavy tank, completely different than RU hovermeds in-game.

  3. Personally, I would probably add the T-34E into tier 5 and then uptier the tier 6 and 7, if there is no proper tier 7 candidate available.

    Good thing with 15cm derps is that you can balance them on quite many tiers. You could theoretically balance it to tier 5 with reduced alpha (~600 HE) or to as high as tier 8 with very good gun stats.

  4. imo
    The TD line along with top tier mediums are solid and interesting enough for actual ingame \”tree\”.
    TACAM R1 should be the tier 1.

  5. I had a few questions regarding the light tank line;
    1) Were there no possible candidates to fill the gap between the Tier 1 R-1 and Tier 10 MLI?
    2) What would be the transition in order to get the MLI-84?

    Anyways, amazing article STD, keep it up!
    Trăiască România!

  6. It\’s late now and I have to go to sleep because tomorrow I\’m going on a trip but… oh man… this tech tree either contains bullshit over 9000 or you found out information that I don\’t have. So, make sure to check this tomorrow evening or monday evening because I have a full list of bullshit to write about.

    Maresal at tier 7… oh, LORD! Bullshit-o-meter hit the red area.

      1. – As far as I know the R-1 had machineguns, not even powerful ones like the low tier tanks in game.
        – The R-2 is a Škoda LT vz. 35. Nothing new but I agree that it could appear in a romanian tech tree.
        – The Renault R35 is also right to be in the tech tree. But why is it a tier 3? The one we have in game is tier 2.
        – R-3 is a czech S-II-c or T-21 which is inferior to the T-38 or LT vz. 38 (which is a tier 3). And you have the R-3 at tier 4 😐
        – T-34E (=ekranami=armor plates) is a normal T-34 with a bit more armor. It should be alright at tier 5 and I guess 12cm and 15 cm are the thickness of the plates… So at tier 6 you have the exact same tank just with 3cm more armor. Really?
        -And now for the high tier MTs. While I do agree that TR-77-580 is a valid option for tier 10 (or even tier 9) what in the world are the other two? Prototypes? I\’m waiting for more information about them, please. Otherwise, you can downtier the 580 and introduce TR-800 at tier 10.
        – MLI-84 is a bigger BMP-1 with a powerful engine. What\’s this thing doing in the tech tree? Too modern. Too powerful for the game.

        – R35 VdC
        – TACAM T-60 was armed with a soviet gun: 76,2 mm F-22 L/51 model 1936. It\’s right to be a tier 3 because it would be similar to the gun of the Marder II and III (a little worse than that actually).
        – TACAM R-2 has the same gun (ZiS-3) as SU-76M (tier 3). Why is it a tier higher?
        – Maresal M-00 is the first prototype of the Maresal TD. It was armed with a russian 122 mm howitzer: 122 mm howitzer M1910/30. So a derp at tier 5. Maybe you also want to fit some conventional gun there for research purpose. It\’s plausible I guess, even if the Hetzer (the german equivalent) sits at tier 4. Oh and… M-00 had an open top and back.
        – Maresal M-04 (which is actually the real Hetzer equivalent) mounted the 75 mm Reșița Model 1943 (which was using elements of ZiS-3 and PaK 40). It could work at a tier 6 but I fear it will be underpowered.
        – Maresal M-05 has the same gun as M-04 but changes the suspension. It\’s being built on the chasis of LT vz. 38.
        – Maresal at tier 7 is bullshit. It can\’t go against most of the well armored tier 8 tanks, not to mention tier 9s HELL, it will struggle with tier 7 HTs.
        – TAA is a glass cannon and I have no idea why you think it would fit at tier 10. Tier 8 maybe.

        – Premium Hetzer? Romanian never operated Hetzers. Better go for a premium Stug. We had access to those.
        – TACAM 8.8 cm? Have you been drinking a lot lately?
        – T-34E STZ is the same as the one in the tech tree…
        – AMX 13… WTF?! Bullshit.
        – Centurion: MAJOR BULLSHIT. We had no deals with the brits or anyone operating those tanks.
        – What, in the name of… STD is Cega/Ind?

        Overall: It\’s bullshit. But I am waiting for articles where you will show your findings and try to justify this hilarious tech tree proposal.
        Suggestion: Use Pz. III, Pz. IV, Stug., SU-76 and Hummel as premium vehicles.

    1. I encourage him to look at it ask questions or give criticisms, unless he is the opposite and really wants to see a tech tree happen. Either way, let him see it 😉

    2. After doing a bit of research, he seems to be a staunch anti-romanian tanks guy.

      Anyways, I encourage him to comment, join our discord, or shoot us an email to voice his possible skeptcism.

