Hidden Game Projects Wargaming is Working On (Secret Tank Wars, Steel Hunters)

WG is currently working on another tank game outside of WoT. You can verify this in the NDA supplied through their request to playtest. It has been advertised through Facebook and the video supplied is the one of two used. I cannot find the second video through search engine. The one included can (Used DuckDuckGo). Here are the links:Site to enter playtest:




Also there is a project that looks similar to mechwarriors in closed alpha:


You can apply for the closed alpha here: https://survey.steelhunters.com/s3/sh-playtest-applyfirst-march

19 thoughts on “Hidden Game Projects Wargaming is Working On (Secret Tank Wars, Steel Hunters)

  1. the design of the mechs from Steel Hunters have a bit of a « Neon Genesis Evangelion » feel about them
    definitely Japanese MECHA inspired rather than the typical weapon platform mechs, like on Mech Warrior and others

        1. What do you even mean? 40k is a franchise, not a game. What game are you even talking about?

          There’s no Eva-style robots in 40k either, so why are you bringing it up?

  2. Is this really made by WG or are they publishing it? The tank game looks like its running on UE4 (Aka Stutter engine)

      1. Looking at the trailer and judging by that “generic” UE4/5 look, guess they’re ditching they’re in-house engine unfortunately.

        To this day i don’t understand why they haven’t merged “WoT PC” and Console in the past few years… WoT console could get the PC graphics (and not run like crap) and the dev teams wouldn’t be fragmented.

        1. agreed concel wot is so much better.. then pc wot on so many levels.. arty being scary is the best thing about concel wot..

      2. from the trailer it does not seem related
        after watching the trailer it looks a lot like the early stages of Armored Warfare, back when it was developed by Obsidian, their previous titles were RPG games

      3. whenever i go to any links about CW project it says there has been a site or connection error. even if i try different search engines it still desnt work. what do i do to ?

  3. So they really want to kill wot once and for all i guess. All this will do is take a few more players from wot killing it probably for good .

    1. Who cares about wot. The game has been left to rot just like the players.
      We want modern tanks. Not some 1928 tank against 1955 tanks.

  4. No one who knows how WG treated the wot community will be smart enough not to get in bed with WG on another game . Want the players to trust you again make it right in wot . Fix the game as was promised a long time ago .

  5. Look at those mech names
    Do we get xXSephirothXx too?
    Or DarkLord?! ShadowKnife?!!!!

    That’s some cheese

  6. Can someone tell if projectcw site is legit and safe website? I tried to open and my bitdefender instantly blocked it.

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