WoT: Roadmap Sneak Peek, April 2023

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British Wheeled Mediums will be more comparable to lightly armoured mediums with good guns, as opposed to the current wheeled vehicles in game that players are already familiar with. These tanks will not have two speed modes like the EBRs and these tanks will have slower forward, reverse and traverse speed, driving more similarly to tanks like the Bat-Chat 25 t.

British Wheeled Mediums will not turn like the EBR’s, but rather traverse on the spot like more traditional tanks featured in the game.

Furthermore, these tanks will be much larger than existing wheeled vehicles. Also, these vehicles will receive a penalty of over 60% to mobility when one wheel is damaged. This differs from existing wheeled vehicles, which receive a 25% penalty and see a larger reduction in mobility with more damaged wheels.

We plan to introduce the line from Tier V, branching off from the Covenanter and leading up to Tier X.

We will also be introducing a new Tier VIII premium(GSOR 1010 FB) vehicle to the Supertest very soon.

Additional Images of British Wheeled Mediums:

britishwheeled8 britishwheeled9 britishwheeled2 britishwheeled3 britishwheeled4 britishwheeled5 britishwheeled6

You can also expect UI changes to the Service Record page. We plan to make adjustments to the visuals of WTR ratings. WTR will now be divided into five groups:

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ace, and Legend, each consisting of three levels for a total of 15 levels. This will provide better visualization of the rating system and how your rating compares to other players.

We will also be introducing the ability to customize the achievements featured on your main statistics page. Giving you the ability to show off your favorite medals and achievements.

Our beloved Waffenträger that will reappear later this year and will continue the existing story. With one more familiar tank to fight with — the TVP T 50/51! So be prepared for the return of this game mode, in addition with the new tank and some new exciting changes.

Another game mode that we can expect to return this year is Arcade Cabinet. The game mode will feature new unique gameplay that many of you will be excited to try out.

MIRNY-13 will return later this year, concluding the story of the mystical town and the anomaly that occurred there. We have been hard at work polishing MIRNY-13, to improve this mode, which players are already familiar with. We have been adjusting the gameplay, adding more abilities and anomalies, giving you more control and options over the benefits during battle. We are also revamping the boss fights, creating a more exciting yet challenging experience for you and your team! Pay close attention to future announcements, where hopefully, we can share more specific details.

Another game mode you can expect to see is Steel Hunter Reborn. We will introduce a respawn ability for the first few minutes of the game. It can also be found in blue supply drops, allowing players to re-enter the match if they are destroyed during the initial stages of battle. and if you are playing in a platoon, you will even be able to revive your platoon mate if you haven’t been in combat recently. Finally, we will also be introducing AI enemies to Steel Hunter Reborn called Marauders. There will be 3 different types of Marauders. The Wolf, which will stalk you from a distance and try to cause damage from range. The Bear, which will immediately start brawling with you as soon as you enter its proximity, but disengages when you distance yourself. And lastly, the Rabbit, which will try to run from you as soon as you spot them. Also, we will be looking at adjusting the gameplay by reducing the number of players to 15 in solo-matches.

In Frontline players will now be offered the option to pick between two random reserves while playing Frontline, allowing players to potentially pick the same reserve twice, increasing its effect.

All abilities will level up equally and consist of 3 standard tiers. Using the already familiar Reserve Tokens, you can also buy an additional level, allowing you to achieve Tier IV for your reserves!

We plan on bringing Frontline back very soon, but it should receive a couple of changes in comparison to previous iterations. We would like to simplify the systems of the game mode in order to make it more comfortable for players to use.

The future is bright for World of Tanks, and we can promise tons of features and improvements to your favorite online tank game.


15 thoughts on “WoT: Roadmap Sneak Peek, April 2023

  1. quite boring i would say
    they could bring more new content
    not ” improving the game ” by making it harder to play or more grindy

  2. Maps where you can shoot and scoot they’ll probably work pretty well. That their camo values can’t be very good is what gives me pause.

  3. Only have the game installed to play frontline.
    Still can’t believe after 20 years wot had only one game mode of randoms

  4. So all they tell us about the armoured cars seems to be how they’ve nerfed the crap out of them before they are even in game. They don’t seem to have any purpose already and taking one out just deprives your team of a medium. Each class needs to have one thing its good at and so far these don’t have anything.

    1. How could you possibly know that by now? You know nothing about their stats our how they will play. This is exactly what i mean with Quickybaby having a terrible influence on this game, he makes some terrible asumptions and the hive minds with 0 critical thinking of their own swallows everything he says like its facts.

      Leopard 1 and now the Centurion AX are both great mediums and for all we know these could be just as good or better. And obviously they are going to stress the fact that these wont be as mobile as the EBRs because that would make Quickybaby and this whole community freak out as usual.

      Personally i think and hope these are some sort of fast glass cannon mediums mostly meant to snipe with a slightly higher alpha then we are used to in mediums. The tier 8 premium having 360 alpha and the tier 10s gun looking massive could be indicators of this, but ofcourse im just guessing here.

  5. Maybe look at QB’s actual comments on this branch; he’s finding them sort of meh too. Like a lot of WG’s additions they usually work out better than they look on paper; particularly once you slap equipment, field mods, and a quality crew on them.

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