WoT: 2023 Roadmap Sneak Peek

We are excited to announce the arrival of Japanese tank destroyers, a line we’ve been developing and balancing for quite a while. Researchable from the Tier 4 Che-He, this line of tanks has been awaited by players for quite some time. These tank destroyers will feature thick frontal armor and big guns. It will definitely not be the sneakiest or most subtle of tanks on the battlefield, instead making their presence known with their dangerous AP and HE shells, both having high Alpha damage.

In terms of play style, these tanks will be similar to the non-turreted German tank destroyer line, with variations depending on the tier.

wot2023plansPart1 003
wot2023plansPart1 004
wot2023plansPart1 003 wot2023plansPart1 004

Before the release of the tech tree, you can expect to see the arrival of a tier 8 premium called the Type 5 Ka-Ri. The tank has good frontal armor and sports a gun capable of firing 127mm shells with good penetration and great damage.

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wot2023plansPart1 005 wot2023plansPart1 006 wot2023plansPart1 007 wot2023plansPart1 008

Next, we have Random Events. These events will take place in certain areas of the map and will create new objects which you can use tactically and strategically. Random Events will create an environment for the player that evolves along with their battle. Random Events are framed in a red border with a timer notification. You should leave this zone before the timer runs out or bad things will happen to your tank. For example, a blown-up bunker on the map will create debris. Then you can use parts of that debris as cover. Some locations will also feature new containers and concrete blocks positioned there from the start of the battle that you can move with you as you push the flank.

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wot2023plansPart1 010
wot2023plansPart1 009 wot2023plansPart1 010

We will continue to work on night battles and dynamic water behavior on maps. We know that players have been eager for both of these and we will share more information as soon as we can. Details about Random Events testing as part of the Recon missions will soon so be ready to give us your feedback.Let’s share some details about Steel Hunter Reborn, a variation on the classic mode with faster-paced action, re-spawns, and even AI. We’re working on a mechanic that will allow players to re-spawn in a safe location, giving players an opportunity to get their bearings before getting back into the action.
We are also planning to reduce the gap in power between the levels. Additionally, the heal ability called Recovery has also been reworked to better support players as they fight it out on the battlefield. Altogether, you can expect Steel Hunter Reborn to be an easier version of Steel Hunter that’s just as competitive and fun. To further encourage this, we will be making changes to armor layouts and armor screens, as well as improving the auto-aim feature and adjusting shells which should make damage on the move that much easier.

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onslaught_1 wot2023plansPart1 012 wot2023plansPart1 013 wot2023plansPart1 014

The Onslaught game mode will make an appearance repeatedly through 2023, starting with a relaunch of the Season of the Griffin with a new, mode-specific progressive style and various quality-of-life improvements based on player reactions to the first episode. The Relaunch of Season of the Griffin will see changes to the progression system for victories, making the missions easier to complete and lessen the time you wait before receiving rewards. We will also introduce new maps to the map pool, Airfield and Glacier. All maps will be continually balanced throughout the year. We used a lot of data and player feedback from the first Onslaught to rebalance the perks to increase the variety in tactics and tanks chosen in the game mode. We will also remove the ping limit for players in Super Platoon’s and increase ping limit for players in general, making coordination easier. Additionally, we will remove the limitations on rank matching in a Super Platoon and make sure Super Platoons do not meet solo players. Throughout spring, we will be testing internally additional mechanics for Onslaught. With a large update of changes like qualification battles expected in Autumn, more detail on those coming later.

And finally, Frontline should return in the middle of 2023 for those who want to grind their tier 8 tanks or credits. Firstly, we have been hard at work optimizing the game mode in order to improve both stability and performance for most players. There will be a brand new desert map called Fatah Morgana and as you can see here, it’s a very beautiful map with some cool map locations that are both unique and beautiful. The main goal for this map was to improve and increase play between the lanes and give players a feeling of a truly huge map with lots of action.
The Kraftwerk map has also seen extensive rebalancing which was tested recently on Common Test. All these changes will balance the win chance for both teams by increasing the cover in key locations for both attacking and defending teams. We will also relocate key objectives in order to balance how easy they are to attack or defend depending on the zone. You can expect various quality-of-life improvements the next time you see Frontline. For instance, battle reserves will now upgrade simultaneously across all three slots. For every player that earns the rank of General in your team, limited to a total of 10, every player in that team will gain a bonus to their tank characteristics. Once more, this is just a quick peek into the future of Frontline and you can expect more details about the mode as it comes closer to release.

