WoT Recon Mission 2023: The Results

Recon Mission 2023 has been a resounding success! Well-known locations with random events introduced to them—Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Prokhorovka, and Safe Haven—have drawn a lot of interest from tankers, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 86.8% of those who filled in the questionnaires enjoyed playing on maps with random events, and 84.9% would like them to become part of Random Battles. This level of support from you empowers us to develop and improve random events further, making them one of the staples of World of Tanks.

All in all, over 13,100,000 battles have been played by more than 521,000 helpful players during the event, and over 107,000 of you found time to share your thoughts in nearly 400,000 questionnaires. Let’s take a look at the heat maps, location by location, comparing versions with and without random events, and then we’ll discuss the key takeaways!

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WoT Battle Pass Season XI: Get the Improved Pass and Extra Missions

There are tons of rewards up for grabs with Battle Pass Season XI! The latest Season brings new Commanders and both 2D and 3D styles, but you can earn even more with bundles that include the Improved Pass and an exclusive female crew member.

The Improved Pass is available without bundles for 2,500 gold per Chapter through the Battle Pass screen in your Garage or the in-game Store.

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WoT EU/NA: Monthly June 2023 – Aquino & Tankfest

This June, we’ll be kicking off our exciting month-long Road to Tankfest event! We start with Aquino Tank Weekend in Canada, and then move to the U.K. for Tankfest! Tune in to two streams on June 11 and June 25, the final days of each event, to get one of three Premium vehicles for free! Along the way, we’ll have special Premium Shop offers with some brand-new customizations, Drops, missions, and tons more. Keep an eye on the portal for complete information on this event!

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