WoT Black Market 2021 – Complete Leaked Upcoming Tanks List (UPDATED)

Black market is over.

Spotted in the BM official artwork by our colleagues at wotclue. I added the prices the offered tanks had in the previous black market for reference, when available.

UPDATED with 2 new tanks:

1.🇺🇸TL-1 LPC – auction – 6,300,000 credits
2.🇮🇹Progetto M35 mod. 46 – closed auction starting at 7500 gold
3.🇵🇱50TP prototyp – closed auction starting at 5000 gold.
4. [NEW] 🇩🇪Aufklärungspanzer Panther – auction – starting at 3 million credits.
5. 🇨🇿Škoda T 27 – auction starting from 5600 gold.
6. [NEW] 🇨🇳WZ-111 Qilin – auction starting from 15 million credits.
7. [NEW] 3D-style “Nimmermer” for 🇩🇪 E 50 Ausf. M – auction starting from 255 gold.
8.🇲🇫Somua SM – Selling
9.🇬🇧Cromwell B – auction
10. 🇲🇫Bretagne Panther – auction
11.🇺🇸M54 Renegade – auction
12.IS-3A– auction
13.IS-2 Berlin – auction starting at 1 million credits.
14.🇲🇫AMX 50 Foch (155) – simple sale – was 25,000,000 credits first BM. This time it was 20 million.
15. А-32 – simple sale – 7500 gold.
16. [NEW] Т-22 – auction – starting at 15.000.000 credits
17. Turtle Mk. I 🇬🇧 – simple sale, 6 million credits.
18. M10 RBFM 🇲🇫 – auction starting from 300 gold.

Pictures of the tanks:

At the bottom of the page, “load 1 more image”

81 thoughts on “WoT Black Market 2021 – Complete Leaked Upcoming Tanks List (UPDATED)

    1. If it says auction it’s for credits. If it says sale it’s for gold. So to answer your question, yes for credits.

  1. Some of the tanks/offers look far fetched. Lets see how accurate this one is.

  2. If this list is true then I will have to make some tough decisions with my 47k gold (from loot boxes). My credits will go toward the Foch 155 no question there. But on that list I want the skoda T27, IS3A and the t-22 med. I assume all three will be for gold. I have a feeling that I’ll only be able to either go for the two tier 8 prems or get the t-22 med instead (will probably go for similar prices as the 59G last year). Decisions decisions…. Of course, it would be pretty painful to miss out on the skoda and is3a to only find out that the t-22 med rumor is either false or out of my price range. Sigh…

      1. I played it when I got a rental. It is not amazing but I like autoloaders and I desperately need a crew trainer for my TVP (I blueprinted the tank and my crew in it are just sad).

      1. For fun, I love high alpha guns and I love autoloaders so a high alpha autoloader gets me all hot and bothered 😉

        I mean, the Rhino is my current favorite tank.

  3. No lights -> fast sale

    Yellow lights -> auction for gold currency

    White lights -> auction for silver currency

    1. Too few yellow lights for this theory. Surely there can’t be so many credit sales/auctions.

      1. it’s a sink within a sink. use your gold to convert to credits, throw all your credits into an auction. the latter can be a bottomless pit. WG has maxed out their greed scam.

  4. I believe yellow spotlight means regular sale for gold, no spotlight means regular sale for credits, and white spotlight means auction. It’d be weird that both yellow and white spotlights would be for auctions, and if only the yellow spotlights are for gold auctions that’d be very few tanks available for gold, which isn’t really in WG’s best interest.

    and I don’t believe the spotlights are here at random

    1. I agree white lights can’t be silver auctions only because the e50M 3D style has white lights and those have always been for gold if I remember correctly.

  5. This could very well be the worst Black Market so far.

    Yes, there are some interesting items on sale (T-22, AFK Panther, Foch 155), but almost all of these are f*cking auctions!!

    1. you pay the price you bid…if you bid 5M and lowest bid is 4M you still pay 5M(if there are enough tanks to get to your spot on list)

    1. Some are for credits, others for gold. Hint: look at the picture link in one of the comments above. If the lights on the pic are white, it is credits. If the light are yellow, it will be in gold. Without lights are quick auctions (in those it can be gold or credits).

      1. Silver lights is closed auction and gold lights is opend auctiun, you cant know is it going to be for gold or credits.

  6. What do you think the Tier 10 WZ-111 Qilin and T22 will go for in gold?

  7. The M10 RBFM is a wasted BM offer. Its already in the Bond Shop for 1500 bonds and no one cares. I won’t pay 300 gold for it as I don’t think its worth the full price of a tank slot.
    I do find the new No. of Participants and Competitive Bid info interesting. It wasn’t there for TL1. Maybe only for Gold auctions.

