Coming To World of Tanks In 2023 (Detailed Review)

Refinement of the Crew 2.0 system. (Crew 2.5)
Distribution by skill groups. Partial processing of some, adding new perks.
• Now all skills will work immediately
• One crew per 3 tanks, without re-training penalty.
• All new crew members will start from 100% Training Level.
• Crew interface redesign.
Achievement System 2.0 (Prestige)
There will be a general progression with rewards, statistics and a dynamic badge.
Depending on your combat performance over time, you will receive something like a dynamic badge that displays a progression of 100 stages. This indicator can be put in the sidebar of the teams. Perhaps this is the Prestige level, as in many online games. In progression, you can also get customization elements and most likely there will be in-game resources.
Final moment Camera

New branches in 2023:
• Japanese Heavy Tank and Tank Destroyer branches
Type 71
and Ho-Ri Type III lines
• (1st premium tier8: Type 5 Ho-To).

New Mechanics
Automatic weapons with the possibility of overheating.
* The nation and the tank itself are unknown, historians are required in the comments, we cannot determine from the model.

Recon Mission 2023. What will be tested:
• Night maps.

• Dynamic water.

• Dynamic objects.
Potentially will affect gameplay, however, the exact implementation is unknown.

Steel Hunter 2023. Seen with 2 sub-modes:
• Standard Steel Hunter.
• Steel Hunter: Reborn.
With respawns after destruction and bots.

Onslaught 2023.
The second season will be next year. Qualifying battles will be added.
It is already clear (and was before) that this is a full-fledged replacement for Ranked Battles.

The return of one of the best modes.
Frontline 2023. New desert map for the mode.
* 4th launch at the beginning of 2023 won’t have the new map
Release of a new map – Oyster Bay for randoms
It has already been talked about many times:

Rebalance of 8 maps.
• Airfield
• Westfield
• Live Oaks
• Mountain Pass
• Mines
• Steppes
• Studzianki
• Cliff

Rebalance of techtree branches.
(List Of Expected Tanks To Be Rebalanced In 2023)
Second Assembly Shop. (Lion)
With a new numbered 3D style, it turns out.
“And much more.”

39 thoughts on “Coming To World of Tanks In 2023 (Detailed Review)

    1. idk what you’re on about a lot of these changes look fucking amazing and are massive quality of life updates (on top of just extra cool stuff)

      the only thing I’m worried about is that new japanese heavy line, if they’re the same way they are in Blitz then the tier 10 is going to be ridiculously overpowered lmfao, basically a japanese chieftan

      1. I wouldnt be too warried about them being balanced the same as in Blitz, a lot of the lines really differ between pc and blitz. Thats not to say that they won’t be OP, they very well might be. But Id say that we shouldnt worry until we know more

        1. definitely yeah, we don’t know what armor model PC will use, but going off of Blitz’ version alone then most of the 2nd japanese heavy line is very Average until you get to the tier 10 and then it’s basically a Chieftan on steroids

  1. well, the one I thing I find pretty good at first looks is crew 2.5. it seems no BS like crew 2.0, which led to overpowered crap, but seems rather balanced and at least tries to diversify the skills a bit better over the crewmembers. also the new skills look okay but still interesting. and for me a big plus is the thing about three tanks for one crew. this helps with big garages, where you just cannot have THAT many appropriate crews to really drive them all.

    1. Agreed, 3 tanks crew is massive positive. I bet there will be monetization for 4th or maybe even 5th slot (similarly to war thunder). I m all for it. Big +

  2. «New Mechanics
    Automatic weapons with the possibility of overheating.
    * The nation and the tank itself are unknown, historians are required in the comments, we cannot determine from the model»
    so basically they are paving the way to introduce a proto-Bradley/BMP-T/Marder IFV/Warrior/Scimitar, etc with overheating as a balance feature, after all we already had auto-cannons in the game at lower tiers
    it will play like the upcoming flamethrower vehicles BUT with the possibility of bouncing shots and not as something that does continuous damage

    1. It’s an M42 Duster, I’m almost positive.

      Edit: actually could be an M19 MGMC, with how flat it looks / far back the turret looks. Either way the dual gun matches those vehicles and the front of the hull looks like a simplified version of those tanks.