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wot2023plansPart1 017 wot2023plansPart1 018 wot2023plansPart1 020 wot2023plansPart1 021 wot2023plansPart1 022

Finally, the crew rework will be introduced in three main stages.
In stage one, we will convert all skills and perks into a single perk system. And we will rework and rebalance those perks as well as introduce new ones. Our aim is to give you more options towards perk selection that better suit your ability and play style. Additionally, all perks will now activate as soon as you train them to 1% and become more effective as they train closer to 100%.
In stage two, we plan to overhaul and improve the user interface, making it easier for you to work with your crew and manage your barracks. We are sure that old and new players alike will appreciate this change.
Lastly, in stage three, we will remove below 100% training levels for crew when being trained and retrained. More details about stage two and three will be announced as we get closer to their updates.Auto Canons. We want to clarify that it’s not going to be an activation of the machine guns on the tanks, but a brand-new gun mechanic.

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wot2023plansPart1 027
wot2023plansPart1 024 wot2023plansPart1 026 wot2023plansPart1 025 wot2023plansPart1 027

Furthermore, we plan to announce the new line of British wheeled medium tanks that will have one speed mode and move slower than current wheeled vehicles. More details will come about this brand new type of medium as we get further on in the year.

One-off events will also return such as a fun event platform (Arcade Cabinet) and some of the other seasonal events that we are working on. One of them being the Waffentrager event That’s for later this year.

Continual vehicle rebalancing in 2023. As you have seen already from our Common Test, we’re starting with a focus on improving out-of-meta tanks to make them more popular and appealing to play. As well as balancing those vehicles that data shows are currently over-performing slightly.
This is just the first wave of the year with more potential changes in the future based on observations and evaluations of vehicle performance.

Also, keep in mind that in April, we are presenting the next episode and give you even more details about what’s to come in 2023.

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29 thoughts on “WoT: 2023 Roadmap Sneak Peek

  1. “dangerous AP and HE shells, both having high Alpha damage.”

    Well thats already a big ol lie…

  2. WG, instead of adding BS blueprint tanks, you should put in historical realworld stuff like the Romanian Maresal TD line. Or how about the Sturntiger, StuPa/Brummbar and the Churchill AVRE 165mm L9 FV3903?

    1. Who still cares about realism and historical tanks in WoT in 2023?
      Also, none of the tanks you propose would add something fun to the game:
      Maresal just would be another low tier TD if you don’t add „BS blueprint“ tanks in the line and the Sturmtiger and such are not added for a reason because they are a nightmare to balance and would either be broken/ OP or super boring to play.
      The Churchill AVRE 165mm is just another derp tank which the game also doesn’t need with it’s current HE mechanics.

    2. If you wouldnt have blueprint tanks in the game, there would be 100 tanks in total. I eat everything that is historical, hate clown skins etc., but being against bp tanks is dumb. Lot of those were real projects that just got scraped as states changed the development direcion. Yes, lot are only based on few sentences from some forgotten archive documents. It doesnt matter.

      I want to point out that, imo, WG design department is quite talented and its clear they discuss technical aspects with engineers. As long as tanks coming to the game are realistic, its healthy.

  3. “Lastly, in stage three, we will remove below 100% training levels for crew when being trained and retrained. More details about stage two and three will be announced as we get closer to their updates.”

    basically they will give crew books for replacing them….so i will get shit, because i just cleaned up a few weeks ago my barracks and dismissed all useless crew below 100% and some with 100% which i didnt need

      1. the main idea was that I lost so many, why should I buy anything now? to lose more? I could just buy crew books directly….doh

  4. If you want a realistic Japanese TD tech tree look it up in War Thunder, the Ho-Ri is a part of the tech tree

  5. If we don’t bash WG enough then we will have to live with Wheeled MTs later this year.
    We all know how wheeled things handle “physics” in this game and wheeled MTs will be a deeper layer of torture.
    Their plan for this year truly looks terrifying.
    The only might-be-good things are night maps/dynamic maps.
    – Spotting mechanics in night maps will be very different and it will bring fresh air to the game.
    – Dynamic maps will be in Random so the game will be quite a bit different from what we have known.
    But that’s about it.
    – Crew Rework can be the game killer if they don’t limit amount of skills you can take per crew member. And even if they do so then it will still be very hard for new/f2p players to be stay competitive.
    – Tank Rebalance as they’re currently presenting is looking horrible. From little hope now I have absolutely none left in WG.
    – Onslaught if not go through a complete overhaul then I won’t be torturing myself like I did in the last season.
    The rest are simply meh. Frontline, Steel Hunter or whatever, these modes are boring and repetitive as fck.
    WG has proved me that the more hopeful I am, the more disappointed I will be.
    Truly sad.