      1. Turtle Mk. I (🇬🇧United Kingdom,, premium)
        18.M10 RBFM (🇲🇫France, , premium)

      These were added to the list overnight, I don’t expect it to be fake

  8. Curious. On the servers there was extreme lag when signing on tonight. Wonder if WG changed up the mix of tanks being offered to throw the players off once this list got leaked out.

  9. The order is quite obviously wrong. But at least can plan on what to bid and what to avoid.

  10. But how can there be 18 lots, if its only 7 days, 2 lots a day, + 2 days with 1 lot ?

  11. Someone here don’t know that T-22 med. is old one… Mby about 5 years ago they added it as reward tank, but can’t remember if it was for global or what..

    1. It was for a failed game mode as a reward for a set of missions. The tank itself was so OP and mission requirements so ridiculously high, that many players resorted to rigging. It got so blatant that wast majority of awarded T-22s were taken away and tank itself was nerfed to the ground. Even those players who still have it, rarely play it. I have seen it probably two or three times at most.

  12. I actually find this hilarious – Wargaming has clearly thrown a smoke bomb to ruin the leakers’ game. Now there are more tanks on the list than will actually be released, so we won’t be able to say for certain which ones are legit.

    Smart move by them, and in a way I actually think it’s good – BM has turned into some kind of special event, and while leaks are helpful for us players, they are also a bit like party pooping …

    1. those leaks serve some quality of life purpose, I guess. they can protect you from an undeserved hype, and they help you decide when to set your alarm clock back to your normal wakeup time 😉

      1. True. I admit when leaks come out I’m the first guy to read them … and then I’m usually a bit disappointed because the excitement is gone … Totally schizophrenic lol

    1. Yeah, as if. Although, truth be told the WT would be far less dominant these days, and not only because of the wheeled pests. Perhaps one day the mighty glass cannon will return … for lots and lots of gold, of course.

  13. Waffenträger has been nerfed before removal, even if it would come now it would not be OP like back in the days

  14. The list as it stands now has another major flaw.
    There are 18 tanks on the list, but we have only 16 possible offers (03.03. 17:00 until 11.03. 11:00, quoted from the WoT-homepage).
    So we have 2 tanks too many.

    But nontheless its an interesting spekulation.

  15. A-32 never happens, that is sure. Picture is obviously fake.

    Because that is only tank I’ve ever wanted, been waiting all these years from 2014 and still nothing, 2021 maybe?

    1. I think the A-32 is one of the more likely candidates for this year’s Black Market (it will cost an arm and a leg, though …) But why would you want it? It’s only Tier IV, after all, and WG has made sure that low-Tier matches are even less attractive now than they used to be …

      Still, good luck to you. If it means so much to you, I hope you’ll get it!

    2. Yeah I would like one too. Just to complete the T-34 collection. I’ve been playing since 2011 and all those years have probably seen the tank in battle probably around 10-20 times. Super rare tank and it’s not even OP. I dunno why they don’t offer it for sale already.

  16. The Foch 155 sucks. It has the most troll rng based gun I’ve ever used in WoT.

  17. That list is already fake, idk why you wasted your time posting THAT list out of all the ones im sure you’ve seen by now…

    1. What do you mean? All lots on the list have been correct so far.
      Are you blind or what ?

  18. A-32 with about 932 units on the NA server sold out in about four second!!!!!

  19. Seb, thank you for maintaining the list and linking it on daily deals. If you feel confident (given the offers so far), maybe add open or closed auction in front of remaining tanks keeping in view the leaked images. So far we have confirmation that silver lights are closed (silver/gold) auctions and gold lights and open auctions. Thanks.

    1. Alright, I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. Uni started again so I have to struggle a bit with time.

  20. For future BM and people that are interested in this i would like to list here the amount that tanks got sold for, so if you have any new info or different info then feel free to comment them:

    TL-1 LPC: auction 6.300.000 credits
    M10 RBFM: open auction 300 gold
    Turtle Mk. I: simple sale 6.000.000 credits
    3D-style “Nimmermer” for E 50 Ausf. M: auction 255 gold
    WZ-111 Qilin: auction 26.100.000 credits
    A-32: simple sale 7500 gold
    Skoda T 27: auction 5650 gold
    Aufklärungspanzer Panther: auction 7.700.000 credits
    T-22 med.: auction 42.000.000 credits

    Edit: These are EU numbers

    1. You can add 50TP for 5555 min (someone with 5500 didn’t get it), I got mine for 5695.

  21. Bought the Foch 155… it is quité impresive how it was sold…. almost 2k units in seconds!!!!

  22. How much do you think will be the price of the progetto? I don’t want to spend billions….

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