Black Market 2021 Day 6 Offer #1: Closed auction: 50TP prototyp

Starting at 5.000 gold. 7500 on ASIA.

Tank number: 30.000 (RU), 12.000 (EU), 1500 (NA), 1200 (ASIA).

See the remaining BM tanks list here.

PS: the T-22 was sold from 40 million upwards on NA. 41.1 minimum bid on EU.

World of Tanks Black Market 2021 - The 40 Million Silver Tank (T-22 Medium) | NAWorld of Tanks Black Market 2021 – The 40 Million Silver Tank (T-22 Medium) | NA

36 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 6 Offer #1: Closed auction: 50TP prototyp

  1. When will we get a T8 auction for credits…. been waiting and waiting and waiting… Gold sales are Advent Calendar, so who cares when the same tank gets offered in BM for gold…

    1. The ‘Collectors’ are playing garage simulator at this point with most of their pickups. buying ‘rare’ tanks for absurd amounts. But its inevitable with inflation in game, and devaluation of gold, as years roll by. WG has to come up with ways to drain the silver from the game economy and reset it every year. BM has been an astounding success, specially this year, with so much silver already drained.

      1. I’ve always found the idea of pixel tank collecting to be….a little cringe. So much money spent on the game for tanks that they will never play. Might as well go out and buy some tank models for the same cost as the closed auction premiums or buy some other games which give you more value.

        1. Agree. What are they doing with the collection? Inviting people over to look at it? Sit in their garage and look at them? That’s just embarrassing, especially considering they spent real money to do that.
          Some people are starving, while others collect expensive pixels..

          1. “Some people are starving, while others collect expensive pixels..”

            What does one have to do with the other? They are mutually exclusive. Stop trying to paint those that have some extra money for a hobby (gaming in this case) as being to blame for people starving, etc.

            1. Never said that’s the reason. Just me thinking about the world we have created. I tend to do that a bit too often.
              Regardless, spending money to decorate a ingame garage is the same as flushing money down the toilet.

              I buy tanks myself, but the ones I actually want to play.

              1. Humans still have a hunter gatherer mind for the most part, since our DNA is made for the ice age, more or less. But yeah we should at least donate to making wells instead in less fortunate places.

  2. I though white lights meant silver auction …… well in this case I’ll pass (funny how this is only tank from the list I would like to get)

    1. Aufklärungspanther had yellow lights and was available for credits. Maybe it was ust another WG ruse, maybe they have put zero thought and meaning into this as they so often do.

      1. yellow = open auction
        white = closed auction
        no lights = first come, first serve

        Armored patrol comment section is filled with some serious dummies.

          1. Calling things out as they are doesn’t make anyone a jerk. Stop being such an offended snowflake and look around you.

  3. I’m in the path of the 60TP, this tank is good for me? Train and play the Crew of the 60TP, make credits…enjoy…
    Or better pass away

    1. I play it much much rather then 252U / defender and i think the gun is much better then on defender and armor is great… For me it was a good buy then. If you dont want to buy Renegade, take this…

    2. its an alright tank, good armor and big alpha damage
      but for a change its actually worse than its tech tree counterpart, that tank isn’t a premium tank though

    3. Solid tank. Worse armour but better gun than Defender. Considering the number of tanks for sale it could be a “bargain” at 6-7k.

  4. What do you think that will be enough to take it?
    Should 5100 then be enough since too many people said that is better to pass it?

  5. Who knows, is not a desirable tank like renegade, myself said that I will never play with polska tanks when I have defender and 703II. Will not go high enough because was sold on advent calendar with bundle.

  6. one of the few i am interested in, and they add it for gold, fu wg… -.- im not gonna buy gold until you fix your game

  7. I had to think long and hard before I put in a bid…but wound up doing so.

    Speaking of the T-22 frenzy, I made sure to load into the game right after the insanity ended to drop some Tier-10 arty love on the winners! I’m not sadistic; not at all!

  8. 6500 did not win in NA…so it goes. Might throw money at the Somua…might not.

      1. Good for for you man.
        6600 didnt make it in NA.
        Bastards overpaid for it.

  9. Some people buy expensive foods that end as crap in the toilet or spend exorbitant amounts of money on old wine which they will never drink.
    That is not an excuse, I am one of the idiots that spent around 2000 euro on premium tanks, loot boxes over 7+ years.
    I now buy premium time, and I hope I am strong enough to never spend a real dime on tier 8 tanks in this rigged game.

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