World of Warplanes to Release Tomorrow

WoWp 2.0 will release tomorrow, here is a basic summary and the trailer.


10 thoughts on “World of Warplanes to Release Tomorrow

      1. Are you sure? I checked Jingles’ video about it today and he had framedrops below 50 when he was dogfighting close to bases with SD graphics at fullHD resolution.


  1. Gonna take a peek at it. But they had an interview on War history online, saying there will be a mission to get 4 of the new bombers for free, that will later be sold as premiums. So.. might be worth a looker.


  2. So I’ve played around with it, and it’s not that bad. More fun vs before since you can re-spawn. And you join mid game, and can leave mid game with no penalty as long as you are dead. As you can’t always re-spawn if the reinforcement point is cut off. As it’s more of a BF style system now. Needed due to the low population, and it works in the the way they have done it. Even gotten a few missions done and earned 300 gold. And gotten 2 days of premium in the loot boxes.


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