  7. This Tech tree is a 50/50. While I don\’t give a damn about copy tanks as soft stats can make a vehicle feel different than it counterparts, but knowing WG and the community they won\’t like it because fun is a foreign concept.

    The TD branch is gold. It\’s very unique but I would switch up some vehicles like swapping the R-1 and R-35 TD to keep consistency. Moving the R-2 to tier 5, giving it the 8.8 cm as it\’s top gun, then putting in it\’s original spot the T-38 variant and making the M-00 as a premium 122 mm Derp. (Seal clubbers will buy it in a heartbeat.)

    But I have two questions to ask. Would it be okay if Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Romania share the same tech tree? Maybe throw in old Hungary in there too? And finally, will you do an article on those T-34E variants you have on the medium branch? they look interesting.

  8. I don\’t really understand why all people get so angry at tech tree proposals. Especially the ones for the countries that didn\’t really have a tank production industry. Chill out, m8s, it is just a \”proposal\”. No one said that exactly this will be the tech tree or if this will be added in the game in some form. This is just an answer to the \”What if…?\” question, Jesus. So stop all the bullshit like \”Let\’s make a Brazilian tree then\” or \”This was not announced\” or \”Italy, Switzerland and Hungary were announced by WG so this tree is useless\”. Who the fuck said anything about Italy or Hungary? What does it matter if those were or were not announced? Can\’t a man show how *he* thinks the Romanian tree would look like? Jeezus Feking Crist. It is like watching little 7 year old children arguing whose father is better: \”My father is a builder and he will destroy your house\” and then \”My father is a police man and he can shot you\”.

    Now, on to the tree. Even if all what I have wrote above must be considered, I think it was not a good idea to post the picture, the proposal, without bringing more information about each and every tank that you have put right there. Even if people should not act like this tech tree would kill their mother, I don\’t think it was a good idea to show it. Moreover, I don\’t really understand why the Zrinyi is there. It doesn\’t make any sense. It is useless and it should have never been there.

    However, I was very surprised to see something like this and I have many questions. I have never imagined to see a Maresal at tier 6, but at tier 7… How can this be accomplished? Then, what exactly are the tier 8 and the tier 9 mediums (1974 TR, 1976 TR) ? I don\’t think I have ever heard about them. The tier 10 it is better known in comparison. And then, why the hell is a Centurion in the tree and what the hell is a CEGA??? 😀

  9. I play this game in the last 7 years..I am romania player. Make romanian tech tree or i delete this game. To many people play this game in Romania .Respect this country !!! Thx!

  10. If we want the Romanian Tanks in the game, we have to make a little \”laughing\” to take into account the Romanian tunics before the Hungarian tanks

  11. Gonna point a few things:

    Maresal TD shouldn\’t be higher than tier V, indeed.

    During interwar era and WWII most of the romanian tanks were FT17, CKD AH-IV (R1) and Pzkpfw 35t (R2). Added to those were: Panzer III (up to the N variant, various variants), Panzer IV (up to the J variant, various variants), Pzkpfw 38t.

    Captured tanks: T26, BT5, BT7, a few T34 (confiscated by the german army), 1 Zryni (ONE)

    Right after war, romanian army received from the soviets some captured german equipment: Panzer IV (various variants), Panthers (about 10, various variants), 1 Brummbar (ONE), various other captured german tanks.

    In late \’40\’s, Romania started to receive soviet equipment T34 (various variants) and su100

    In the 50\’s Romania gets the T55

    In the \’70\’s the T55 goes through the modernization process, the prototypes being designated as TR77 and the series model being named TR580. Before that, Romania received 6 T54A tanks for testing.

    TR85 and TR85M1 are further modernizations of the old T55

    In the eighties Romania buys around 30 T72 and design a prototype based on them P125 (or TR125, as it appeared in some documents).

    As TD goes, there were Stug III, StuH 42, the TACAM series, Maresal (6 known prototypes, confiscated by the soviet army) and on paper the TACAM T-38, Su76, Su85, Su100 in the post-WWII era

    As you can see, most of the romanian tanks were foreign equipment (bought or captured), with very few own designs (not the lack of ideas was the cause of that, but the lack of resources and the corruption that swallowed Romania in the inter-war era and later).

    Sure. You can do a tech tree with that (you can put T54A at tier 8 and T55 at tier 9, with tier X having T-580). But…the fact that there will be a ton of new clones remains.

    I could dig some more information, but to be honest, i am too damn lazy to do it:)

  12. P.S. Romania also had SU-122 (unknown variants, sources are scarce about this one) and ISU-152 in the Cold War era.

    There were also a few captured Hummels in the late \’40\’s, given by the soviet army.

    And sorry for the complete lack of structure. Using my memory here.

  13. Is there any information on the derp t34s?
    What kind of turrets did they have or could they have been more like the Tacam series?

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