WoT: List Of Expected Tanks To Be Rebalanced In 2023

As seen from the “Future of World of Tanks” video many tanks are expected to receive some kind of changes in 2023:

Tier X: 121, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, Rinoceronte, Type 5 Heavy, E 50 M, WZ-132-1
Tier IX: M46 Patton, Obj. 430 II, T95
Tier VIII: IS-3, KV-4, AMX 65 t, TVP VTU, 110, Centurion Mk. 1
Tier VI: ARL 44, VK 30.01 (P), ARL V39

32 thoughts on “WoT: List Of Expected Tanks To Be Rebalanced In 2023

  1. This would be too good to be true, but I am veeery sure the tanks shown are just as examples rather than the actual tanks to be rebalanced…

  2. Type 5 needs its mega durp back.. With the old HE mechanics placed back in.. Thats what that tree needs… All derp treated like artillery guns without stun…

    1300 standard alpha HE 160 pen 5 meter splash (old HE mechanic) gold ammo: 1100 heat damage, 290 pen…

    140mm gun.. Standard pen 280, premium pen 320 or 330… Maybe give it a gin manlet.. I dont mind if the shoulder weak points come back.. As long as the type has that scary deathgun back ill be fine looking green… Ill be fine getting ammo racked… I just want my old gun back..

  3. Unfortunately, the game balancing department has been a joke so far. Complete incompetents! There are rare situations when they truly balance something out or up. Usually, it’s close to OP (new BZ premium armor and gun are a joke to fight against) or trash… All Japanese mega-HTs must be buffed!! I have played O-Ni. I hardly got the 2nd mark after a lot of frustration, misses, trolling moments when gun and armor worked my ass…

    NERF the premium tanks! I wanna see some pay to win morons suing the company, LoL! eu braindead ‘tards that want only OP stuff for their money! How about perma-banning them for this reason and for good, ay??

        1. Ahh so you’re proud of not having a job, money or achievements and probably no gf. Ah yes the world is bad and it’s not your amazing character

    1. Calling people that spend money on a game they like names says enough about you. I doo agree premiums should be nerfed but again, calling people morons just because you are 17 and don’t have money for a donut is a different thing.

      1. Are ya a joke?? If you check my account, I have some tier 8 premiums and I have more money now that I had back then. It’s not about f-ing money or the players. But what really gets me angry is that there are some morons that don’t wanna their lOvElY premiums to get rebalanced, so we can all have fun! You like getting banged by new BZ heavy while you’re playing your tech-tree tier 6 / 7 / 8? Are ya having fun, pal??!

        Premiums tanks should be unique and balanced! It already gives you more credits! Now you wanna win every single match in them?? Guess you forgot about Progetto, tier 8 premium Cz tank, Bourrasque etc. Also, I guess you having fun losing big time in front of them! 😛

      2. People spending money on a decade old free game ARE (obviously) morons!

        You also seem to confuse “not having money” with “having enough brain to not waste money on limited use rights for pixels/polygons in a retarded paytowin fiesta”

  4. Note they say rebalance, that doesn’t mean that they will be buffing them. They could end up nerfing them, after all this is WG.

  5. The Chinese tank on the left of the Bat-Châttion 25 t is definitely not the WZ-132-1 (it has no coil on the turret). To me it looks more like WZ-120, 121 or T-34-2. I bet they’ll buff the latter.

  6. Its better use the real tank rather than u put in fake tanks with exceptional spec..gamers wanna feel in real war..not cheap arcade game

  7. Can’t wait to see how bad they will screw up the E 50 M. Even though it is power crepped , it is still a good tank.

  8. i can agree on nerfing some premium tanks, not all of them, some premiums are skill based for example bourrasque is op but only in good hands ShPTK TVP100 requires lot of skill ok it have 100 pen on HE more than 300 on HEAT but again once you get spotted you are dead gun handling is not OP too i dont understand why is everyone crying when they get killed by these two tanks the players that have these tanks had to learn with them too. its not like you buy a tank and instantly play like a god. but there are tanks that are great i have lowe and i can tell, this tank have lot of penetration good gun handling even the armor is pretty good but like i say you must understand every tank characteristics and adapt to its playstyte some tanks are easy to learn some of them not.

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