    1. a) whats wrong with wheeled mediums if they said they will be slower?
      b) we dont know yet, if there will be different spotting mechanics
      c) nobody yet said how will the dynamic events affect random (eg. will they be in ever random game, will there be a chance, will they even be a part of randoms?)
      d) it is literally impossible to create a crew system, with which 100 % of the playerbase would be happy, imo they chose quite decent way (although we will have to see it in detail + so far no mention of more tanks per crew)
      e) tank rebalance is in some cases really weird but overall it is nice they started to quite frequently alter the characteristics to keep the game fresh
      f) onslaught was maybe a bit too long grind, but other than that i would say ,,get good lol”, do you just want to have everything served to you on a silver plate?

      you want unrealistic things to happen, you make conclusions based on nothing and just want to complain because you dont know better

      but ofc there us still a lot of improvement needed in the game

      1. Wheeled MTs will be slower than Wheeled LTs for sure, but they will be faster than Track MTs, and they will share the same turning physics with Wheeled LTs. That’s what will fuck you up really hard.
        Of course there will be differences in spotting mechanics. You think they will add night maps just for decorations?
        Skill4ltu answered about dynamic maps “they will be in Random battles”.
        The current crew system is old but nobody complains about it. It’s simple, easy to use and most importantly, it doesn’t make anyone feels like they win games because they have better crews than others.
        Shit tank rebalancing will make the game fresh for a week maximum for players like me. I can adapt to anything new with a few battles.
        What we need is REAL BALANCE, not some shit stuffs they’re presenting.
        Last season of Onslaught, I got 1.5k pts and my winrate was 48%. What do you think?
        If you’re clueless, stay silent and nobody will know you’re clueless =))))))

    2. what a dumb comment, proof that most wot community is mouth breathing idiots. let’s break your stupid whiner comment down

      1) wheeled vehicles are annoying indeed, but these will be slower so thats a good thing.
      2) wot console has had day cycles and dynamic maps for years. hopefully they also add weather as well
      3) crew rework is needed as current crew system sucks, half of the skills and perks are useless deadweight skills.
      4) rebalance is not all bad, m4 is super broken. e3 is slightly over performing but nerfs barely effect it. prog nerf is done poorly though.

      1. From what we have known: wheeled tanks have best-in-class camo, can do 180 U turns in a second and don’t even slow down much.
        Wheeled MTs will of course be slower than wheeled LTs but they will be faster than any other MT.
        They will very likely have slightly worse than avg gun of the same tier MTs.
        They will have no armor.
        => Super fast, sneaky tanks with punishing guns that can replace LTs whenever there’s no LT in the battle.
        What does this mean?
        Let a 4k+ WN8 Bourrasque player tell you: even if WG gives them really shit stats, they will still push the pace of the game a lot further.
        Because there will be no battle without LTs or should I say “spotters” anymore. When everyone gets spotted super easily, roflstomps are made.
        – The current crew system is old and maybe even outdated yes. But at least, it’s simple, easy to use and most importantly accessible for everyone.
        I was one of those who wanted the Crew 2.0 the most. I have played in the Sandbox server a lot when they were testing it.
        Crew 2.0 or Crew Rework doesn’t matter, is surely interesting and has potentials but this new system if not accessible for everyone then what’s the difference between that and cheating?
        – WoT Console and WoT PC share the name but they are different games.
        – Tank rebalance is not absolutely shit yes but mostly shit.
        The AMX M4 54 is OP but those nerfs will draw it from heaven to hell literally.
        I’m so mad they buff a tank through the roof just to destroy it entirely.
        I’m seriously mad they nerf tanks that are already weak but they’re popular because they’re economical and fun to play.
        They’re buffing the T57 HT from 46.5% to 47%, good job.
        The buffs to the Rino are also too little to make it somehow decent. Still weak firepower, weak armor and avg mobility.
        If that doesn’t alarm you then I’m speechless.
        Meanwhile, OP tanks are waving at you and ready to blast your ass whenever they can.
        – Players with serious dedications want a better game. That’s the reason why there are still constructive criticism like this.
        Otherwise, we simply don’t care, just like me don’t give a shit about clueless people like you.

          1. I had a 27% winrate session recently and I decided to take a break before the new season of BP arrives.
            Sorry sir, your guess was wrong.

  6. Oh no, not another wheeled shit.
    Imagine you’re preaiming the shit and that shit thing suddenly makes a 45° U turn and the shot missed

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