WoT: 1.22 Update Rumours

The branch of British-wheeled MTs will be released in update 1.22 of World of Tanks.

According to WOT Express’ information, the release of update 1.22 is scheduled around the end of August or the beginning of September.

“This will be the biggest update of the year”.
There will be tank rebalances (List Of Expected Tanks To Be Rebalanced In 2023),

Phase 2 of the cut Crew 1.5

wot2023plansPart1-020 wot2023plansPart1-021 wot2023plansPart1-022

A new fan mode (Overwhelming Fire)
and much more. – WoT Roadmap 2023 Episodes [1.,2.,3.]

11 thoughts on “WoT: 1.22 Update Rumours

  1. I’m still waiting for the Type 5 Heavy rebalancing…
    They showed the Type 5 Heavy in the rebalancing part of the vid…
    So rebalance it already dammit.

    1. Be careful of what you wish for. I suspect they’ll be nerfing it to make room for the new Japanese heavies…

      1. Nerfing? When they’re already trash? xD
        Even so, I barely play them anyhow, so a nerf wouldn’t change much for me.

        1. It’s not trash, it’s decent, but it’s not so easy to play as it doesn’t have much armor, so when an average or below average player plays it, it feels like a meatball.

  2. the fan mode im going to play the hell out of the rocket lefh like hell.. its going to be glorious.

  3. But where’s all the crying players and dumbass community contributers whining about crew 2.0.2 ?!

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