      1. the turret is not flat, it is rounded to house the trunnion (pivot point) for the guns
        the tracks are clearly of Soviet design and the headlight housing appears to have been taken directly from the Object 590 premium, however the amount of view-ports for the crew and position of the towing hooks appear to be like those used on American tanks
        it is clearly “modern” (late 1960’s onwards) but I can’t tell if it has spaced armor or a “water shield” for amphibious operations (seems to have 3 hinges) at the front, it could be a mash-up put together simply for feature testing

    1. It would be nice if the smooth ride would affect the dispersion during hull rotation too. And maybe improve it a little.

  3. They don’t need crew 2.0 or 2.5 they are fine the way they are. The conversion same as the first 2 versions was a joke for players that have good crews.

    1. No, they are not fine as they are now..they are archaic af (!12 years!), UI is a joke and 3 tanks per 1 crew is more than welcomed change. Stop with this retarded boomer opinion. Conversion is another topic and yes, they have to make sure its balanced and lossless. However, by the looks from the video there wont be any conversion (or minimal one) as the system stays the same, with minor additions and the fact that you will have 100% perk/skill effectivness from the get go.

  4. the rest of this shit i dont care about but they need to just drop the whole idea of changing the crew all together. crew 2.0 will ruin the game. if i wanted to play warships, i would. fuck crew 2.0

  5. This game needs only one update:

    Critical hit without damage or de-tracking has been fixed, now you wont hear it without consequence for the target you’ve been shooting at.

  6. Well i knew those WG fockers would screw up yet another part of their shity game all for more and €€€€€ ££££ $$$$$
    Crew 2.0 got laughed out of the WG boardroom by us their players – who are their only customers remember that WG?
    now another fucking clumsy attempt with Crew 2.5

    We the customers players give WG all their MONEY & CASH FLOW from various Premium Shop purchases that they “ALL get their salaries from”
    WOT already has less than 50% of the live active player numbers from when i started in 2014
    without us there all unemployed THATS all they need to know and remember
    (But as if i care anymore

    1. Your last two braincells fell down on the floor…better collect them. I ve been in the game since closed beta (more than 12 years) and crew system is the most archaic aspect of the game for sadistic slowlearner boomers. Watch the teaser once again, and you will see the drastic changes from fiasco named 2.0 is not there. You can even pause the video and do that thing called reading. Take your time…

  7. On the whole I think these changes look defensible, and I was prepared to live with Crew 2.0. Those folks getting anxious about their “sunk costs” need to be more realistic; you’ll really lose out on your investment if the game doesn’t evolve, making it more attractive to new players, thus leading to its demise from lack of interest.

    What I mostly care about is that if Onslaught is the replacement for Ranked, will access to tanks like the Concept 1B be available again via playing Onslaught?

    As for that tank with the heavy automatic weapons, to me that color looks like the base Czech scheme. Could this be the top of a Czech light tank branch?

  8. Let’s be honest, part of the stuff can be interesting night mais, in recent game we have seen snowy malinovka, dynamic stuff, sounds good to me
    Revisiting maps is essential, yet will it be done correctly, I’m not holding my breath.
    Don’t fucking touch the crew pour give me back my fucking money and exp and gold.
    10 years of gridding crews, pairing gold to retrain 4/5/6/7 crews!! Doing stupid time reading missions to get special characters. Just don’t fucking touching it.
    If I want heat effects on my tanks and rapide fire tanks I go play warthunder.
    Again song idea.

    And of course not addressing the real issues.
    Cancer reward tanks and the ability to platoon (because 3 BZ or 3 T-95 chieftains are so less cancer than 3 lights out 3 arty)
    Rigged MM with totally unbalanced teams.
    Cheaters in their thousands
    Useless +/-2 MM that should be MAXIMUM +/-1.
    And the classic, they don’t play their own game so they know shit about it because they listen to useless CC clinging to their status as herpes to genitalia or sandbox testers to happy to be specially to be honest.

    Some good, some very bad, some very useless and missing s lot

      1. Their complaints are always the same:D …over and over again. You know its boomer when he wants +-1 mm…current wot is too difficult for him.

  9. (This is reply to Armando my browser is messed up)

    I meant the tank is flatter looking than a Duster so it might be an MGMC instead. I don’t know of any Soviet tanks with twin barrel autocannons but you never know what WG will pull out of their drawers lol.

    If you look at pictures on here and elsewhere it really looks similar. The tracks have evenly spaced ground wheels. The front handles and lights are spaced right. The dual guns are there and the turret could match, tho maybe only if a different or proto version was used.

    If you have a counter example that fits better please share, but from where I’m sitting, if this is a real tank, it’s an M19 MGMC or similar

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