51 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 5 Offer #1: Aufklärungspanzer Panther Auction

  1. They stole it from us! Stupid fat WG
    We need it back
    Our Preciousssssss

  2. Light tank with 11.69 camo
    Also, it’s still have MoE on its barrel when I preview the tank 😀

  3. Another ‘Collectors’ ‘gem’…. Sadly T7 is a useless tier for special game modes, and the stats on this fat light are really meh… This should have been a Tier 6 light.

  4. Almost 5.7 million already on EU. People are idiots, overbidding instead of pacing themselves.

    1. I bid a couple minutes ago and the “competitive bid” was 6.5 million.

      I can understand people wanting the tank (I do want it for sure), but overbidding like this shows people have no restraint and are foolish as well.

      Then again, at least it’s a CREDITS auction, so we’re losing nothing wether we win the bid (we can regrind the lost credits back) or lose it (we get refunded and can reinvest in something else, or keep the stash there for Top of the Tree and so on).

        1. It will eventually get there on EU as well, currently it’s 7.7 million.

          I swear, dangle a carrot in front of them, no matter how rotten, and people go nuts.

  5. It is not really a good tank. Yet I try to get it, because it is a premium tank for credit.

  6. hmmm….. I just noticed that next to “minimum bid” there is “competitive bid” number….when did they ad this?….this kinda beats the point of auction….or is this their version of “open” auction?

    1. The “Competitive bid” is the average of an unknown number of median winning bids, it’s an attempt at making people bid higher.

      1. Tell that to the fools who put down 100 million for the WZ dragon. At least this way you can avoid overbidding.

        1. 100 million for the WZ dragon


          Were they even aware the Qilin has been nerfed and is now exactly the same as the techtree 5A, which costs 6.1 million at full price and 4.3 to 5.2 million discounted?

        2. It will lower the insane bids made by a few players, but increase the lower bids of thousands, in the end they drain more credits/gold with open auctions,

    1. That way you will only raise the average bidding, thus making it harder for you to get it in the end.

  7. Imagine if the AFK Panther reaches 9mill/piece on EU… thats credits out from the game 😀

    1. Remember…Black Market exists to suck up the excess credits and gold slopping around in this game. Last time I heard the WoT economy was still seriously out of whack.

  8. 8.51 million credits and proof that WG lies to us in order to cheat us out of more credits actually needed to get the tank within the auction rules.

  9. Got it for 16.85 M … Waste of credits but I really did not want to miss it :/

  10. Logged it and it said i already had it?
    F**king wg bullshit

  11. It looks like min successful bid was 7.7M (some 7.6M bids won, some didn’t). Does someone remember the last competitive bid?

  12. Much cheaper on EU than NA…low bid was over 10 million and one person admitted in game to me that they had paid over 13 million. If it had stayed in the single digits I might have been willing to go beyond 5 million. Wasn’t sure that it was a premium machine this time around. I licked my wounds by buying the T10 Swedish medium and the T8 Italian heavy.

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